Jun 26, 2007

~ The Big Race ~

So I did it....ran my first race. The MidSun Run is a 5 or 10K family run. Nothing serious, but a challenge. It was hard as I did it in the morning, which I don't usually run outside in the morning. My morning run's are on the treadmill. So I definately was feeling it, but I finished, and even had people that finished after me. It was a little emotional for me to cross the finish line, and even more so when I saw that Randy and Brianne had come to take pictures of me finishing. Christine and I didn't bring our kids because it was too early. It was lots of fun. Such a great atmosphere to be in. And to actually cross the finish line was amazing. The pictures aren't pretty....but here they are anyway.

Set a goal....work hard....make a small accomplishment.....wow! Feels Great!

Jun 21, 2007

~ Busy Busy ~

So it's been a busy week. I'm training for my race on Saturday. I had been doing all my training on my treadmill. That works for me as I can get Tyler and Syd out the door to school, then set up Owen and Jack with a cartoon. However since the 5K race this weekend is not on my treadmill...I figured I better hit the pavement. Christine and I are running the race together. So Monday night I ran with her. It's definately harder running outside. For one, you don't have to propel yourself as much on the treadmill. So it was hard, but I did the whole 5K. Then last night we were supposed to run again. She got hit with allergies, so I ran it on my own. A little better than the first time around. Runinng again tonight, then take Friday off to keep from getting too tired for Saturday morning. My knee has been 100% since I had Melanie adjust it...so that's good.

Sydney is on her last week of school...and Tyler is done next Thursday. So they're pretty excited about that. I'm not dreading it as much as last year. I was too pregnant last year to want to do anything. Whereas this year I've got lots of stuff planned for us to do. We'll be home bound a bit the first two weeks in July as I try and get all the GST returns done before we leave on holidays. But I've tried to make my schedule so I work on three days of the week and generally have Thursday and Friday to take the kids to places. So we'll see how that works out.

So that's it...nothing earth changing to report. Hopefully I'll have some pictures on Saturday of my race...and let you know if I died on the road. = )

Jun 13, 2007

~ Beiseker Parade ~

My friend Melanie is a Chiropractor. She practices in a couple different offices, the newest is in the small town of Beiseker. They had their parade day this past Saturday, don't really know what it was in celebration of. She'd told me about it a couple weeks ago, I wrote it on the calendar and then didn't really think much of it. Then Friday night I decided that it was time for our summer vacation to begin. Brian had to work on Saturday, but I loaded up the kids and headed to Beiseker. It took a little longer to get there than I was intending, but it was well worth it. The kids got to spend some time with their friends Cody, Kayla and Mandy...they haven't spent quality time together in a while. Plus....the CANDY!!! That's always the best part of any small town parade. The funny thing about this parade, it isn't particularily long. So everybody goes by waving and throwing candy, and then they get to the end, turn around and come back. Waving and throwing candy again, as if we hadn't seen them already. The kids thought that was great....double the candy.

After the parade we all got adjusted, which was much needed. I'm getting ready for my race in 10 days and my body was definately screaming "What the heck!!" The back is tight, the knee is sensitive and my muscles are generally screaming at me...but hey....10 pounds down so far. We then went into the city to Grandma's house. It's rare, now that we live out of the city, that we can spend time with Grandma and Grandpa on a saturday. We stopped in for lunch and hangin' out then Tyler and I did a little shopping. He's been growing again....which means $$$ for me. He's always had a sense of style, which has been developing lately. He likes to look put together, and doesn't like to get his clothes dirty. This was the first time that we have gone in the mall and he's started noticing the cool stores. "Can we go in that one mom". So we head over even though I know he's way to small for that store. But he wanted to check it out. We get in and he's looking around for something specific. Then he looks at me and says "Mom is this a skater gangster store or something" Well not really, but it was a skateboarding store with all the clothes that are generally associated with that. So we decided this wasn't really was he was looking for. We spent a couple hours together and he got everything he needed. Such a classic little man though...all excited to look for items for himself, but if I want to stop into a store quickly...he's rolling his eyes and asking when we'll be done. So it was a nice time with my son, having a little one on one time with him was great...and a rare thing.

Sunday was an impromptu Stake Conference as our Stake President is moving away. As always we're rushing trying to get out of the house on time, and it's worse when we have to leave early to get into the city on time. So we had left pretty well on time...maybe a couple minutes later than I wanted, but nothing we couldn't make up on the highway. Then Brian can't remember if he had closed the garage door. So we had to turn around and drive back...sure enough it was already closed, but don't you hate it when you can't remember. You're pretty sure you closed it, but can't really remember. So that made us late. We ended up watching it in the RS room on a TV. That would have been fine but the sound was bad and we really couldn't hear much of it. So we bailed before the end. The kids did great for the first hour, but the second was a fight. I can't blame them, I didn't want to sit there any longer either...so we headed to Grandma's again for family dinner. Grandma's two days in a row!!
So that was our fun weekeend. Spending quality time with the kids...nothin' better!

Jun 7, 2007

~ Training ~

There are two type of training going on at our house. Mom training for her first 5k race on June 23rd. And Owen wearing the big boy underwear as he potty trains. Here is Owen doing both...with is little baggy butt because he's so skinny.

Jun 3, 2007

~ Mom Tip ~

Here's one from Bobbi-Jo:

Just a note you may want to add on your blog - this place is giving away a free photo book (you pay $6.99 shipping). It's a 4X6 inch album - 20 pages which you design, then they print and mail it out. I've heard from a couple of friends that they are beautifully done, so I thought I'd check it out. Here's the link:


The offer is good until September 2007.