Aug 31, 2008

~ Dear Anonymous ~

I really get a kick out of people who leave comments on my blog Anonymously. Especially those that leave negative comments. Here's the most recent in response to my Vacation Friends post.

Anonymous said...
WOW! I always knew you were a snob but this just proves it. Having a checklist of who and who's not considered a friend - it really is true what people say about you.

I have to laugh. First of all, anyone that REALLY know me, knows that the post was a joke and done so 'tongue in cheek' that I just about put my tongue clear through my cheek.

And Second, may I again has been said before when such Anonymous people post on my blog, if you don't like....stop coming around to read, I didn't invite you.

I guess Anonymous won't be applying for the position.

~ Now taking Applications ~

I am now taking applications for Vacation Friends. We have an opening. Our current friends have not made themselve available to take vacations with us. They all seem to be thinking about a baby, growing a baby (or babies as the case may be) or recently had a baby and therefore not travelling, or just have a husband that doesn't want to go. (BM, you party pooper)

We discovered on the last couple trips we've taken that it's fun to take a trip together, but after a few days you sort of run out of stuff to talk about. It sure would be a lot more fun to have friends with us.

Now, I'm not looking for everyday friends. I have all I need of those. You may be wondering if you are considered one of my everyday friends. So I found a way that you will know.

If the following statements means anything to you, you are one of my everyday friends.

1. There's a sprinkler under my tent.

2. Million Candle Flashlight

3. Did you know there's Purrell in the outhouse?

If these don't mean anything to you, sorry you lose.

Next, we are not looking for long distance friends. I also feel we are set. These are the friends that are dear to you, but don't live close by. Therefore when you get together it is a great time that means a lot. JL, BS, ya babes.

Vacation Friends. Here are the details of the position.

Want to travel to the places that we want to go, or suggest places that we decide would be fun. Have children of an age that we can take off within in a couple days notice if need be, this is a rare occassion so it is not essential. Not be irritating. It may be necassary to spend a little time together previous to actually taking our first vacation together, as I don't want to find out you are irritating at 30,000 feet and we still have a week to spend together. It may be necassary to have reference letters sent from people that don't like you so I can be sure that your qualities are ones I can put up with. Yes that is correct, that people that don't like you. They will be the most honest about how irritating you are. Financial stability is not necassary, if you want to go into debt to spend time with us, that's your business. But we will not be supporting you financially in any way to come on trips with us. However if you are rich and want to support us financially, that is fine. We prefer warm destinations. At no time will the terms, layer up or frigid temperatures be used in a conversation regarding a vacation. On our vacations we tour, sleep, eat, shop and tan. If you want to do other things, that's fine but do it on your own time.

The position is open to all ethnic and religious backgrounds. It would be nice if you were good looking so it is not a chore to look at you the whole time. Better send a picture with your application. And if you send a picture of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and claim that it is you, we will know the difference when we meet you at the airport. We may say nothing and pretend that we believe you, but it may become an issue in the air and I may push you out of the plane.

While all applications will be considered, only those that we feel will suit our purposes will be contacted.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Aug 28, 2008

~ What's for Dinner? ~

September is a whole new year for our family. "New Years" resolutions usually come in September rather than January. The kids are back to school and life gets busy and scheduled.

So I'm starting a new segement - like as if I get ratings or something - called What's for Dinner. I enjoy cooking, and think I'm pretty good at it. I try to cook from scratch every night and make nutrition and delicious meals. The kids don't always like everything, but you can't win every time. So the goal this month is to not cook the same thing twice...except Friday Pizza Night.

It's a lofty one, even for me.

Half the difficulty with menu planning is not having any new ideas to try. You get in a rut of the same 5-6 meals over and over. I love to try new recipes, my family doesn't always like it, but tough luck for them.

So to start out, I thought I would list what we've had for dinner this week and hope that it inspires all to try something new. It's not always fancy, but it's food.

Monday - BBQ Hamburgers

Tuesday - Ward Party - no cooking

Wednesday - BBQ Chicken, steamed Carrots and Beans (from my garden!!) potatoes dipped in Ranch Dressing.

Thursday - Meat Loaf & Stuffed Mushrooms

Friday - Pizza

Meat Loaf

One pound of raw ground beef
1 egg
1 cup bread crumbs
1/2 cup milk
3 tbsp Worchestershire Sauce
Salt & Pepper
Mix together and put into loaf pan.
1 Hours @ 350

Stuffed Mushrooms

As many fresh mushrooms as you want
Pull out the stems and dice
Saute the stems in some butter
Pour in bowl and mix with 1/2 - 1 cup of bread crumbs and shredded cheese.
Stuff the mushrooms with mixture. Mound up as much as you can and then top off with some more shredded cheese. Broil until cheese is melted and mushrooms start to turn brown.
This isn't a low fat recipe, but way yum.
I was out of breadcrumbs today and didn't want to make any from scratch. So I ground up some ritz crackers in the food processor. Um....can you say YUM!
Why are there no pictures of all these creations?! Don't press your luck sista.

Aug 26, 2008

~ Outakes from a Marriage ~

Outakes from a Marriage by Ann Leary
This was interesting mix of trials of a marriage mixed in with the stresses of being a celebrity. Quick easy read, but a lot of language, particularily the big bomb.

~ Losing Gemma ~

Losing Gemma by Katy Gardner

Just okay, I didn't love it. Had a great twist at the end, but most of the time I felt like I was reading just to see what happened not because I was enjoying the story.

Aug 22, 2008

The Woods by Harlan Coben

This book I enjoyed as much as the rest of Coben's books. I especially enjoyed the fact that it was longer so there was more goodness to read. This one took on a more serious tone and wasn't quite as witty as some of the others. But still enjoyed.

~ Vegas Baby ~

Next week my man and I have been married for 14 years. That's crazy. I'm only 33, how did that happen. Got married at 19 to start. So we decided to take an impromptu trip. First of all, this is a major step for B. He's a thinker, he's a researcher, he is not spontaneous. It's a good thing most of the time. I am faster to jump into something that we don't need, or shouldn't do...blah blah blah. He had this whole week off, so I asked him what he thought of taking a trip for a couple days. Now this conversation has happened a lot. I love to travel, I travelled a lot growing up (thanks parents). I'm always looking for a cheap deal that we can just take off....but Mr B is not a traveller. He gets motion sickness, so flying is a challenge and he just enjoys his own bed. But this time the God's were in my favor and when I asked him if he wanted to take off for a couple days.....(trump call, drum roll) he said, after a thoughtful pause.... "Yes, I think I would like to do that". That's a weird thing for him to say. I thought I was going on this trip too....but I'll take what I can get. Then he says, "Do we have the money for that". Funny man, I will find the money, or beg, steal and borrow if you've actually said yes to a trip. But yes, we have the $$ and I don't have a problem spending it. = )

So we start checking out the deals, looking at all the travel search sites, can we actually make this happen within the budget we have set. Oh yes, we can.

Vegas Baby..... VEGAS!!

We walked our legs off. Toured every hotel, ate more than we should have, stayed up later than parents usually do, and had the best time. It was something we both needed, just some time away, a little alone time and stress free time. Only 3 days, if you're not into the party/nightclub scene, Vegas doesn't take more than that. Check out the sites, tour Hoover Dam, a little shopping. Done.

And you will be shocked and amazed to know that I noticed a few things while I was in Vegas.

1. It's hot there, really hot. 41 degrees everyday, and when we were at Hoover Dam it was 54. That's way too hot for us Canadian folks. We max out at 33 around here, and my ideal temp is 25. So we didn't come home with a tan cause we couldn't stand to be outside very long. Vegas is all about the night scene. We toured plenty during the day, but at night the streets and sidewalks were packed. As you can imagine there are all kinds of outfits happening when it is that hot out. Many are unpleasant, for me, not for them. I am always amazed when people get dressed and look in the mirror to say to themselves " Yes, I look good! ". No you don't, try again. Wow, tube tops where no tube should ever reside, short shorts where nothing short should be introduced and tanks without adequate support systems residing. Wow, take me back to the tundra where we wear clothes.

2. Then there was the 1% of people that looked amazing in their lack of attire. These people got their bodies out of cereal boxes, cause no natural person comes out looking that great.

3. We went to Mystere by Cirque de Soliel. Brian was apprehensive about going to a show. He is a major homophobe. No offense to anyone, but he is. So he wasn't really excited about seeing men in tights. He seemed to think that is was going to be ballet or it's Cirque. But wouldn't you know....ha ha....wouldn't you know that this is Vegas. I took the older kids to Cirque here a couple weeks ago. It was great and we loved it, nothing provocative at all. But Vegas, well.....what happens in Vegas. So it was a lot more than the local show. It was more showing, more flashy, less clothing and a lot of guys in tights. And at one point, the tights had one leg and the whole 'cheek' showing on the guys. So hilarious to watch Brian.

4. There were these two strong guys that were doing all this muscle stuff, it shows them in that link above. Wow, Brian was uncomfortable with that. He doesn't like how close those guys got to each other, and the faces near the butts stuff. What did he think they were going to all the sudden stop and start making out. Wow buddy, chill out.

5. Okay, moving on. You'll be surprised to find out that there are casino's in every hotel. You didn't know.....I'm happy to give you that info. No matter how fancy the hotel is, it's all back dropped by flashy loud, gawdy slot machines. At all hours of the night and day these are running. Old people in their wheelchairs sitting with their smokes and beers pushing the button over and over. We played our two bucks, with big dreams of winning back the price of our trip. I had even used The Secret and visualized us winning. I sent it out to the universe. The Universe did not deliver.

6. Along with gambling, other forms of entertainment (throat clear) if you know what I'm saying....are legal in Nevada. You know, the entertainment of the female variety. Wow, it's educational walking down the strip. Cause there is a lot of strip on the strip. There is also a lot of solicitation of the so called strip. It looks like whole families are standing trying to hand you card advertising that they can deliver said entertainment in 20 min. Where are these girls? In the parking lot waiting in the mini van? To your door service, just give me a chance to set the kids up with a movie first?

7. Moving on. Why the heck is shopping so much better in the US of A. Come on people. Canadians like to shop too. We have a better economy at the moment, more disposable income.....give us some good stores. But no, we have to travel to get the good stuff. I wasn't looking to do major shopping. I had the limit the border gave me, plus the weight limits on luggage. That's a lot of limitations. I'm not good with rules. So fine, I need to bring back something for each of my children, and I'd like some new stuff for myself. Nothing major, a few new clothes....and of course have to hit Bath and Body Works. I found the utopia. A Bath and Body works OUTLET!!!! Nothing warms my heart more than the feel of OUTLET running off my tongue. I makes my heart race, palms to sweat and my credit card to rev up. I didn't go nuts, but I am set for lotion until May when I'll be back in the states again.

8. Oh, and what is the first thing we do when arriving in LAS? It's 8:30 am when we arrive, the strip isn't exactly stripping at that time. Our hotel won't give us a room yet, so where do I have a map all printed up to go......wait for it.... COSTCO!! Next to the thrill that Outlet provides, Costco is the next on my list of loves. And Costco in the states is way better than costco here. I wasn't looking for cases of toilet paper either. Bring on the clothes, DVD's and Tylenol PM. What you say, Tylenol PM? Yes. All good friends share their sleep enhancing meds. My dear friend provided me with a sample of the US produced PM. It gives those of us that have racey minds the chance to get to sleep. The minds that keep us awake with lists and lists of ideas, thoughts, conversations and such running for hours and hours at night. I can sleep, but getting to the sleep is often a problem. PM, it's a new treasured friend.

9. Have you ever been on a flight that has a couple of roudy kids. Nothing major, they're teens after all and just fooling around. The flight hasn't even started to taxi yet, so no use getting worked up about it. Once we're in the air, if the craziness continues then maybe I'll say something. But no, I don't even have to worry.....cause Miss Drunk and Disorderly has already yelled at them. She's the one yelling at them about the yelling, she's the one making bitter comments about how her younger children are behaving better than these teens, and she's the one that's thinking everyone on the plane should back her up. This the woman who proceeds to drink three full beers in front of said wonderful children on the course of a 1 hour flight. She is so drunk by the end that her face it red and she's slurring and tripping off the flight. It was an enjoyable flight, we hugged at the end.

10. As all good parents do, we brought our children home some gifts. They are aware of this process, because when we call them half way through to see if their grandmother is still sane they don't ask " How is your trip going mom, are you feeling rested and revived"....." How was your flight are you safe"...."Are you enjoying your much needed time away from us to come back refreshed and ready to handle us again?" get....."What are you bringing me?" So near the end I hadn't gotten anything for the youngest boys yet. Well I bought O a new pair of church pants but I just didn't visualize his look of joy and glee when I presented these as his "what did you bring me" gift. We headed to the toy store to pick up something completely useless and a major waste of money just to be loved by our sons upon our return. B is looking. He doesn't shop much, but when he does he puts great effort into the purchase. So after a half hour of looking at everything thing in the action figures, cars, games and general boy stuff, he makes his decision. He chooses something he knows our boys will love, something they will have endless fun with and will love us forever. He comes to show me the fruits of his labors....I await the decision....what has he picked up with anticipation of uphoria from our offspring........SWORDS. A two pack even....big one for the older brother, little one for the baby. He also has the look on his face that says.....why didn't my mother buy me a sword two pack when she went on a trip. Are the swords for the boys or for the dad? Our boys have been sword fighting all morning, with enthusiasm and love. I guess it's better than the butter knives that they were using before.

Aug 16, 2008

~ Recipe for Fun ~

Camping with lots of great Friends

....that have a boat

....and a tube.......and let you compete in the Mommy Wakeboarding Tour

....and teach you to drive the boat.
That's not the best picture of me, but hey, I was driving the boat....after I had wakeboarded, thus the wet hair and wetsuit. Did I mention that I went over the wake AND back. That's new.

Fun week ..... thanks guys.

P.S. Filter Functioning : )

Aug 8, 2008

~ MRI ~

Have you ever had one? I can now official say....I have.

So what's it like? Is it claustrophobic (sp??), it is uncomfortable.....huh?

Well, I'll tell ya, it's loud.

Weren't expecting that were you? Yep, the quarters aren't that tight....but it is very, very loud. I'm not sure where the sound is coming from as it is apparantly huge magnets that are doing the imaging. And it's not the same noise. Each type of scan they do, is a different sound. Then they vibrate you around a little. But it's supposed to be fine because they put these mondo headphones on you, over top of your shower cap, that is the final accessory to your hospital gown. It's fab.

Oh, and you can't move.

But here's the clincher, there isn't anything holding you still. So you're just supposed to lay as still possible, on the very hard stretcher type bed, in your hospital gown, with an ouchy IV in your arm for when they shoot you up? And what is the drug of choice....only dye.

I'm supposed to arrive 1/2 hour before the scan, fine no problem. They have this immense questionaire that you have to fill out. It asks everything from when you swallowed last to when the next time you plan to clean our your ears will be. Man, I didn't know what most of that stuff was on there, so I guess it doesn't apply to me. My mom came with me, to be supportive. Which basically meant she got to sit in the waiting room reading old Reader's Digest. But we didn't know how I'd react to the dye, as I've had bad experiences with dye based products before. So I strip down, and remove all metal (all my piercings had to be removed...navel, tongue, left cheek) and then the nice student nurse had to run through it all again, cause I'd forgot about the massive list I'd already signed. Then the IV. I have veins that don't cooperatate. Shocking I know. The only thing I can truly describe as thin on me are my veins. They're hard to find. They poke around, they squeeze off my arm, they slap my hands like I got caught chewing gum in Math class. It's pleasant. Then they try to nab one, and miss, and have to try the other arm. It's all wonderful as I lay there and pretend that's everything is fine and I enjoy having the student nurse practise her IV torture on me.

So she got it in, sort of. It was in, but a painful spot. Great.

They tell me to relax, ha ha, okay. I'll lay here and wonder where this will all end. Is there something in there? Well we all know there isn't much of anything in there, but is there 'really' something in there?

My turn. Oh no, wait. The nice woman that didn't speak much english, so of course the nurses thought that speaking louder to her would help, she's blown her IV. It took more than 20 minutes for them to put another one in. Painful for her, boring for me.

So I'm now and MRI survivor. I'm going to wear a ribbon.

So what did they find, I don't know. No one would tell me, that what my doctor has to do.

Stay tuned.

Aug 7, 2008

~ Breaking Dawn ~

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

A and I ran to the city on Saturday morning to pick up this book. We didn't go to any of the midnight madness as we're simply too old to even stay up that late. Plus, why would we stay up so late when we can just run to Costco and grab it, for less euros' too. All the 'Jeuvenile Readers" are not thinking of Costco for their book purchases, that's Mommy Land.

Like many of you, I'm a old, happily married mother that is in love with Edward and Jacob. It's sad, I know.

So this book.....was okay. I've enjoyed some of the earlier ones more. I wish it could have been as exciting for the whole thing as it was at the end. I appreciate where the author was going with the story. How many more aspects she added for this book, and how she finished it off....but I was almost making myself read it for the first while. It wasn't drawing me in.

Makes me wonder if she felt like she was under a lot of pressure to write it...seemed like it.

Whatever, it's easy reading and I now own the whole collection so I'll read them again one day.

Aug 5, 2008

~ New Blog Items ~

So I read, this is not a revelation....I am capable. I read a fair bit. I notice that lots of people lately have a listing of the books they've read, or are reading. Well I'm going to copy.

I read for entertainment, and escapism....which is a word I've recently learned. But I'm not generally one to just pick up a book, and especially not buy one just to try. I hate forcing myself through the first couple chapters and then giving up on it, especially when I've paid actually dollars for it. I have a monorific (that's good, the library does not actually have mono) library here in my town. They'll bring in any book I request.

Also, books have been on the forefront in my mind since Anonymous left this comment. This is way better than the last Anonymous comment that was left, if you remember that little cat fight.

Anonymous said...
I was wondering if you have ever considered writing for a career? You are an excellent read! Your writing is very dynamic, funny and wraps up very nicely. I would love to read a novel written by you and many people agree. I have a friend who is an author who accidentally found your blog and is intrigued with your abilities. You have a talent, you should use it and show it off. Just a thought.

Can you believe that??!?!?!!

First of all....thanks Anonymous. That's very flattering and caused a bit of thought on my part this week. Some of you are laughing at the possibility of this. Thinking, I can't keep two thoughts straight, never named a novel. Other's are thinking....ooooooohhhhhh ya, a whole book trashing people and the stupid things they do and say. So it's something I've been mulling this week. Not the possibility of it, cause I just don't really see it happening. But the idea of exploring my horizons and all that jazz.

Oh, and all you cynics out there that think that

a. I wrote that comment myself on my own blog.


2. Joanne wrote it, cause she likes me = )

It was an actual comment, deal with your issues.

So rather than think I'm going to be some best selling author. Cause lets face it, I only talk about my own life and criticize the lives of those around me. I don't know that I have an actual story going on. I'll keeping thinking about it. (k focus) rather than think I'm going to be a best selling author (yes I know I said this already....I'm re-focusing) rather than think I'm going to be a best selling author, I thought I'd start by reviewing, trashing and generally giving my opinions on the books I'm read, reading or started and hated.

This is not an impressive list to the avid reader. As I said I read for escapism (I'm going to use that new word a lot now) and I read for entertainment. I don't usually read things that take a lot of thought, cause I don't need anymore thoughts in my head.

That was a lot of slobber just to get to this part.

So, here are a couple of the books that I've read this summer.

Dum, dum, dum, dummmmmmmmm (bugle call please) Oh, and I'm not giving some huge review with spoilers and moldy parts (you know, spoiling and moldiness). I liked it or I didn't. And I don't mind books with some language and inappropriateness. Cause I'm generally inappropriate and am known to use language, hello, I have a blog. That's language. But I may also use the other kind, from time to time, when needed and required, to emphasize my points. Read it or don't, I really won't lose sleep over it. There might even be (gasp) sex in the book. Those are usually the best ones. Anyway, don't judge me....I'll read what I want. (I'm a little snappy today.....sorry, it's summer, the kids are home all day, everyday, and they don't leave)

The Girls by Lori Lansens

This book is about conjoined twins.

I liked it.

Do you want more than that? Cause I wasn't really planning on more.
I liked it, what more is there to say.

The Final Detail by Harlan Coben

Loved these.

Very modern murder mysteries.

I laughed out loud a couple times.

What's the most funny though, this was lent to me by my MIL. Makes the transvestite cross dressing content even funnier.

k, there were more but the picture uploading takes a long time.
On my list, don't know if they'll be good or bad. Why are they on my list, mostly because they are on other people's lists...and again, don't usually pick up random books.

The bean trees : a novel by Kingsolver, Barbara.

The blooding of Jack Absolute by Humphreys, C. C. (Chris C.)

Breathing room by Phillips, Susan Elizabeth.

Briar Rose by Yolen, Jane

The bright side of disaster : a novel by Center, Katherine.

The capture by Lasky, Kathryn

Feathers by Woodson, Jacqueline.

The five people you meet in heaven by Albom, Mitch

The history of love by Krauss, Nicole.

Home to Big Stone Gap : a novel by Trigiani, Adriana.

If you come softly by Woodson, Jacqueline.

The kite runner by Hosseini, Khaled.

Losing Gemma by Gardner, Katy

Love walked in : a novel /by De los Santos, Marisa

The lovely bones : a novel by Sebold, Alice.

Madapple by Meldrum, Christina.

The magic of ordinary days by Creel, Ann Howard.

March : a novel by Brooks, Geraldine.

The midwife's apprentice by Cushman, Karen.

Palace council by Carter, Stephen L.

Pigs in heaven by Kingsolver, Barbara.

The poisonwood bible : a novel by Kingsolver, Barbara.

Princess Academy by Hale, Shannon.

Resistance : a novel by Shreve, Anita

Sarah's quilt : the novel of Sarah Agnes Prine and the Arizona territories, 1906 /by Turner, Nancy E.

The secret scripture : a novel by Barry, Sebastian

Okay that's it. The list is way longer but it's taking forever to format all the stuff out that copied when I copied and pasted the list from my library listing. Like, this isn't supposed to be an irritating task.
So, in a cashew shell ( I know the phrase is nutshell, I don't like to conform)
I read.

Aug 1, 2008

~ Summer Part 1 of 2 ~

July is done, can you believe it?~?~ Only 28 more days of each joy in my life (a.k.a my children) being home every day, fighting everyday, making messes everyday complaining of eternal boredome....everyday. Only 28 more days....I wonder if there will still be four monkeys in my family in 28 days, or if will have chosen selective reduction as a coping tool.

What did we do for the first month of summer? Here are some of the occassions that warranted a picture. There were many other activities that the camera was not brought out. Most of the activities shouldn't have a camera fact some of those activities might involved the calling of children's I won't show you all that stuff, just the good stuff that makes me look like a wonderful mother that plans fun and educational activities for her children for the summer break.

Well there was a trip to the zoo. I think this was done before summer actually began, but hey....we were outside, and present as a family. It counts. I couldn't find the pictures I took there. Which is irritating, because there was a good one of me. And really, the kids get pictures taken of them all the time, but how often is there a good one of me....?? = )

Then there was our first camping trip with 'the girls'. This is my generic term for the amazing gals that live in my town, and keep me sane. They understand my quirks and quips, they put up with my constant need to exaggerate every story and detail. (This is of course ridiculous, I always relay events in their true and original fashion.....K really did spoon with me that time, against my will, I might add) Anyway......we really did camp with more than just my children, but it would seem I only have pictures of my own kids.

This is T trying to avoid getting his picture taken.....ha ha, he has to come up for air at some point.We had two weeks at home trying to catch up on life, and further liquidate my company. Basketball camp and making a purchase.

So the converstion went like this:

Me: Hey mom, so we have an announcement.

Mom: Oh??!!

Me: Yep, we can't hide it any longer

Mom: silence

Me: Drawing out the silence for effect.

Me: We bought a tent trailer.

Hhahahahaha, she totally thought I was announcing that I was pregnant. Gotcha! First of all, I never plan to announce that I'm pregnant again. For those of you that don't know us personally, we're done having kids, for those that do know us personally....we're done having kids. Should a time ever occur that there is any sort of announcement that I'm pregnant, this was very unplanned and completely my husbands fault. Just pre-warning you.

So we.....correction I bought a tent trailer. My husband does not enjoy camping. I love camping. My husband does not enjoy making spontaneous large purchases, I don't have this problem. My husband does not like debt, I don't either but I think that sometime a small amount of debt that has a pay off plan in place is okay. Especially when there isn't any other debt.

Anway, meet the tent trailer. I love it, B hates it....he can suck it up and deal with his issues. ...that was said with love and kindess = )

T, my best bud ever, who lives far away from me and we only get to see each other maybe once a year. And more importantly, only get to shop together once a year, came for the weekend. We gabbed and gabbed the whole time. Did we take pictures of our children together, no, we gabbed. So we're driving back to the city, and have to pull over for a big house that is driving by so I jump out and take pictures of her kids to prove she really did come to visit me.

B had holidays this week. It started with trip to Heritage Park.

Then the first camping trip with the new trailer. I loved it, B hated it....this is becoming a common theme. We camped with our great friends at their lake that they have a permanent spot at. Our kids love to be together. They had a rousing game of chicken in the pool. We sat on the side and laughed at fun!

Yes, look at my baby's face.....stay tuned for that lovely story.