Dec 31, 2010


2010 brought change,  professionally,  personally,  logistically...

Kids first...

Big K (16) starting learning guitar,  continues to become a better driver,  played on the rugby team...and continues to be completely love struck by Miss K.

T-Dog (13) made huge personal steps in letting his relationship with me be slowly re-established.  He loves his Shop class,  is a leader,  and a huge help to his family.

B-Boy (13) also played Rugby as well as Basketball and Track.  He continues to a heart breaker and loves life.

Miss S (10) is discovering that style can help you express yourself.  She loves school,  does well at it and has some great friends.

G-Man (9) excels in his school an avid fan of anything Pokemon,  and a less avid fan of trying any new food.

Mr O (6) started Grade 1,  often has.."is the chatty bug in our classroom" mentioned in his report card,  and thinks everything is awesome.

J (4) started Preschool,  has moments of silly,  but mostly is a sit back...take it in...kind of guy.

And us....we got married.  That brings me many thoughts as I feel that we got married for "you".  Many people needed us to be married,  the kids needed the definition,  the parents and family needed the morality and legality.  I didn't need any of that,  but have seen a change in what a 20 min ceremony accomplished. 

C found out that big talk is sometimes that,  just big talk.  Re-located from an office that talked big and never delivered.  Continues to rock at work,  learning and always knocking it out of the park.  Led our construction projects at home,  is a partner to me,  a friend and an emotional support.

I changed jobs this year,  a much needed change as I worked through emotional and mental challenges that was only being added to with that environment.  Continued to work through my struggles and issues.  Have watched people try to forgive,  refuse to forget and continue to not practise what they preach.  I attempt to let it bounce off me rather than consume me. 

Together C and took an amazing trip to Europe,  spent some great time on the boat with friends and family...and another short trip to Victoria.

Christmas season and holidays turned out to be more than we could ever expect with both our oldest boys choosing to spend time with us.  We can never adequately express how touched we are by their maturity.  We enjoyed having our family together for Christmas.  We watch our children adjust to their new situation, their new siblings and friends, and their new definition of family.  We are amazed by them. 
Our 2011 bucket list is already filling.

Finishing the basement
Professional progression
Friends - we are feeling a void here

The Re-cap

I'm sure you've all been long awaiting this run down of the crazy week....strap yourselves in,  hold on to your hats,  it's gonna be a bumpy (and expensive) ride.

I've been very absent from here lately as we've been busy trying to finish the basement.  Save the funds by doing the work ourselves.  Mr. C knows what he's doing...I just do what I'm told.  We hoped to have the carpet in before the kids arrived,  no can do.  But the walls have a first coat of paint.  So we put some blankets on the floor and headed to Costco to buy 5 matresses.  That's right sports fans....5!  In case it isn't already quite a job and dollar to put on Christmas for 7 children,  adding beds for them....whoa.  But we were escatic that all of them chose to come for Christmas.  Both our oldest boys have been dealing with some hurt an confusion and have not spent time with us.  Big K not in the last couple months,  and T-dog...not at all.  But thanks to iPods with email,  support from their other parents and possibly the promise of Snowboarding (not as a bribe,  but just as a plan for an activity that aparantly tipped the scales in our favor) we had all of our family under one roof for an entire week.  This was very fun and very loud.  We live in a semi-detached home...meaning that one side is attached to someone else (duh). Unfortunately for them,  they decided to move in two weeks before Christmas.  Boys of any age,  but especially two 13 yr old boys, and one nearly 16 yr old...they're loud in everything they do.  Going down the stairs is a stomping ordeal,  combined with smashing someone up against the wall while you do it.  Never named the music from their rooms,  the constant kitchen use and the whooping and hollering surrounding anything X-Box related.  Then add in little boys that have sound effects for every part of their life, and one lone girl that can get anything she wants by shrieking a little.

Anyway,  you get the drift....LOUD.

We picked them up on Sunday afternoon and headed to the house of horrors to begin our fun filled week of Christmas and Festivities.  Movie night at home on Sunday.

Introducing... (poor neglected children who have to find their own food)...

Monday my kids had dentist appointments (always a fun way to kick off Christmas) and then home for a warm day hanging out.

Tuesday is started to warm up,  so we headed to our ever favorite toboggan hill.  If you have too many children,  here's how you get rid of some...

Followed by Games night,  and there you have it....not all facing the camera,  not even all that clear...but that's all of them.

Wednesday was movies,  big Kids....Tron.  Little Kids...Tangled.  Big Kids rating - meh,  not that great.  Little Kids Rating - Awesome!

Wednesday we added another child,  cause what's one more at this point.  Big boys = we brought home Miss K who is loved by all in our home...

Thursday,  the highlight of the week.  Snowboarding.  I took the four oldest and Miss K to COP for a lesson in the finer points of falling on your bottom end muliple times.  T-Dog and B-Boy have been once before,  so of course they were pro's.  But the rest of use learned step by step.  Even the Mom pulled of a few impressive moves.  They loved it,  L-O-V-E-D.  There's talk about foregoing a car (not that he's getting one) and buying a snowboard. 

None of me....ha ha....I had the camera.  And no action shots,  I was too busy rippin down the hill...mostly upright.

Originally Big K was going to be leaving on Christmas Eve.  So we decided to ask Santa if he could stop by our house before heading to China,  thus (yes I said thus) putting Christmas a Day early.  Big K decided to stay,  but Santa was already on his Christmas came early.

I decided to not have stockings.  Reason 1 - couldn't find any I liked,  Reason 2 - I like be different.  So,  Christmas Buckets is what you'll find at our house.  I asked Miss S if it was okay to have Buckets instead of Stockings,  "Are they big?".  Seems tradition is not that important.  The Bucket decorating.

Christmas Eve....the traditional gift,  the regular pandamonium,  always fun.

And (Chinese) Christmas....cause nothin' says Christmas like Mohawk touques and mini m&m's.

Dec 13, 2010

One week to crazy....

One week of work left....and it will be a busy one.  I hate it when  project you figure will take a day,  maybe two,  ends up taking the entire week.  Stupid stupid stupid.  Little glitches,  little things turn into a four hour delay,  or this and that turns into another entire day of working on it.  Anyway,  project from last week is complete,  but put me behind on a massive list of  "need to finish before holidays"

On sunday we pick up the masses for a fun filled week of craziness.   The kids are all here for Christmas and the week leading up.  We have plans,  both activity and food related,  to keep them entertained,  fed and having fun.  We're also,  as you know,  frantically finishing the basement so we don't have to all sleep on the same level.  Well,  not frantically finishing at this moment,  seems that UFC trumps basement finishing.  Too bad I already know who wins...and he doesn't...and won't let me tell him,  and would be very annoyed if I blurte it out to you,  as he's reading over my shoulder.

So, 4/7 children's christmas shopping is done.  Seems it's the three big boys who are not quite there, and who are the most expensive.  When "car" is on one of their can see where this is going.  (he's not getting a car)  Little boys are easy still....Star Wars = win.  10 year old Princess...she's always very specific with lists on the fridge,  including store suggestions.  C man and I are not buying gifts for each other.  (well,  that's not exactly true,  he thinks that 'we' should get a new TV for christmas...I'm pretty sure that is not a 'we' gift) ...(I think a 'we' gift would involve a beach and fruity drink with an umberella and a shirtless 6 pack boy named Alexandro...that's an exellent 'we' gift)....(or just Alexandro)

What's on the lists of our children?  All the obvious of course,  iPods (the 4th Generation of course,  as they have the 3rd gen ones...which are now "so out"...since last year?!)  cell phones,  Paper Jamz (who thought this up?  flat,  useless guitar cuts outs that only play 5 songs...but it's on her list)  Anything Star Wars...but be careful,  cause it has to be Clone Wars...not just any kind of Star Wars.  Then there's the default...Wii games,  Xbox games,  DS Games....any type of game that fits into their brain draining game systems that inhabit every house they call home.    Interesting that this year there isn't anything West49 on the lists of our boys.  I guess West49 has gone south.  Higher on the list is Aeropostale.  Guess they're going preppy rather than skater.  Whatever,  good for the budget..Aero has better sales.

What's on my list?  World peace and elinating hunger of course.  And when that's done....well.  There's this girl I work with.  She's been at our office for 3 is the first day I've seen her wear the same outfit twice.  3 months....INCLUDING SHOES!!!  Oh,  my dream life.  But as she tells me...."Remember Tiff,  I don't have kids".....dang kids.  C man adds,  I've also rarely seen the same winter coat.  (drool and whine...oh the life)

Of course she's also my height and comes in a size 6,  groan.

This holiday season is also bringing some great movies.  The Tourist looks funny,  I enjoy Johnny Depp in nearly any faculty.  21 Jumpstreet,  I love you.  Tron is high on someones list,  seems I have to watch the old one first.  (yippee)  Love and Other Drug...maybe.  Can't think of other ones at this exact moment,  but some good possilibities.  Watch the new Narnia over the weeked with the Big T (horray for big life steps!!)  Pretty good,  better than the second one that I had to watch the night before,  seems I missed it somewhere along the way.  Oh,  the kids want to see Tangled...and I'll likely be seeing Narnia again.

Holiday Schedule - feel free to call and book your slot,  hurry,  times a wastin,  available slots filling up quickly.

Dec 19-25,  unbelievable noise,  mess,  eating,  crazines  and so much fun and quality good time with our kids.

Dec 26-Jan 3 - movies,  staying out late,  friends,  time with you?  ... no kids.

We're both off for two weeks,  need the break,  looking forward to christmas with our children and being together.

Hope your're excited about your plans too.

Dec 5, 2010

Add to my Resume

Where have I been?

Adding abilities to my resume.

Drywall Screwer inner
Taper putter upper
Make super messer
Continue to be a mudder

Prevous to this I was:

Electrical cord puller thru-er
Electrical socket screwer inner
Taper upper

Later this week I will be:

Sander downer
Primer-er (?)

And hopefully next week:

Painter-er (??)
Carpet Admirer (this is the only item we didn't do ourselves)

Ugh,  I'm tired-er.