Mar 4, 2009

~ Puke, puke and more puke ~

I've been neglectful. Weeks since I've posted. Sorry. For one....there's has been a lot of puke at our house. I know what you're thinking....too much information. Whatever. There is a nasty stomach flu going through the ranks of my family. Started with O....then little man J. Thought we were past it. No no, hub comes home from work early feeling less than forward to 2 am when Miss S wakes up with it, and then only three hours later Big Man T is awake also. So that covers the whole fam. Who's left......that's right.....Me. I haven't had it yet. And am starting to fear when it will hit. See this babey is fast and furious. 24 hour bug....but not a fun one.

You know when you talk about lice, and seem to start getting an itchy head. That's what the puke talk has been doing to me. Do I feel fine, or am I starting to feel a little off? So far fine. Family has been sick in various forms for over a week, and I'm still fine. I point to the wonderful cleansing power of Purrel. But maybe it's just my wonderful good luck. Or maybe not. Especially if tomorrow's post is a continuation of the puke story....starring me.

So outside of the puking....(how many times do you think I can use that word before you start to feel a little queesy?!! ) this has been a very busy, eventful and revelatory week. always is busy. I usually work only one day a week in the city. This week there will be 3 full days. And considering that this amount of time out of my house usually causes mass amounts of stress, I'm doing pretty well.

The semi exciting trip, and the really exiciting trip are just around the corner.

Starting next week....Tire Convention. Now I realize that this sounds like an event that all would like to attend. I mean, what could be more exciting that endless classes and courses about tires and the various uses. Fortunately I won't be attending any of these. Hub will be attending a lot of them. I will be sleeping, eating, reading, relaxing, not talking to a single child, not cleaning up ANY puke....and mostly Tire Convention is in Edmonton....which means this particular Diva will be at West Ed Mall. I have a list....on my Blackberry, of all the items that I definately need. I mean spring is just around the corner (please tell me it is because I'm really....REALLY tired of winter, and shovelling, and winter.) And because the weight loss has been successful lately, I am also in need of new jeans...a couple pairs. Plus there are always the essentials like a pair of red shoes, a new bag...or, tan and white are on the list right now.

Then only 4 days after returning from the semi-exciting trip....we leave on the really exciting trip. Viva Mexico.

I'm sure there is much more that I can report on. But see, since all of the children were in various stages of upheaving today....this mommy got to deliver all the paper routes herself. Not usually a big deal, but it's way icy today. And this mommy took a solid spill and has a sore bottom.

So that's it....heading off to catch up on American Idol.

Here's hoping the stomach flu phantom symptoms don't turn into the stomach flu real symptoms.