Oct 31, 2010

When Lacking...

When lacking witt and humour on your blog...simply turn to the children.

Big L - O you should share your DS with me.

O - No,  I don't think I should.

Big L - Ooooo,  you should always share.

O - No praying is better than sharing.


Miss S - (upon arriving at a NE park)  Why did that family take a taxi to the park?

Casey - uh,  their dad owns that taxi.

Miss S - How do you know?

Casey - ummmm...

And finally...

Mom - O,  you should eat your crusts,  it will put hair on your chest.

O - no it won't.

Casey - sure it will O,  just as your mom.

O - (looks at me with suspicion)   (looks at Casey with more suspicion)  How do you know?  Is it cause you've seen her chest,  one time,  by accident?

Yes O,  he has seen my chest one time,  by accident,  and it was hairy.

Oct 27, 2010

Back from the dead?

Yes, it's been a while since I posted....a long while.  Busy.

The job is busy and when I get home I crash.  Dinner, veg out,  bed.  That's usually our night.

The mice are cleaned up at the office,  never to return we hope.

So...I have nothing witty or sarcastic to say,  no stories of grandeur,  nor comments on life...just a note to say "I'm still breathing,  no worries,  will be back,  but not today"