Feb 21, 2009

~ 5 Pins - 10 Kids ~

New adventure for the extended G family.....bowling. L&B are in town for a wedding, so we all got together for some fun. There are way too many kids to stay at Grandma's house the whole time. So GG had the great idea to go bowling. We were looking to avoid yelling, loud noise, fighting and screaming....so lets go bowling on Friday night!!

Little Miss L thought we said Boxing, not Bowling

Feb 19, 2009

~ The problem with no sleep>>> ~

There once were two little boys, though delightfully cute and spunky, had a problem with sleeping. They felt it necassary to take turns waking their mother up....EVERY night.

Poke, poke (whispery voice)


Then stand there. This child is a amazing one, I am fond of him. But as smart as this little dude is, he hasn't figured out that if you wake up at 3am it's because you have to pee....so go already.

(Tired, slightly irritated because this happens way to often voice)

"O....go pee"

You would think this darling child would know what the answer is going to be. The house is silent, the family is unconscious and he's wandering in the dark. Not time for a party, not going to bring out the fireworks....no chuckwagon races today. It's the middle of the night. If you are awake with an uncomfortable full feeling at 3 am....you have to pee. So just go. Don't inform me. Don't turn on the light, and don't even flush the toilet. Cause really, you weigh 35 pounds...how much can there really be. JUST GO PEE.

Then there is his younger, not smaller brother. This one has no reason to awaken. He has a cozy bed, a big boy bed even. Big enough that the mother has fallen asleep with him there a few times. Little boy beds are not that comfy, especially when also occupied by the little boy. This one wakes up for unknown reasons and wants a drink.

(Though only 2, he has learned that darkness and sleeping mother means you're supposed to whisper)

"Mom, wake up.......a juice".....translation - "Mom, wake up.....I want a drink of milk"

I know the rules about sippy cups at night. I am a bad mother, sue me. I'm not going to fight him. I brush his teeth already......BACK OFF. (sorry, slightly cranky from the lack of sleep)

This would seem like a simple problem. Give the little man a drink and send him back to bed. Oh, if only. He's got this figured out. See, mom has to get out of her warm snuggly bed to get the milk and in the split second that she vacates.....he jumps in. Again, I know this is my fault....I let them sleep in our bed as babies. But still...this child also weight 35 pounds....and kicks, drools, snores, has a wet diaper and constantly digs his knees into my back. So he should sleep in his own bed. But mom's bed is always warm.....and has sippy cups of milk. So the sleep deprivation continues. That kid is gonna find a surprise of Nyquil in his milk tonight. Mommy needs some sleep.

And what is the daddy doing during these eventful nights......he's sleeping.

Feb 16, 2009

~ Family Day ~

Here in the oil capital of the Great White North we have Family Day. There is no set schedule for this day....I supposed it is meant to spend with Family....whatever. So here's the breakdown of our Family day. Sleeping in...always a must. Then oldest child goes to a friend's house, second child goes to a friends. Hub leaves for 2 hours to shovel, I clean the pantry. Hub returns from shovelling and I leave and do 3 hours of shovelling. Youngest two spend their day in unmatched pajamas scavenging food from where ever will help them get some.

I'm sure this was the plan of the Family Day creators.

Feb 13, 2009

~ Be Mine ~

Valentine's Day - can it make or break a relationship? I hope not. Hub came home tonight and announced that he'd considered buying flowers, but knew I'd think that was a waste of money. True. If you want to spend money on me, do it in the form of a gift card to my top 100 favorite stores. He did win points a few weeks ago when I was very stressed. Came home with a huge box of Truffles. You know, those chocolate pieces of delightful heaven. However, then he lost points for the weight loss factor. Those babies have 250 each. EACH!! So nice try but no cigar.

What is your definition of love?

If given the note...."If you love me check the box"...which would you check?

I consider the forms of love I give. None too mushy or sloppy. Not in my nature. No poems, skipping or endless gazing. That just dries your eyes out. I love in service...providing a home, life and security for my children. I was given that growing up. I love in action....hugs, kisses and words of encouragement. I love in loyalty...those within my circle know how I feel and that I'd never hurt them intentionally. I love in laughter...humor is sometimes a cover for me, but more often just fun. I'm trying harder to love in total acceptance. Trying harder to love without reserve.

In turn I've been loved and am loved in various ways. I've checked the box on a few notes. In my history some of the most meaningful gifts of love have been simple. At 16 received a box of crayons from a boyfriend. Still have those crayons. At 17 a mix tape. Oh, the mix tape....hours of listening to each song that he picked out specifically for you and hoped that it would portray his every thought. Or at least copied all of the Chicago songs and put your name on the cassette. Only been the receiver of two mixed tapes. One decent....the other better.

As a mother the love comes in messy, sticky and often glittery forms. All given with glowing expectant eyes, all put on the fridge. In our home the gifts don't often make it to the day they are meant to celebrate. Secret keepers my children are not. S is especially bad and often gives her tokens of love days early....just can't hold it in any longer.

T is on the fence with the love equation. Too big to let your mother love you? Sometimes. S is more like me....loves completely but often doesn't know how to show it adequately. O is my lovey boy...snugly, affectionate. J is a quicky boy. Comes for a kiss and a millisecond hug that has the feeling of "okay, that's enough of that". All give in their own ways.

And the hub....I didn't know going into marriage that love had highs and lows. I didn't know that you could love and not always like. I didn't know that love could be shown by watching football together, unloading a dishwasher without being asked, not shrinking my jeans and telling the kids to give mom some alone time. I didn't know that giving the option of "this is it...take it or leave it...." would be endearing when he chose to 'take it as it is".

To old love and new love.

Happy Valentines Day.

Feb 11, 2009

~ Sleep....where art thou? ~

So, 3:25 am....and I am awake. And I have been awake for a while now. I did start by sleeping and then was awaken by the 2 year old kicking me. Why was this child in my bed? That's a long an complicated answer starting with me allowing my babies to sleep in my bed. Short and sweet, because he was. He is a lovely boy and I am very fond of him, but he's been a terrible sleeper the last couple weeks....and mommy is getting grumpy about it. So whether he is actually to blame or it's all me, either way.....still awake.

You're thinking....I know.....TylenolPM. Always a good answer, but I find I need more than 5 to 6 hours of sleep to not feel like I'm still under it's spell the next morning. So I don't like taking it after 1-2am. And I'm way past that now....so no drug induced sleep for me.

I thought surfing would do it, usually does. Found a fab pair of boots on eBay that I'm now watching and may be wearing in the near future.

Read all of your blogs, why didn't you guys blog more....I accomplished that way too fast.

Dear CC - you're strong, amazing and confident. You will survive the Bridge. Put your big girl smile on and don't let them get into your head.

Dear LL - thank you for joining the "All the best mommies have bad, bad mommy days". We've been waiting for your enrollment for a while. Thought you'd never look us up.

Dear JL - what are you going to do with that box, it's very pretty.

Dear BJ - rather than me BJing something, can you just do it for me when you visit next week. Would really save me the frustration of sucking at it. Thanks!

So I've had a large response from my request for a Therapist. So many emails and comments with everyone interested in the position. Many had offers to help their cause of being selected. S wants $200/hr though, don't think so....nice try. T thinks it's impossible for anyone to be my therapist, that's probably true. Lets meet and go shopping while we discuss it. D thinks that camping equipment will get him the job......possibly, what do you have? A thinks that flattery will put her at the top of the list, always a good angle to take. And the list goes on. So here's a few more items to narrow down the perspective applicants.

Perspective Therapist should:

Have a wide selection of accessories that I can choose from to compliment outfits, I will be keeping selections

Have a new dessert for me to try each week. I prefer mocha flavors.

Always give me high praise for showing up at the appointment, I'm busy after all.

Not post anonymous snarky comments on my blog. It's irritating, if you don't like me....go away.

Provide small fortune for Mexico outfit shopping, cause I'm finally booked.

Don't be irritated when I pause to text on my BB. I like to do that.

Inform my children that mommies are allowed to text on BB....there isn't any age limit.

Also inform children that telling the Daddy about said texting will not get them brownie points, or even brownies. Mommy likes to text, leave mommy alone. U not the boss of me.

My kitchen is a bit of a disaster, generally all the time....a solution to that which does not involve me would be appreciated.

It snowed a little yesterday.....shovelling sites may need attention.......gotta shovel?

Someone touched the key to my treadmill, location of key would be appreciated.

Should have wide selection of lotions, dry skin irritates me. On myself, and others.

Explain why that guy with the shiny shirt on American Idol even got past the first round.

Also explain why Tatiana is still in....cause I want to slap her, repeatedly.

Provide selection of Seafood, scallops are my favorite.

Does that narrow down the field a little?

So still not tired.....how about a top 10 list.

1. There are a lot of noises in this house that I was not aware of. The fridge is especially loud. I'm going to have my MIL sleep on my couch when she comes next. Cause every time she spends time here, she finds something that isn't working properly and informs my FIL who then buys me a new one. It's a great understanding we have going on. She'll be watching the kids when we go to Mexico...I wonder if she'll notice all the sticky notes I'm going to leave on items that are not in their prime. Do you think sticky noting the whole lino floor would be obvious??

2. Retail therapy is my choice anytime I'm having a particularly frustrating life....or just having life. This past weekend there may have been an amazing red bag found....for 20% off.....I can now deal with my life for another day.

3. Driving into work today. Two vehicles in the ditch, flipped upside down. How does that happen exactly? I drive that highway a lot...never had a need to flip over into the ditch.

4. J has a little quirk....."Mom, what doing?" Losing my mind, what are you doing?

3:50....yep still not sleepy. This isn't looking good.

5. Heading over to help N with those triplets tomorrow. I thanked her the other day for having so many babies for me to love. They're pretty nice. Every time I hold a little one I wish that I could have felt more myself when I had my own. Rather than silently wishing they'd grow up faster and sleep through the night. Good thing N has so many babies, oh but wait...I'm still not sleeping through the night, or even sleeping it seems. Maybe I'll have a nap tomorrow with a blanket of babies.

6. I have this amazing stylist. She's been cutting this mop for years now...more than 10 years in fact. I have a lot of hair......A LOT. So K and I went to see her....K has the opposite of a lot of hair. She was nervous, I wasn't. My gal....she's good at her job. K now looks amazing....

7. Dinners have been a little on the boring side lately. Nothing new or daring. Which my family is actually happy about. They don't enjoy new and daring. The regulars have been on our table for a few weeks now. They love it, I'm bored with it. Menu planning tomorrow....

8. Sleep deprivation may be the cause of my less than witty comments. I may be subconsciously trying to bore myself to sleep.

9. Just heard J get out of his bed and toddle down to my room. Why can't that child stay asleep? What is he waking up for? I am not sleeping in his bed. 2 year old bed, not comfy...mommy bed, very comfy. Plus the boys have a portable heater in their room. They both sleep like they're being attacked by lions....blankets everywhere. In an effort to keep them asleep we heat up their room. However when you are semi sleeping in a two year old bed, with a 2 year old....sometimes you turn and get a nasty surprise of being too close to that little heater. I'm looking for heat and tan, but not in the shape of vents on my arm.

10. Do you think mommies of 4 should wear bikini's? I bought one for our last trip to Mexico and then chickened out. Figured what happened in Mexico stayed in Mexico.....but pride and stretch marks wouldn't allow me to wear it. There will be less of me going to Mexico this time around, pondering whether I'll have the guts. Cause let me tell you, I'd be near the top of the list for looking good. People are either very confident in their appearance, of have never owned a mirror or scale when deciding on beach apparel....or lack of apparel.

Okay, going to try sleeping again. May be back later.

Feb 9, 2009

~ When depressed....book a trip ~

So today was a pretty stellar day. Which isn't saying too much considering the past few I've had....but all in all, a great one. Items accomplished, house picked up, laundry done in ONE....that's right ONE day. Helps that I have a dryer that works now.

So you recall the shovelling that hub and I have been doing. Fortunately the snow tapered off right when we were about ready to kill ourselves. So we've actually gone a whole two weeks without having to shovel. The beauty of this contract is that you are paid whether it snows or not. Pray for no more snow. Anyway, we had said right from the start that the cashola from this little venutre was going toward a trip, for us...with no kids...back to Mexico.

May I please introduce....drum roll please.....our next trip to Mexico, which will be commencing in 38 days. Can you come, absolutely.....got the $$$$?

Feb 7, 2009

~ Therapist Wanted ~

The following are attributes that I require in a much needed therapist. If you feel you're up for the job, please let me know.




Good Looking

Not prone to eye rolling

Or act shocked

Or judgemental

Willing to always take my side

Take my point as law

Congratulate me on all good decisions

Keep quiet about my bad decisions

Help me rationalize my behavior

Have a candy drawer

Have an 'in' at Bath & Body Works, and get me a discount

Compliment my style

Ask "Wow, who does your hair"

Not jerk awake after a particularly long session of me venting

Not show me their kids - because I don't care

Incessantly ask about my children and comment how beautiful they are

Ask about all the places I've travelled, and pay for my next trip

Always pay for lunch

Always go where I want to go, for lunch

Give me Costco gift cards

Oh, and listen to my struggles.

Applications are being accepted now.