Jun 28, 2010

Patience my Pretties...

You'll all dying for the definition of "wave of change"...well keep holding your breath,  cause I ain't spillin it yet.  There is another wave,  and I have to ride that before I can let you know the results.

In other news.  It's moving week.  Blah. We have been house sitting in Cochrane since Dec 1,  while there we decided to stay and build a house.  There are three weeks between when the house sitting is done, and the new house is ready.  I've told you all this before,  keep your panties on.  So we're leaving our stuff in the garage of the current house,  staying at my Aunt's while they are on vacation,  then moving into the new house on the 21st.  Which means...moving now,  and then again.  Groan...  You'd think that we didn't have a lot of stuff in this house,  maybe clothes and bathroom stuff, and food.  Seems we've got a little more than I thought.  Anyway,  we're packing and moving and it's dumb,  but for a good cause.

House update - they finished painting and tiling this week....floors next.  Also likely to get our driveway poured.  I drove by yesterday and two houses down the street had brand new driveways...I think we're next.

Have you been watching America's got Talent?  Well, America does not have Talent,  however they do have issues.  Who let's those people out of their houses?  The hand whistling lady was funny...but the weird eyes too wide guy with the changing masks....st-range!  Kite flying kid....good,  inspiring even.  That looks like something I'd like to try.

Update #2

I wrote all that Friday...didn't post it would seem.

So since then,  we have packed and cleaned the house.  What a job.  Seriously.  That house is just way too big for what we need,  therefore way to much space to clean.  And kids,  why do they put their finger prints everywhere?   We're exhausted,  but part 1 is finished.  Loaded up the vehicles with our clothes, and camping gear.  Why?  Are we camping for three weeks while we wait for the house?  No,  but in two weeks we're at a family reunion.  So we took everything now so we don't have to return to the house over and over.  So truck is full. 

Had a house full of boys this weekend.  Mr O and Big J...Princess S stayed home to attend a year end party.  Plus Giant K,  Smiley B and Gman.  It was a lot of boys.  They were a help,  and a hinder to the packing.  Big boys,  help.....little boys....not so much.

Jody at Sanity is Overrated hit it on the proverbial head again.  Maybe we share a brain.  Okay,  we all know that we don't...since she's all sciencey...and I am clearly not.  Science was never my strong point.  Social Studies,  aka socializing,  aka talk to the boys in class....bingo-rama.  But her quest for the career that speaks to you,  I hear ya sista.

Career choice that doesn't mess with my mental health - yes please.
Career that I even remotely look forward to everyday - me me me!
Careers choice that showcases even 2.7 of my talents, beyond "can work a computer, and look cute doing it". - hand in the air,  look of anticipation.

Step one to that...actually step one is done.  Step 2 is also got a big red ch-eck!  But there has been a step 3 introduced that I wasn't anticipating.  Change is good. 

Dear Wave of Change - I'm wearin my wet suit.

Jun 23, 2010

Why do I blog?

Jody at Sanity is Overrated posed an interesting question today.....Why do you blog?

I thought about that....why do I blog. 

May 23, 2007 that was my first blog post.  I think I initially started because it was the thing to do.  Everyone seemed to be jumping on the blogging wagon...I'm a techy girl,  so I did too.  I quickly found out that a blog can have a big impact.  On my life, and those around me.  I'm a bit of a quirky girl,  sometimes the stuff that comes out of my mouth is funny,   sometimes shocking,  other times outrageous.  It all seems to land on this blog.  I have found my blog therapeutic,  fun,  sometimes hurtful and other times silly. 

I've always been amazed that some people judge someone based on their blog,  like as if it reflects their entire life.  I've been further surprised by those that make nasty comments or anonymous ones.  Crazy.

For me,  this blog is sort of a journal,  therapy session for myself,  venting arena and a way to clear out my head so I can move on.  Read if you want....or don't.  Doesn't matter to me.  I blog for me.

Life has changed a lot in the time I've had this blog...and continues to do so.

Why do I read your blogs?  Some I read and leave comments,  others I lurk to see what you're up to.  All are interesting,  all are fun...I enjoy.

Why do you blog?

Oh...and that wave of change...I rode it like a pro.

Jun 17, 2010

Waves of change...

There are times when change is welcomed,  other times when it's needed,  and times when it is not wanted at all. 

For me,  it's time for change. 

Life is an interesting adventure,  new people,  situations.

You can never predict when life will throw you an opportunity.

I'm not a good swimmer,  I hope I don't drown in the wave of change.

Jun 15, 2010

Aftermath of City Chase

We finished....well not really.  We crossed the finish line,  but due to some unforeseen circumstances,  we didn't complete 10 tasks.

It's a bright and shiny day,  which is already better than last years race which was cold,  wet and drizzly.

We didn't arrive keener early,  as I knew that it was a lot of hoopla to start,  and you just stand around for over an hour.  We skipped the promo talks,  warm ups (this might have been a mistake on our part) and all the general boringness.  Hope on the train,  to avoid parking nightmares,  arrive with 10 minutes to spare.  We're geared up and ready to go.  Casey has been ready to go since about 6 am.  This is my second race,  so I slept fine.  Eau Claire is jammed packed with excited teams of two,  in various outfits and athletic abilities...all excited to get this show on the road.   (Unless we're in the pics,  I can't take credit for them.  Thank you City Chase photographer guy.)

Count down.....3....2....1!!!

Blast out to Princess Island path,  and realize very quickly that I haven't run in a while...what were we thinking?!  That's okay,  we're surviving on adrenaline.  We see that volunteer with the clue sheets.....  Last year Dev and I figured out one clue and took off...sort of mapping our way as we went along.  It worked fine.  This year we wanted to try a different strategy.  Map out a bunch, and head to where there a more than one close. 

We spend about a half hour,  making a plan...texting a friend to look up an address.  We decide on our plan of action and charge out of the starting gates...onto to the train...we are so gonna rock this.  WRONG!  Stupid C-Train construction.  We had jumped on a North bound train.  No problem,  just switch at City Hall....uh,  except that stop is closed and now we're sitting,  with two other teams,  at Bridgeland station...for 20 minutes.  Frustrating...nearly an hour into the race and we haven't gotten anywhere.  That's okay,  back downtown,  decide to hit a chase point that right off the train station.  Arrive,  other teams there,  no chase point.  The clues given are correct, and the place they lead are correct....online research does not give you the right address if the company does not update their sites.  Over and hour since start,  still nowhere.

Alright,  refocus...back to our original plan.  Onto the train and heading to Chinook Station.  One great thing about City Chase is that no matter where you go,  there are other teams, everyone talks and visits like we're long lost friends.  The majority of chasers are not going to win,  or even come close.  We in it for the fun and experience.  So we share clues and answers,  search out points together and give people pointers and directions.  It doesn't hurt anyone's game,  it's just fun.  Finally arrive,  head to Parkour.  Clue was No Limits,  which is just south of Chinook Station.

Challenge - each team has to complete enough events that they have a combined total of ten points.  Shoes off,  get in line.  Casey does climbing, and rolling...and attempts another one.  I do jumping on uneven box things, and vaulting...well,  vaulting is what it was supposed to look like....a spectacle is what it really looked like.

See how this dude has two hands on the vaulty thing, feet together...facing forward.  I was told a few times that I was supposed to do it like this.  Listen pal,  I had two hands on the vault,  two feet generally going over at the same time,  if I land backwards,  on my butt...hey,  at least I got over!!  Fine..Casey gets 6 points,  I have 5...we're done.  Get your race sheet punched (where the guy caught my shirt too and put a whole in it....grrrr).

Next,  two blocks away...Lacrosse.

Pass the ball,  with correct form,  back and forth three times....run to the end.  Not too bad...

Head back to McLeod trail.  Then the constant dilemma of the race.  Wait for the bus/train...or run.  Which is faster,  it it worth the extra wait for the bus in order to save our energy?  We decide to wait.  We're headed to Stanley Park,  we have deducted there are two challenges there.  The wait is longer than expected...but the bus does eventually come.

Frisbee Golf,  and if you go over par you had to do burpees.  Groan.

Survivor Style obstacle...hook your caribeaner to the rope,  thread yourself through.  Partner goes this way,  you come back.  Fun.

Not too bad,  banged those out in about half hour.  Heading back to McLeod.  Pass a guy on the way giving out Slurpee coupons,  bonus!  Potty break and Slurpee's.  Next is The Remodelers,  put together a car,  push it to knock down at least three of the bowling pins.  This was not a well planned or manned chase point.  The kids running it were not excited to be there,  the materials were stupid.  We finished it,  but made a comment about it on the race end sheet.  Even the dumb chase points can be fun if the volunteers are remotely excited to be involved.

Back to the train,  walk with another team and talk with them.  Everyone you pass along the race you say hi too...just fun.  We're headed to the Stampede Casino next.  Object,  get Blackjack.  If you don't...partner has to eat a Prairie Oyster.  Do you know what a Prairie Oyster is?!!  I played,  and hit....he was safe from the Oyster.

5 punches on our race sheet....we're half done.

Train it up to Kensington - Orienteering in Riley Park...then Wheelchair Basketball at Sunnyside Community Centre.

Now comes the bad part.  The next chase point we attempted was at G.A.P Adventures.  You roll the dice to determine what you partner will do...options are

1. Hold a Snake
2. Have a tarantula on your bare stomach
3. Eat a cricket - first pick it out from among his friends.
4. Eat a worm

Which do you think is my biggest Fear Factor?  Eating a worm....what does Casey roll....EATING A FREAKING WORM!!!  I tried,  really I did...but I was tired,  had been in the sun all day,  trying to wrap my head around crunching into this worm that is crawling,  with fangy things all over Casey's hand.  And then when I think I can do it,  I've mentally exited from the building,  I think I can take one for the team...Casey's moves a bit and the things starts flipping around in his hand.  That was the end...I lost my cool completely.  Have you ever had a reaction to something,  total melt down and it was so unlike you,  and you couldn't control it...and it took over you.  That's what I did.  So embarrassing.  Go running and screaming out of the place,  hands over my face like a fool.  Casey catches me and I'm in tears..."It's okay, you don't have to do it"  I felt awful,  and humiliated, and a little scared of the out of control feelings.  Anyway,  they didn't stamp our race sheet for that one.

Next,  Stand Up Comedy.  Go to the pool hall,  look at the five subject options,  make up a comedy routine and preform for 30 second.  Though he didn't quite have the complete melt down that I did,  Case didn't think he could do this one...so we moved on.

Body Worlds - Telus Science Centre.  This one was painting the bones of your arm,  on your arm,  then have to name three of them.  Easy peasy...I painted,  Casey was painted on.

9 down.  There's a final chase point that we could do right at Eau Claire.  We decide to do that one.  It's close to the finish line. We still have 45 minutes before the race finished,  so we'll be fine.  Unfortunately there are a bunch of other teams with the same plan.  Long line up.  Looks like a task that you get chained together,  have to go around Eau Claire Market and find the clues that will give you the code to the lock.  Great,  no problem.  We stand in line and meet John and Brian.  Great guys who are doing the race for the first time.  As is always the case when the racers get together,  we all share which chase points we've done. 

City Chase is sponsored by Blackberry.  New this year is having the Instant Messenger on your BB hooked up with the City Chase Guru.  Through out the race we've gotten IM's about different things.  None really useful,  just info on waiting lines,  and the number of teams that have finished.  But while we're in line we get a IM that the first team to show up at the Community Room get a free entry to next years race.  We know that if we get out of line,  we won't be able to finish all 10 tasks...but free entry is also attractive,  race entry fee is not cheap.  We decide to go for it...we come screaming in right behind the guy that got it. 

So that's it,  we're out of time.  We line up at the finish,  declare ourselves done,  with only 9 tasks...and accept the slight failure,  but ultimately the great success that we finished,  and finished together having had a great time.

Dear City Chase,  see you next year!

Jun 12, 2010


So...I've discovered an odd rash,  not sure why I have it...nor how I got it.  Possibly from the pole dancing lessons I've been taking,  maybe they don't sanitize those very well.  Might be the chaps I like to wear at home,  commando...I guess that would do it as well.

Anyway,  I've been tinkering with a new hobby.  Really interested in starting my own Swing Club.  Cochrane is such a quiet town,  I think I could really add to the atmosphere.  I've already scheduled a little 'enhancement' just to add to the appeal.

Did you see the red outfit on the SYTYCD guy last night?  He borrowed that from me,  I also have it in Magenta.  I must say, the open front down to the belly button is a bigger draw on me than on a hairy black guy.

Jun 11, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

What a rainy depressing week.  Good thing we have lots on tap this weekend.

Remember last year when Devon and I were in City Chase?  We're doin it again...this time Casey and I.

The goal was the same,  be all trained up for it....the result was the same...Nada.

So,  whatever.  We can walk for 2 weeks in Europe we can walk and compete for 6 hours at home.

Will letcha know how it went.

Next on the reel of news to share...

We moved to Cochrane in December,  to house sit for 7 months and to try Cochrane out.  A lot closer to Casey's office,  and sorta closer to mine.  It has the lifestyle we're looking for.  We decided to stay.

In January we started looking at houses,  by Mar 9 everything was in place and they started to dig.

We're building a 2 story Semi Detached with Jayman.  We've been very happy with them.  Our home isn't huge,  but we don't need huge.  Big enough for all,  small enough for us.  That's Casey's motto.

They promised 110 days....they're delivering.  It's been an excellent experience working with them.  They provide the legal,  mortgage broker and free moving van with your purchase.  Nice, nice, nice.

So here's the progress...though it seems I only have up to the framing point....it's way past that now.  We did our second walk thru this week,  the Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets and counter tops are done.  38 days until move in.

By the time we returned from Europe...it was framed.


UPDATE -  Casey sent me this one off his phone...quality...meh.

Jun 9, 2010

Cold and Dreary

What's with this weather?  Are we ever going to see the sun again?  The boat has been sitting on our driveway for over a month,  as yet to be used.  Stupid weather.

Yesterday my mental health imitated the weather of today....today,  a little better.  Sleep is our friend.

I haven't been funny lately,  sorry.  Well,  except for "the whole weekend...the W-H-O-L-E weekend"  Lynn got a chuckle out of that.

Maybe it's cause nothing funny has been happening.  Divorce isn't funny...and that's what's been happening.

Ya...sitting here trying to think of something funny....nada

Jayda rubber arms....funny.
Casey imitating Jayda rubber arms...funny.
You had to be there.

Have you been watching SYTYCD?   They haven't shown a single person landing on their face.
Have you seen America's got Talent?  People have problems....seriously. 

Ok,  one thing that is funny....Wipeout - Blind Date.

Jun 7, 2010

In thru your nose....

When experiencing excessive loss of energy,  or lack of breath...always advisory to breath in thru your nose and out from mouth.  Why?  I dunno.  That's what the smart people say.

So weekend was CRAZY.  6 of 7 children were at the house,  for the whole weekend,  W-H-O-L-E weekend.  Why?  Sometimes schedules collide.  We try not to have them all too often...nice for one-on-one with the kids.  So Friday night we hang out,  dinner and all.  Do you know that six children can go through a four litre of milk in one meal?  Unbelievable.  Head out to the park where general tom foolery ensues.  Then we brought out the Frisbee,  big hit...attracted local children from far and wide.  And then the remote control car.

If you are 12,  the aim of the remote control car is to do tricks.

If you are 6,  the aim of the remote control car is to hit your brother.

If you are 3,  the aim of the remote control car is to stand in the middle of the road,  with your legs as far apart as possible and wait for the car to drive through.  You don't actually explain this to anyway,  it's supposed to be implied.  "I'm standing here,  legs stretched,  with a look of anticipation....you know what to do".

This played out for 2+ hours.  It was a lovely night and better to have six crazy kids outside,  than inside.

Buddy of mine came over with his motorbike.  This was a huge....HUGE hit.  Each kid got a turn on the bike.  Depending on age,  that was just around the cul-de-sac...slow and easy.  Or a rip roaring ride up the windy hill at break neck speeds.  Okay,  possibly not break neck..but fast,  and they loved it.  No worries about safety, they had a helmet,  and a responsible driver.    Did I get a turn?  Not this time,  for one...I have a massive noggin,  the helmet would have had to be surgically removed.  And another,  I know what kind of ride this dude is gonna give me...need to psych myself up for that.

Funny how you can see the personality of the kids in their ride.   J was apprehensive and shy,  but defiantly wanted to go.  While riding past me,  gives a shy look of  "This is pretty rad".  Mr. O on the other hand,  jumps on there,  clings on with arms and legs around the driver and has a massive grin on his face the whole time.  Princess S is unsure,  but once she had a small slow ride,  she was all over it.  G-man was about the same.  Big B was all over it from the beginning...and silent but always cool K...he thought he was too cool initially,  though he wanted to go, but didn't want to show everyone else that.  He went for a ride, loved it.  Thanks bud for giving our kids a fun night.

Saturday we had plans for Calaway Park.  We live close and bought passes.  Rainy and cold in the morning.  But the sun broke out long enough to head out for a while.  Love the passes thing,  don't have to feel pressured to stay all day and get your money's worth.  Big kids can go off on their own,  little ones with us.  Fun.

Sunday afternoon...hanging out.  Went to a park and threw the Frisbee with all.  Love having the kids all old enough to play,  no strollers or diapers anymore. 

How was your weekend?

Jun 4, 2010

Sound track of my life....

Since I can't come up with unique posts lately...I'll copy my girl C...
1. Open your music library.

2. Put it on shuffle.

3. Press play.

4. For the first question, type the song that’s playing.

5. When you go to a new question, press the Next button.

6. Tag other people to do it too!

7.  And cause I rock the everlasting town,  I've linked some so you can download them.  If you want one that isn't linked,  let me know.


1. Opening Credits: In This Life - Collin Raye
2. Waking Up: Crawl - Breaking Benjamin
3. First Day at School: If Today was your Last Day - Nickelback
4. Falling in Love: Senorita - Justin Timberlake
5. Losing Virginity: All I want is You - U2 (Bahhaha)
6. Fight Song: My Name is Rock - Kids rock
7. Breaking Up: Come Away with Me - Nora Jones
8. Prom: All That I'm asking for - Lifehouse
9. Life: Livin' on the Edge - Aerosmith (again,  bahaha)
10. Mental Breakdown: Black Velvet - Alannah Myles
11. Driving: Till I Find You - Yiruma (really,  I'm not rigging this...)
12. Flashback: Forgiven - Skillet
13. Getting Back Together: Bossy - Kelis Ft. Too Short
14. Wedding Night : Should I stay or should I go - The Clash (LOL)
15. Birth of Child: The Face - RyanDan
16. Final Battle: Tell Me - Groove Theory
17. Death Scene: Stickwitu - Pussycat Dolls (who put that on there?!!)
18. Funeral Song: Ticks - Brad Paisley
Oh,  that was funny....  I tag Michelle,  Malauney, Casey and Bobbi

Jun 1, 2010


This morning,  I am struck by the blatantly obvious realization,  I may be getting too old for Monday night rock concerts.  I mean,  I can rock it out with the best of them,  scream my face off,  keep a beat and sing along to just about every song.  But the ringing ears,  the headache,  the deathly tired....uuuuuuggghghh

It was awesome though.  I have been a fan of Nickelback for a while.  Lost 20 pounds to their vibe,  running it off and groovin.  The shoes haven't hit the pavement for a while,  but I'm geared up again. 

I'm amazed by the people that bring their children.  Like little kids...6-7 girls.  Crazy.  The tickets aren't cheap...the lyrics are not innocent, Chad Kruger shouldn't kiss his grandmother with that mouth,  and is buzzed by the end of the show from shots on stage.  Not surprising,  but not a show for kids.

Anyway, always cool to see bands live.  To be a part of the party.  Second hand weed high was a new experience.  At one point Chad says...."is there 5 pounds of weed sitting on a burner somewhere in here?"  You get a security pat down before entering the Saddledome,  guess they don't look for joints.

Had to steal google pics...someone,  who shall remain nameless,  but is not me...can't find our point and shoot camera.