Jul 25, 2008

~ Little Man ~

Two posts in one day.....even in one hour! Oh, the insanity.

J has been terrible the last couple weeks. What happened to my nice boy. He was so nice, easy going, happy and fun. Now he's nearly two and he's whiny, clingy and driving me to the bat cage.

In an attempt to remember my abounding love for this child, may I present this photo.

So it would seem that he's simply making a funny face. BJ took these pictures amoung many others. But what you don't know.....he's making this face because he's being held in that tree by the back of his pants....by his father behind him. Thus the front weggie.

~ Summer Shooters ~

No, I have not taken up drinking.....tempting. No, I have not bought a bar, imagine the karaoke. No I have not hired Chip n' Dale Dancers....oh the fun D and I would have with that.....DD, can you imagine!! Oh, and if we added JL to the mix.....wow! No I have not turned to 'offing' people....but I do have a list.

Simply, the summer seems to be shooting by.

Last summer dragged....on and on and on. J was too little to be out a tonne, I was working a lot and got caught up in that quite often. It just seemed to drag. I dreaded the 8 weeks of my children being home. The non-stop fighting, bickering, teasing.....oh the agony.

Now, not to say that this summer has not involved bickering, teasing and general agony....it has. But it's almost the end of July and we're all still breathing. What's the difference?

For one, we're busy. Busy doing stuff. We have home days and fun days....well we have home fighting days and out of the home fighting days. Mr. T (are you picturing the mohawk and bling?...not him, my son) is in a particularily extreme phase of teasing. 11 yr old boys are pro's at getting their 8 yr old sister to scream and freak out from the non-stop teasing. He should write a book, we could be rich.

It also helps that one whole week was camping, another whole week was basketball camp, this week was catch up with home and work. Next week B is off and we've got lots planned. The next week is a little more camping, and MRI and Cirque de Soliel. The next week is more camping, then the next week B has off again, then the next week school starts. That's it, summer wrapped in a nice little package...maybe with a bow even.

So summer has come in a shooter this year. How is your summer wrapped up?

Jul 21, 2008

~ Back on track...literally ~

The first day back at running was this morning. Man....has my body fallen by the way side and picked up some pounds while waiting. Little stress, k lot of stress....lot of work....sleep depriviation and health concerns lead to weight gain and out of shapeness....crapola.

So it was time to hit the training again. Small glitch....four children. Solution - elementary school. There is an elementary school in town that has two new parks and a 1/4 mile track in the same field. The kids played, I ran.....perfect! Oh, except for the wheezing lady that could barely make it past one full round of the track without dying.... aka Me! But it's a start and a start is all it takes.

Plan of attack this time....no weigh ins. I'm not going to weigh myself. I'm going to train for a few months....or forever and when I'm happy...or at least satifisied with my progress size wise, then I'll see how much that size weighs on me. I hate the disappointment that the numbers game plays with your head. You can be getting smaller but the scale won't say so. So fine.....the scale no longer gets a say in my success.

Jul 17, 2008

~ Catch up ~

So it's been forever since I posted, a lot has been going on.

First off.....the head. It's still on top of my shoulders. It has been looked at by the Neurologist who agreed, it is definately attached to my shoulders. He also felt that we should still shine a light up to it and see inside, he didn't think there would be anything in there (ha ha)....but we'll see.

I've been feeling better, but that was last week when I was camping...mostly stress free.

This week we're back home with the stress and I'm feeling it again, stupid stress.

Basketball Camp - that has been our week. S in the morning, T in the afternoon. It has taken over my life driving them back and forth. But they've had fun, so it was worth it.

The other two little men, they've just been driving me crazy.

I'm told I talk too much (what??!!?!) and don't put enough pictures on the blog.

So fine.....no witty comments for you...just pictures of the pack.

I have no idea 1... why he's wearing his sisters head band.... and 2....why he feels it necassary to make this face. Apparantly this is smiling, I think there may be something in our water.

Mr. DJ at D&E's wedding.

Everything has to be a super model pose when you're 8.

T had a year end "come and listen to what we've learned on guitar in music class this year"

Here's what they learned....it's very short, sorry. I was fighting two little brothers while trying to be supportive to the older brother and record it all for posterity. There's two because I had to keep stopping as I was being attacked by J who wanted to hold the camera.....save me from my life!!