Nov 30, 2008

~ Cash ~

We have a free month of Movie Central at the moment. Lots of PVRing of movies. Watched Mad Money last night. Cute little show about some gals that learn how to pilfer the old cash from where it is destroyed at the federal bank. As was mentioned by the characters, seems like a real waste to shred money. If they aren't in need of this money....I'm sure I could take some off their hands.

Here are a few items that they could purchase for me since 'they' don't feel that need it any longer.

And since the money is no object, cause this cash was being put in the garbage anyway, I would like these items delivered by any of my list of yummies. You choose, I'm not picky. Just one will be fine. Oh and the abs, those can't be said yummy can stay and be my personal trainer. Since money will be no object.

Nov 28, 2008

~ Too much.... ~

There are some really great ideas out there for the 12 or 25 or 500 days of christmas. I've seen on a few blogs I frequent that those crafty mom's are wrapping little gifts or envelopes for their children to open each day for a special christmas activity. One site had a little gift for each day. Dollar store type stuff, but still. Now these are wonderful ideas. Super Mommy's for sure. But I have 4 children. If we did the 12 days of Christmas with little gifts, that's 48 little gifts. Now you're thinking, does the little guy really need stuff too? Not really but are you going to be the one that deals with the tantrum when all his siblings get a little something and he gets nothing? He's caught onto this family, he knows when he should be getting something as well. Even if it's just a drink of water. He wants a part in the party. So I'll keep thinking. I like Amy's Christmas Bucket idea the best so far. One big bucket, 12 envelopes....encompasses all the children. Will think on that one a little longer. Fortunately 12 Days of Christmas doesn't start until December 13th. So I have a minute or two.

What fun things are you doing for your children this season? Can you believe it's November 28th? Crapola. Where did the year go!

1. Dropped of the two monsters at Grandma B's today and had a couple hours to myself to tackle the mega list. I believe that the entire population was at Costco. Seriously!! Good thing I was on my own and not in a real hurry. That place was a mad house. We're headed to the mega mall after Christmas, so the kids aren't getting the usual ridiculous haul that they are accustom. I've tried to keep it in check as they'll be doing some shopping. but I have tried to make their stockings a little more than Dollarama Wonderland. So really, I haven't saved any money. What ever I've saved on gifts, I've spent on stocking stuffers. The kids are old enough this year that they want CD's. One is getting a CD, the other a gift card because the CD he asked for had a provocative cover and....well, I don't think so. I've looked into the Artists and the songs and lyrics are fine...don't know what they were thinking with that picture though.

2. Does Santa bring shoes? What do you think? Mr. T wants some name brand shoes. We shopped for them before and they were nearly $100....again, I don't think so. However I was able to track down a pair at for $60. Decent deal. Plus the kid hasn't given me a single idea for Christmas other than the provocative CD. So Sant a is bringing him the pair of shoes he wants.

3. I would like to pass on an incident of Vandalism as reported on Facebook. It seems that this house was shamelessly vandalized in the late hours of November 27th. Culprits are still at large. If anyone has any info on who would do such a terrible crime, keep it to yourself. These culprits don't need to be caught, they have enough sins to repent of. Freezing to death in the dead of night while trying to hook on a sign and balloons with ill prepared materials should not be one of them. That is a lovely sign they used, such nice bold letters. Laser printed did you say? Wow. And the balloons, they didn't cheap out there either. Must have taken a lot of wind to blow all those babies up. I don't know anyone that is long winded...or anyone'S. All of N's friends are quiet and unassuming and in their bed on cold winter nights.

4. And yes, as indicated by the Vandalism...this mama's babies are home. Three weeks old and chubby little monkeys. Well little anyway, not very chubby. But great weights for a threesome. We've packed out sleeping bags and toiletries, we will now be moving our residence to this Vandalized home. We'll all be spending a great deal of time there helping out with the little munchkins. And we're all happy to do so!

5. Three words - Ice Ice Baby. It was hair cut night tonight. I cut all boys in the house, including the dad. Mr T likes to have some highlights after his cut. Sit on down, cut and color my boy. Usually no big deal. Mix it up, put it on....10 minutes. Makes the hair slightly lighter on top...nothing major. This night however, I may have gotten distracted and the timing may have been off. Let just say, my son is now a blond....all on top. Had to put more on the sides just to even it out a little so he didn't look like a skunk. Nice. Grandparents should be impressed when they come to O's choir concert tomorrow night. Heeeh heee.....oops. We will be re-naming today.... The Day my Mother forgot to Watch the Clock.

6. Had my first experience with an Amish Friendship Loaf. Received a 'start' at Stake Auxillary Training a couple weeks ago. The instructions say to leave this bag of goo on your counter and mush it from day to day. Then add more stuff, specifically milk, don't refrigerate, and let it 'grow' on your counter for 10 days. The mix edible stuff into it, make more bags to give to your friends, bake up your own loaves....and eat up. I was skeptical. How good can milk that has sat in flour and sugar on your counter for 10 days be? I'm here to tell you.....YUM!

7. Went Visiting Teaching today. Took a bag to each of the Friendship Loaf. Nothing says 'Thinking of You' like a bag of fermenting goo.

8. Costco taste table today had a lovely smelling apple cidar. Asked the nice lady how she made it. Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon. Quantities to be determined. It was Heavenly.

9. O: Mom, how do you get married? Does a boy ask a girl to dance and then you're married?

Mom: Yes O, that's how it works.

10. One more from O.

We're driving can't remember where we were driving, to the city, for some reason. Anyway, O falls asleep for about half hour. Wakes up and proudly announces.
I'm awake now mom, and ready to roll!
Okay then....thanks for that.

Nov 26, 2008

~ Twilight ~

Have you seen it?

I haven't. I don't know if I want to. I will, of course, simply out of curiosity...but really, everyone that has reviewed it has said it's terrible. Everything from bad acting to cheesy script to laughable dialogue. So of course I should spend my hard earned money on it, just because I'm curious.

I was always disappointed with the choice of actors for Edwards character. I'm sure Mr. Pattinson is very nice fellow, but he's not the guy I pictured in my head while reading the books. For me, Chad Michael Murray is closer to my vision of Edward.

That leads to a whole other list of admiration for me. I saw once on CC blog that she had a top 10 list of yummies. I also have a list. Now let me preface this list by the statement that I am very happily married to an amazing guy. However, I appreciate a good DNA combination....thus this list.

When it come to the foriegn one tops these two. The accents only help their cause.

Now for locals.... way back to 21 Jumpstreet Days.

I was never a fan of Dawson's Creek, but now that's he's in Fringe.....yummers.

And I also agree with the SMA win for Mr. Hugh.

Now though he is mega star quality now, I have loved him since Can't Buy Me Love.

And last but not least....he was put on my list while starring in The Guardian. But I like him much more in The Mentalist.

Alright....that's it. I'm sure I'll add to the list, or remember another mouth watering morsal later. But for now, that's it. But I'm pretty happy with a BB man that loves me, and my insecurities and bad habits. He vacuums, does laundry washes dishes and is amazing with our kids. He's top on my list.

~ 10 lbs in 100 Days - Week 10 ~

Are you a SuperWoman?

Sometimes I am....not this week. I have not set foot on the treadmill since last week. I've wanted to, tried to organize my time, had the ambition to, and it hasn't happened. Life and career have gotten in the way for an entire week, and there will not be a break this week either.

So I hope you all are your own SuperWoman. But I am taking a minute off...because my titles at the moment are;







Host - 4

BJ - 7

M - 5

E - 5

A - 10

CC - 6

T - 2

Nov 19, 2008

10 lbs in 100 Days - Week 9

The one thing that knocks me off my game, keeps me from the mark and repels me from my being tired. This week I've been especially tired. Two little boys that seem to have a strategy of waking me up at night, it hits you after time. I got a run in on Monday, though a pathetic one. By my second interval I was hitting a wall. I figured a short run was better than no run. Tuesday I didn't even bother putting on the running apparel in the morning, I knew it wasn't happening.

Today I am dressed to run, and hopefully will get there.

Lack of sleep also makes me cranky. S adds to her prayer every night that the boys won't wake mom up in the night so she won't be cranky. would seem divine intervention is all that will help this mother.

Here's hoping for more sleep this week.

Congratulations to BJ who is kicking all our butts with a total weight loss of 7 pounds. A has lost her entire 10, but says she can't take full honors as it is due to stress. She gets a gold star anyway.

Host - 4

BJ - 7

M - 5

E - 5

A - 10

CC - 6

T - 2

Nov 16, 2008

~ Does it seem.....? ~

Does it seem that Christmas is coming faster and faster every year?

Remember when you were young and it to took forever for Christmas to arrive. Not the case any longer. Possibly because now I'm the one paying for Christmas.

I am aiming to have my shopping done in the next two weeks. On track so far. The kids aren't receiving a lot this year, as we're headed away for a couple days and will be shopping. In the end they'll have the same amount of stuff as every year, just not all on Christmas Day.

What do I want under the tree this year? Nothing, I want to shop for it at the mega mall we'll be visiting. But what I'd like to purchase for myself this year...

That's it. I'm not a greedy girl. Just a new pair of jeans, some new runners and a montage of all the products offered at Bath & Body works. Now, I'm not saying that my shopping will be limited to these items. I'm sure there will be plenty more that I'm compelled to add to my wardrobe. But these are at the top of my list.

Snowed today. Yuck. Not a tonne, but snowed today.

Top ten thoughts this week.

1. Why does O have to wake me up when he pee's in the night? I don't need to know. He doesn't do it every night, but when his bladder awaken's him, he let's me know. It's not necessary, I'd like him to stop. It's always during my deepest REM. I don't recover. We go through the procedure before he heads to bed.

Mom - O, what happens if you have to go pee in the night?

O - I go and then get back in my bed. (This has yet to happen)

Mom - do you need to wake up mom?

O - No, cause I'm a big boy and I get get back in my bed.

Now, you would read that and think that I am heartless mother that can't even help her 4 yr old go to the bathroom in the night. Oh, if it were only as easy as that. Going is not the problem. He wakes up, comes into our room, turns on the light to the bathroom that blasts me in the face, goes pee, slams the bathroom door after turning off the light. Then wakes me up, well I'm already awake, he stand by my bed poking me.

"Mom, mom, mom......MOM! I went pee."


"Mom can I sleep with you?"

This seems like an innocent question. One that every mother should melt with love. A child that wants to get into the endless warmth of their parents bed. It's safe there. Nestled between his two protecters of all things monster. If only that were the picturesque scenario.

What he really means to say.

Mom can I snuggle with you for 0.00008 of a second and then stretch my legs straight up and slam them down so the covers are wrenched off you and dad. Then when I'm not so hot, can I put my feet into your back and stab while I fall back to sleep. Then while I'm sleeping can flip the wrong direction in bed so that you're being kicked in the head. And then at some point can i flip back again and push against you ever so slightly so that you unconsciously move over to the point that you are balancing on the edge of your queen size bed and I, a child of only 35 pounds, will take up the most space in the middle. So, though I adore this child. The answer is no. You cannot sleep with me. You can get back into your bed.

2. The 25 Days of Christmas. I've seen on a couple of your blogs that you've prepared lovely scraped books to keep track of inventive holidays adventures for every day of the official Christmas season. I am considering this myself. No book, I don't scrapbook. Can I write my ideas on the back of the heating bill envelope? Do I have to take a picture of every event? Can I count shaking some bells as an event for one day? How about getting the kids to stomp the snow off their boots before coming in the house? Are those appropriate? What constitutes actual Christmas events? What if I say "Merry Christmas" to them before they head to school? That should count. It feels like Christmas to me when they leave the house. I'll keep thinking about it.

3. What are you giving your 11 year old boys for Christmas? Don't have one? Oh....I have an extra if you're interested.

I asked this darling son of mine what he wants for Christmas. And, as is the answer of nearly everything I ask him....What did you do at school today, what did you do to your sister, what is in your head.....his answer is always "Nothing". So I ask you, what the heck?! You would think he'd have a list of all things electronic. Be wanting completely inappropriate items for an 11 yer old like cell phones and iPods and DC clothing...nope. He'd prefer nothing. Should be a Merry Christmas for him.

4. And then there's the youngest J - 2 years old. He doesn't even have a clue what Christmas is. So can I wrap up the empty boxes from the other kid's presents and give him that. Boxes are his favorite after all. So I'm really giving him what he most enjoys.

5. What I really want to do is scrap the whole presents thing.....but the current budget would not cover the price of 6 tickets here.

6. You know you're a mom when you ask your in-laws for a Wheat Grinder for Christmas. Sad.

7. Remember the Shrek Triplets, ok...they're really the Johnson Triplets. I was fortunate to visit them yesterday. I held Andrayah. 4 pounds 2 ounces. Wow! She was beautiful. And her brothers.....amazing. Good job Nik.

8. Don't know why this image popped into my head. So we're in Vegas in the summer, in the elevator of our hotel at one point. This hippy unshowered type gets in and looks all flustered. Grabs his iPhone out and it punching away on it likes he's so late for a mega meeting. I remember looking at him thinking....Ya buddy, you're that prestigious. First of all, you're on your way up at the Imperial Palace, not Caesar's. $35/night here, not exactly luxury. And, do you understand the concept of running water? You should let some run over you.

9. B bought an HD PVR of his own. Due to this purchase we have a month of free Movie Central. Now I am a professional PVR user. There ain't nothin' that gets by me when it comes to operating this babey. I no longer watch live TV. Ever. It's all taped. No more commercials on male dysfunction or pharmaceuticals that will help your arthritis but make your arms fall off and your liver rupture. However, occasionally when I'm skipping through said commercials, one will catch my eye. Have you seen the one on Designated Driving being sung by a girl who thinks she's Brittney Spears? Good message, bad commercial.

10. I think there should be an outfit of the month club. There's Book of the Month, Cheese of the Month....okay, I'm out...are there more? Anyway, Outfit of the Month. You enter your size and general preference. Conservative, Outrageous, Boring, Stretchy Pants-ish. And each month you receive a package with a new outfit. Accessories, shoes and all. Can one of you start a business like that? I'd like to sign up as your first customer. Oh, but it can't be the same outfit for all. I don't want to see a mirror image of myself when I go to church. That would be bad. Fourteen mom's in black skirts, vests and boots. Huh.....Outfit of the Month Club?

Nov 11, 2008

~ 10 lbs in 100 Days - Week 8

Week 8 - Time to Measure.

I don't know about you, but the pounds are sticking to me. I'm running, and losing inches. But that darn scale is insistent to stay on the same numbers. Maybe the betteries are dead and it's stuck. I'll check that.

Did you start measuring at the start? If so, bring out your chart and see if you've shrunk.

The candy is depleting, thanks in part to my consumption. Throw it all away. Your scale will thank you. The kids have definately had enough, and I don't need the temptation anymore.

Good luck this week. Work hard, increase your workouts by one. One workout, one interval, one minute if that's all you can handle.

Nov 10, 2008

~ Rememberance Day ~

We spent our pre-Remembrance Day at the The Military Museums. Pre because the kids were off, so B took the day off too, however he saves the Remembrance Day holiday to take at Christmas. We are fans of museums in our family. B loves to take the kids and learn about our past. We thought it would be appropriate to take them to 'the army museum' as they call it. This is a great place for families as it is an easy tour. Some museums are so involved that you get lost and the kids are over stimulated. This one was great to introduce J to our museum culture. He toured the Royal BC Museum with us last year, but he was only 8 months and stroller bound. So he didn't get an opinion.

O spent his entire time pointing out the obvious. "Look Mom!.....a gun....a sword....a knife....a dead guy....a torpedo.....a jet....and army tank" Like I'm going to miss the skyscraper size tank that is in the middle of the lawn, and three children are crawling all over it. But it is his way to think out loud. (He gets that from his father!)

T was interested to see that a fallen soldier had the exact same initials as he does.

This is dead soldier O. He was re-enacting being shot and rolling down the hill. Then he's 'dead' and yells... "Mom take a picture....cheeeeeses!"

Next was lunch at Costco. Why?! Well we needed to stop there, plus it's nice to fill a family of 6 for $19.23. Can't beat it.

And finally, in true reflection of Remembrance.....a viewing of Madagascar 2. Very fun, J & O sat through the whole movie no problemo. J promptly fell asleep once back in the truck. Even though he'd had a nap already, overstimulation I think. O, as it true O-Fashion....talked through the whole movie, really loud. This child talks constantly and louder than everyone around him. That is his Nova Scotia heritage coming out, and that's not even a joke. Anyone met his grandfather??!! = )

Mom, why is the TV so big?

Mom, how come my chair is so bouncy?

Mom, are we getting popcorn?

Mom, why is it so loud?

Mom, I have to pee?
Mom, I'm thirsty.

Mom, why does it smell like puke? (I was wondering that myself?)

Mom, when it the movie starting?

Mom, is this the movie?

Mom, why are we at the movie?

Mom, is this the real movie?

Mom, can I have a snack?

Mom, remember the gun at the army moseum? (that's how he pronounces it mOseum)

Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom....

B and I kept looking at each other....where did this child come from?!

Army Museum - worth the time and $15 family fee.

Costco hot dogs - filling and $1.99 with a drink.

Madagascar 2 - ridiculously expensive, but worth the fun family day.

Nov 7, 2008

~ Lotsa Babies ~

She made it. My friend N set a goal and she accomplished. 34 weeks of pregnancy bliss, with triplets. You've heard me snicker about my friend, who thought they'd have one they already had 4, and ended up with 3 more. Reminicent of Jon and Kate. But really, she's a mega trooper. I admire her greatly. Those babies will be born today, November 7th. They're coming into an amazing family, and a great support system. They have top notch parents and incredible siblings. We're all excited to welcome them and to help.

Welcome Johnson Babies!

Oh, and I know that the Johnson's are not in anyway related or resembling the Shrek family. Well, Steve may resemble a little around the eyes, and mouth and teeth...just a little.

Nov 5, 2008

~ 10 lbs in 100 Days - Week 7 ~

Week 7 - Half Way.

Do you feel as though you are half way to your goal? Weight wise I'm not losing fast, still only the 3 pounds. But other accomplishments to celebrate. Ran 4.65km this morning, that's the third run this week. So that's big. Nearly to my 5 km goal. Also have lost 2.5 inches off my waist and .5 inches off hips. Got into jeans yesterday that I haven't worn for a while. And wore them all day. How can you lose inches and not pounds??! I don't know. I'm running so maybe I'm gaining muscle weight.

What are your accomplishments. We've been focused on the weight loss number. That can't always be the only way to measure your success.

Anything to report?

Host - 3

M - 5

BJ - 5

CC - 6

E - 3

T - 2

A - 6

Nov 4, 2008

~ Spooky Fun ~

The gang getting ready to leave for the ward Halloween Party

T and his best buddy C bein the coolest hunks in town.

Stick 'em up.

J the puppy, though eveyone thought he was a cow.
B as a biker. He was in a rousing rendition of YMCA at the party.

Miss S as a Bride.

I think B is going to have his hands full with the boys calling.....

Nov 3, 2008

~The only problem....~

The problem with having this for lunch.... by 2:00....

...and the house is overloaded with.....