May 26, 2008

~ Warning, warning...feeling especially grouchy today ~

Just had to post that disclaimer before beginining my rampage this evening. Feeling stressed, tired, crapola and otherwise. It's been a crazy day where I feel like I've been hit by a truck and yet look around my house and see that nothing on the list was accomplished. I hate it when I have very good intentions to spend the day on the house and laundry, and get caught up with work stuff all NONE of it got done. Good thing it's all waiting for me to try again tomorrow......urrrgggg.

Are you feeling relaxed by my Yiruma as you read.....I love his music. Not working particularily well at the moment, but usually it's calming and meditative.

So, week in review.

Last saturday was super warm and sunny, so we started on the yard work. Saturday's project was sanding and scraping down the front deck, then re-painting. Took the entire day of course, so the plans of getting the garden in were dashed. But the deck looks great.

Sunday we vegged out as some were still recovering from a long bout with colds, and others were still catching the cold. But a nice down day and naps helped that out.

Victoria day we had a blast at the lake with friends. I wakeboarded, B water skiied....and dum dumda dummmmm.....Ty knee boarded. So proud of him. He's usually pretty reserved and shy. But he wanted to try, he dove right in, got up the first try and went at it like a pro. So great for his confidence. The boat was full of people and he had a crowd cheering him on.

The rest of the week was the regular craziness of working, kids,

This past saturday we spent the whole day in Lethbridge. T had Lacrosse games. We packed up and headed there for a small trip with the whole family. Got there in record time, thought we were so tricky to head straight to the address I had all printed out from Google. Huh....this doesn't look like an Arena. Drive around, ask directions.....find someone that speaks English to continue asking around more....snap at each other as we try to find this place. Get a call from his coach...."where are you"....what do you mean where are we, we're at the address that you gave us......uh, no. So lesson learned.....if the numbers are right, but you have North instead of South...that makes a difference.

Got to the Arena, which incidently we had past on the way to the wrong was not in a big field, or in an industrial area......

What type of sport parent are you? I've been to a couple of his practises, but have not been to a game yet. So this was my first official game to attend. Watched....watched....made a couple comments, made some louder comments....became one of those parents on the side line yelling.... "HIT HIM......HIT HIM!!!!" Yep, that was me. They were great on offense, but the defense was yell loud enough, the team starts hitting. Maybe just to shut up the crazy mother.

T took a pretty good hit, spun him around in the air. Wasn't a tough guy though, totally crying on the field. He was fine.

Went for lunch between games. Took an hour to get our food. Come on people...we're starving, it's lunch time....I realize it's saturday...but an hour??!?! Were you growing the food? I have to say my kids were pretty good, unlike other people's children there. Can you not hear that your child is screaming and jumping....are you auditorally impaired or just mentally. I don't know if auditorally is a word, but you know what I'm getting at. This is that restaurant that you can write all over the paper on the tables. So it's not like they aren't entertained a little....running a marathon and wrestling are not on the wall as allowable activities. My four year old even comments..."They aren't remembering their manners".

Speaking of that 4 yr old little man. He's my lovey boy. I bet he tells me 50 times a day that he loves me, and I'm the best mom in the world. He's nice, but naive. Pal, if I'm the best mom in the world, wow, I'd hate to meet the worst. He leads a sheltered life, doesn't get out much.

Why do I feel like eating my couch every time it's that time of the month? I could eat anything in front of me. I'm not usually a huge night snacker, not at all. But man, during my week I can live in my pantry. Didn't really realize it was getting to be that time, until I had a major melt down on Sunday morning. Of all mornings....loving spirit in our home that's for sure. Supposed to be getting ourselves ready for enlightment and otherwise. Nope, mom is losing it over hair. I'm trying to get mine done...T is flipping his all over the place, S can't make up her mind what she wants and hates all my suggestions...then I get my toe stepped on because she insists on wearing the entire ensemble rather than waiting until right before leaving to put her shoes on. OMGosh...totally threw me over the edge. This isn't the first time it's happened....every flippin' sunday I have to get stepped on. And not a solid of those that catches your bare foot and then slides off. B comes in to save his children from the crazy mommy.....when I had simmered down I got to thinking, what the heck? Sundays are usually pretty crazy in the morning, but WOW!! Look at the calendar, count the days.....well then, that would explain it. Totally PMSing. Okay...deep breath, mouth of to church with a fake smile and a family that are wide eyed and walking a few steps behind me with fear on their faces.

So American Idol....totally went the way I wanted. What was with the two hours of lead up? That was a big waste of time. Good thing I PVR everyting and skip all the dumb parts.

New show that takes no brain power....So You Think you can Dance. Really I only like the auditions. Some of these people are amazing. Not the trained dancers...but the flippy dippy hoppy crazy hip hop type guys. That's pretty amazing some of those 'poppers'. Also are the moronic people that 'think' they can dance. I like the guy that brings his mom every year and thinks he's amazing. Like buddy, as if your mom is going to tell you that you suck. (Don't tell my mother I said that, it was a major bad word at my house growing up....and now. You can still get your mouth slapped and get grounded for saying it.) What's with the judge with the ultra annoying voice though, I'm gonna slap her. I skip over her just as much as Paula's comments on AI.

Read Stephenie Meyers new book The Host. Thanks to Bobbi for the gift. Don't get a lot of you hear that friends....I DON'T GET A LOT OF GIFTS!! (totally kidding.....not). It took a few chapters to get into, slow to start. But okay. Not as good as Edward, but okay.

Got to watch D's little man. He's 6 weeks old and such a darling. Spent the whole night as his body guard from my two monsters. Why is it that children think saying hi to a baby means poking them in the eye. I think that's how I'm going to start saying hi to people....certain people. Hey how's it going....gouge. Yep, totally starting that. You're picturing me aren't you??!! Walking down the hall at church, some guy minding his own business, makes the mistake of being polite and saying his to me......OH....oh.....blunt head trauma.

Watch out Mr. CR....trying the new greeting on you first.

We're molting at our house. The bad mommy that I am. When we went boating last week I didn't get the sunscreen on my family. It's wasn't super hot. But if you spend a couple hours on the boat being baked in even kinda warm weather....ya, roasted. It's too late when you start feeling the burn to put sunscreen on. You're already fried. All week little J comes up to me with his arm...."Ow". Uh, sorry baby, I'm a bad mommy. But if you want to see what my new swimming suit looks like, I have an exact replica of it tattooed on my body now.

What else, is that it? It must be, I'm thinking of my bed.

Oh wait, one more thing. Is there something in the water? Everyone I know is pregnant. Well, not everyone, but holy cow. Stop hydrating people, it's catchy.

It's the water that does that......right?

May 16, 2008

~ Neither dead, nor dying ~

I'm alive, just busy. Still got tonnes of tax season to finish, plus now gardening et all.

So rather than every detail of the last couple's a run down.

Regina - Fun.

Road Trip - Amazing

Why no unflattering pictures of me you ask??!!.....ha ha, I was taking the pictures. That's the risk you take.

So what a trip. So fun, so much shopping, such a great Women's Conference. We had a great time and are ready to go again.

Next, Miss S had a birthday and turned the pivotal eight. Thus a big family party. L&B came over from Regina and I asked B to take some nice pictures so S can remember exactly what we looked like on this special day. See the slide show.

Next, my random useless thoughts, what you all generally come here to laugh at me for.

1. Utah - it's a culture all in itself. It takes some getting used to, the whole church and life so intertwined in public. I mean, 10 foot inflatable missionaries on top of's a bit much.

2. All I have to say is this, A doesn't like to drive in the city....hi way, area/ The details are not important, but I think she hurt my feelings. sniff sniff..

3. Migraines, I've really had enough of them. Been plagued a lot lately. I'm going for acupuncture next, which I've tried before and she told me to nap every afternoon. She may have been slightly high that day, you never know. Anyway, I'm going to try it again.

4. I have a tiny crush on American Idol's David Cook. He's a talented guy, the rocker kind, and pretty darn cute. I do not, however, have a crush on Yiruma, even though they are the only two added to the new music section of this blog.

5. K likes to snuggle and it became a problem, I've had to speak to her about it.

6. Supposed to speak in church on Sunday. ahhhahhhahha....they always ask with a little hesitation when it's our turn. You never know what can come out of my mouth up there.

7. Why can't a tan be instant. It's finally nice, we're headed to the beach this weekend....blazing mayonnaise legs is not all that enticing, but will be served.

8. N bought a new boat and the wake boarding is happening on Monday. Pretty psyched about this. I am also pretty happy that N got to spend the gazillion dollars on the new boat, and I spent nothing and still get to use it. That's a good deal I think....I'll provide lunch.

9. B had decided that I should be the mommy. He didn't like being the mommy that much. There was snot, puking and other expelling...he didn't like it. Not sure why.

10. I really hate buying dirt. It's like buying water, it should be free I think. But it's gardening season and my flower beds need to be pampered, so I had to buy dirt. Then you load it in your van and it looks like you have a full diaper all the way home as your bottom end is so low. And you dump it on the ground and think, I hate buying dirt.

May 5, 2008

~ Back in the Building ~

We're back from our amazing road trip......more to follow.