Jan 30, 2009

~ What a Week! ~

Why is it that so many many aspects of one girls life can collide in a single week. Wow.

Stress has not been my friend this week. It's fought against me, robbed me of sleep and caused a slightly upset stomach that has led to 6 pounds lost. That's right....it was that kind of week. I run like a 7 yr old boy from a pack of girls and see maybe 1 pound a month. But this week....6 pounds. However, I've decided it's not the recommended way to get the jeans to fit. So if this post is rambling and disconnected, less than thought provoking and slightly confusing....well go away then. Oh, and I'm a bit grumpy. Just FYI.

1. We were supposed to fly with my brother today. He's training to be a pilot so I can travel the world. I know that was his top priority when he decided on this long and expensive school process. "What can I go into that will benefit T the most". It's what all people should think when making major decisions in their life. But it was really windy last night, and though I thought that it had died down enough this morning....he says the gusts are the problem.

2. I find that gusts are the problem in many aspects. Going along all nice and steady and then swept off your feet for no reason. Don't know where that came from, why it knocked me over....but here I am picking myself up and hoping that I'm stronger for the next gust.

3. Did you ever go to EFY? For those of you not knowing what that is...well skip this cause I don't have the energy to explain. Did you go? I went twice. Once with J....remember reading the ingredients of toothpaste J?....so fun. How many times can two girls lock themselves out of a room. Then again a couple years later. Wasn't as great the second time. Expectations were to high from having such an amazing run the first time around. Anyway, it's EFY registration time around here again. My boy isn't old enough yet, but do I ever remember how life changing it was. How fun, how great.....how many boys. Yes, EFY.

4. It's funny now to talk to current friends and find out they were at the same events as I was growing up. How come people cross your life at the time they do, rather than earlier. A question on my list of questions. Even hub. Lived close our whole lives, have grandparents that lived a block apart in a very....very small town...never met. Guess the time wasn't right. Who decides when the time is right? Another question to ponder.

5. Brother is returning to China. He's been there for 6 years. Come home for six months and he's going back. I guess we're too white and fat for him. That's what he said to us the first time coming back from there. How come you guys are so fat? Well.....nice to see you too. He realized later that we're not fat, we're Canadian. Eat a little beef and potatoes in China buddy. Anyway, he's returning. I'm jealous. Love the hub, but when you get married young you miss out on some life adventures. I'll still have those adventures later, but to be young and no ties....and because I am constantly sick with a travel bug. I want to go to China. He'll be there a while, hopefully we will visit.

6. Got those new runners I was hoping for at Christmas. Mizuno's...never heard of them. But I guess they're what I need. High arches, duck walk, thin feet. Wasn't the most self esteem provoking assessment.

Nice man: "Stand there, bend your legs and let me watch how your feet support you...has anyone ever told you you're a bit duck footed".

ME: " Has anyone ever told you that you have a big head?"

Anyway, new shoes. So light, great support. I also have fancy socks now. No more sweaty feet for me. I know....thank you for the visual. Glad to accommodate.

7. Proposed to this week. Sitting at breakfast minding my own business. Get a sly little smile from a boy....

O: "Mom will you marry me?"

Mom: "Yes, O...I will"

O: "Oh wait, you can't....cause of dad"

Mom: "Ya, that dad messes up my best plans"

Mom: "Can I be your girlfriend?"

O: Hiding his embarrassed grin and only two shiny eyes showing over his arms...." Okay"

Love that boy.

8. Woke up this morning to find a note on my side table from a little girl at my house.

"Dear Mom....I'm eating pizza downstairs. But I have a plate and a cloth, so I won't make a mess...and I'll put it in the dishwasher when I'm done...Promise."

I find that boys don't write little notes like this....just an observation on my part.

9. Trying to convince my friend that they should go on a trip with us. You know....be our travel friends. They fit all the criteria. We'll stay close to the America's in case we're attacked, we'll take extra mace and machine guns and have the boys patrol the beach. I can get you your own CIA...WCB...NSA...whatever you want.....she's resisting my attempts. Something about new teeth.

10. Finished ready The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Interesting. A view of the Holocaust from the perspective of a nine year old boy. Thought provoking, a movie now too I guess....

Jan 26, 2009

~ Child Labor ~

We've had charts, stickers, buttons, spinning wheels. There have been rewards, prizes, incentives and punishments. There has been raised voices, begging, pleading and bribery. Rotating jobs, choosing from the list, picking from the jar... you name it, we've tried it to get our kids to help out around here. There have been many successes, and many failures. Lately the house has been falling into disarray as the mother is having a stressful life. At dinner time a conversation was had, wherein I simply let the kids know that mom is having hard time keeping up with everything. So they need to help more. That's it. Simple as that. We increased their usual daily chore list, added a few that mom was doing, and they rotate each week. Why didn't I think of this before. Calm and rational....huh.

I've been asked before what I expect the kids to do around the house. What is considered age appropriate. I figure any child can do any chore, so long as your expectations aren't too high. But here's our weekly list.

Each child is in charge of regular pick up of their room and winter paraphernalia.

There are two lists on the fridge that the two oldest rotate each week.

One says:

Unload Dishwasher

Clear Table


Family Room

The other:

Set Table

Load Dishwasher

Sweep Floor


In the case of laundry, the child does not actually DO the laundry....(oh, I wish) but helps with what is needed. Changing a load or sorting a clean load. One additional new job has been that the two oldest are now folding their own laundry. I'll wash it and sort it out. Then they find a heap of clean clothes on their bed. They fold it and put away. It's not much for them, but a huge difference in the amount of laundry I fold.

So there you have it. Child Labor at it's best.

As you can imagine they are very happy with this situation and spend their days singing and skipping.

Jan 24, 2009

~ Oh the Drama....~

I forgot that when I blog, the drama begins. Recognize a joke when you read one.

Except for Anonymous #1, who I know is JL....he can just cry in a corner from the unbelievable confusion that he experiences everyday of his existence. : )

Jan 23, 2009

~ Monkey see.....Monkey Do...~

I've been informed, in response to my Foreplay post, by the husbands of my friends....that training a husband is much like training a monkey. My own husband doesn't have an opinion here, cause he doesn't read my blog. He gets enough of this chatter at home. (whatever)

Provide the right incentive and they'll do anything.

However, remove this incentive and they wander around aimlessly.

The information provided by said husbands indicated that they are very happy to do the following.

~Wash Dishes

~Fold Laundry


~Wash Children

~Remove Garbage

~Wash Floors


~Various household repairs

~Encourage children to clean

~Encourage children to be silent

~Encourage children to not bother, look at or irritate their mother

~Grocery shop - with a specific list that provides brand, price and location in the store.

~Grocery shop and not add 5 bags of chips to the list

~Allow regular 'girls night'

~Watch chick flicks and not roll their eyes

~Allow an appreciation of the DNA combination of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Gerard Butler, Simon Baker and Patrick Dempsey....among others.

~Surrender the remote.

~ Give up 90% of the PVR space

~ Allow lengthy 'me' times

And well the list could really go for an eternity, but you get the point.

Said husbands say that all this is available to us, and more.....for one small reward.

I don't think I need to spell that one out.

However, though this seems to be an easy calculation of demand and supply (not the other way around) may I suggest that there are far more perks than these husbands are considering. Maybe they could put the desired reward lower on the list...as I have a list of sparkly rewards that are also available to them....should they continue to provide items (all items) from above.

~ Allowed to live here

~ Allowed to eat here

~ Allowed to sleep here

~ Allowed to be bossed around here

~ Allowed to be outfit analyzed here

All good things that make their lives full, complete and worth waking up each morning.

Jan 22, 2009

~ Belated Birthday ~

S reminded me that I didn't post any birthday adventures. There weren't many adventures. I'm 34, and not afraid to say it. Well, a little afraid to say it cause 40 ain't lookin' so bad now.

Birthday festivities began with cleaning the office. Fun...I know. The office in our house is a large bedroom in the basement that currently holds six computers. Why? Well hub has always been very protective of 'his' computer. When we had one computer is was a fight all the time over whether the kids could play on it, cause he didn't like them downloading crap. Then when I started working more and needed more time, I got my own computer. And over the years as we've upgraded or hubs work has upgraded computers we've accumulated more and more. I have my current computer and two unplugged ones under my desk. I'm supposed to be clearing off anything pictures or digital scrapbooking or whatever off these so that we can get rid of them or give them away. Cause I have so much free time. Anyway....office. I spend a lot of time in here....my treadmill is also in the office. It's a big room. So it gets messy.

This isn't actually my office, but anyone that has been in here can tell you that it's not far off. So......birthday morning hub and I cleaned the office. It took a while. Then there was laundry and house cleaning because the MIL was coming to watch the kids so we could go out. Then, we actually went out. Like right out of the house dressed up and makeup on. We were headed to dinner with the fam. But first Costco cause I had a list and it's my birthday so we get to go to Costco if I want to.

Gifts. Not many. The wireless card from hub, and a new big....BIG monitor for my work computer. $$$ from the mom and MIL. And then there was this little gift from K&C.

Earlier in the month K gave me a new Brita filter. Not as a gift to me but as a gift to her. She had been to my house to eat once, and our Brita didn't have a lid because we'd put it in the dishwasher and it got warped. Still worked though, so no need to waste. She was irritated by this and bought me a new one. She has OCD....Brita OCD. So lovely, we have a pretty new Brita. Then this is what I get for my birthday. You think....oh nice, completing the gits. No no. I was asked a while back if I had a filter and whether it was turned on. You remember, the filter in my head. K&C have decided my filter must be broken because I often shock them with what comes out of my mouth. So they gave me new filters......ha ha ha (and not funny ha ha, sarcastic ha ha).

Both of your birthdays are coming , I'll think of something......beware!

That was the birthday, not very entertaining. And turning 34, also not very entertaining. Especially when I watch Oprah and she says that soon I'll need Bio Identical Hormones cause I'm getting so old. Nice.

Jan 21, 2009

~ I'm Back ~

I didn't go anywhere, just been so busy that I haven't had a moment to catch you up on my 'oh so exciting life'. I find that when I don't have time to blog, I make blog enteries in my head. I know, I'm such a loser (quiet Mr. C). So I'll be driving and making up witty and amazing (to me) entires about this and that.

So here are some of them, presented in the ever popular top 10.

1. Mr. O comes up to the kitchen the other evening while I'm making dinner.

O: Hi mom.

Mom: Hey Bud.
O: You know what I need to do mom.
Mom: What?
O: Meditate.
Mom: stunned silence.
O: promptly sits on the kitchen floor, takes a while to figure out the crossed leg thing, palms up on his knees..... hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

2. Dear Hub,

The following are not considered foreplay.

a) Giving me a sidelong glance and saying in a Joey voice "How you doin?"

b) Racing into our bedroom on a sunday afternoon while I'm finally having some quiet time while reading, lock the door and announce that 'the kids are all busy playing wii', and look at me expectantly.

c) Announcing that you don't think I should take your truck out to my rural client, even though you know it's really rough on my van, cause you just washed your truck and you think I'll get it dirty. Ya, that one does nothing for your popularity level with me.

The following are considered foreplay.

a) washing the dishes yourself

b) folding laundry

c) removing the children from the house, and you go with them

d) doing all of these in one day, man you're gonna be lucky. However doing one everyday and expecting that the results will be the same is a vast miscalculation on your part. All must be completed in one day or they are not counted toward your luckiness.

3. I've been making a Pro's and Con's list in my head this week regarding my job. This is occurring because it's very crazy at the moment and I've been working a lot.

So here are my list so far.

Me continuing to work at the current rate of exhaustion.


Finances are not a problem.

The only Debt is our house.

Savings accounts are accumulating.

Trips are being planned and saved for.

No real need for anything.

Food storage is building.

Fridge and cupboards are full.

Kids have everything they need, and more.

Have every electronic known to man.

Considering a new vehicle that will pull my trailer.

Trailer is paid for in less than a year.


House is nearly always in a state of messiness.

Mother is at her wits end most of the time.

Children think that the mother has actually lost her mind this time.

Phone, fax and email are constantly alerting me.

Husband is using every trick at his disposal to get 'my attention', most (all) are not working.

Laundry gets washed but often not folded or put away.

Meals are not that interesting of late. Kraft dinner has been used (gasp)

Though stressed mother has been able to get running done, stress is causing weight gain.

Appointments have been arrived at late ( I hate that)

Blogging has not been consistent.

Tired, tired mommy.

So what do you think? Worth the stress and strain to not have the other stress and stra,p.in of financial worries?

Still weighing both sides.

4. It would seem I'm having an affair. I've just found out. I was in a Ward Conference last week fulfilling my Stk Calling, which is basically show up at stuff and do nothing. Look good, maybe. So my main man is there. I may have mentioned to him that I would be attending, so that he could make sure and be there. I didn't see him when I first sat down, cause I was a little late. (See #3). But when I found him, he wasn't lost, he was on the bench in front of me. So I get up in the middle of the meeting and plop myself down beside him. I may have also snuggled right up to him and put my arm through his for extra snuggliness. Now this guy and I have tonnes of history. Not love history (he wishes)...but we've been friends forever. In fact, I think except for B who I went to kindergarten with...I've been friends with him the longest. Anyway, it would seem that from behind when I got all snuggly and arm woundy...it looked like we were holding hands. Whatever. First of all, if I was going to put the moves on this guy (he's smiling) I don't think I would choose a VERY public area full of people that have known me since childhood. Just sayin'. And second of all, if I did put the moves on this guy...he'd die from shock. I told Hub about this when I heard that I was having an affair with D. He laughed. He knows about D.

5. As I lay here catching up on some long neglected blogging...the J man is here with me....watching Backyardigans. I hate Backyardigans. Are they Dinosaurs? Clay people/animals? Why don't some have noses? And why the h*ll do they have to sing everything? The main theme especially makes me want to......cause you can't have the whole wide world in your backyard to explore. And they are not my friends, the Backyardigans.

6. Bought beach towels at Costco today. Yipppeee. Summer will come. I know it will. It has never failed me yet. Each year it arrives and I spend actual time with my children. And now that we have our trailer....oh the places we'll go. But probably not the same places that Dr. Suess went. Cause that guy had a strange and wonderful mind. But he definately just made up words so that everything rhymed. I should speak in ryhm. How do you spell ryhm? Anyho, beach towels.

7. Dear American Idol,

I was never a fan of your first 6 seasons. I thought it was dumb. Mostly because I didn't tune in from the beginning to see the really stupid people that thought they could sing. Like who told these people that they could sing, or dress, or were good looking in any way? Their mothers? Cause I'm not a mother like that. Children walk out in self chosen outfits that are not well done, I let them know. I'm a good mother, I'm saving them from ridicule at school. So I think that the mothers of these people are bad...bad mothers. OR, they are wonderful cruel mothers who tell their children that they are pretty and talented and well dressed, just so they'll try out for American Idol and wait with a kabillion other people for their 30 seconds of fame. And their mother is laughing on her couch because they are soooooo bad, and they look bad too. Nice.

I did enjoy the writers strike of 2008 the forced me to find something....anything to watch in my de-compress from my life time at night. And during such searching I tuned in and discovered the beauty of David Cook. Thanks American Idol for the sweet re-mixes he did of popular songs. Billy Jean was my favorite.

Series recording - American Idol.

8. Dogs fart and snore.

I found this out while at my Wednesday night client. They're out on an acreage just outside my town. They have two beautiful big black labs. The sweetest canine's that I know. I don't know many, but these two are at the top. Anyway. They're maxin some relaxin at my feet...not on my feet cause they're huge and that would cause numbness. Anyway, smelly and noisy. Like old men.

9. Okay, J man is still here and the program has changed. What kind of names are Toopy and Binno? Did someone think up these names while they were intoxicated? Cause those aren't real names. And what is Binno anyway? A cat? Then why are his ears so small....and how come he doesn't talk. And why does Toopy talk so much. ( I don't know anyone that talks too much)

10. I was also informed today that I sound like I'm a child. I know you think I got that wrong and I was told I act like a child. No.....mistaken. Talk like one. My new Crackberry....I seem to sound younger when I use it. Are there any advantages to sounding like an 8 year old on the phone.....?? N asked if my mom was there, and Hub asked why S was answering my cell phone. Both cases I answered the phone. I'll try to rememer to use my big girl voice next time.

Jan 19, 2009

~ Books ~

I know that the sidebar says that I've been reading The Wednesday Sisters. I will read it, I intend to read it next. But in the meantime I've read these two.

The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond

This is an intense story of the power of love and the depth of loss. A bit slow in parts, but worth the read.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

An old man looking back at his life in the circus. A story of survival and power of love. However, warning of some descriptive parts and occassions. Only two occurrances, but still a small warning.

Jan 16, 2009

~ One week Down ~

(I composed this post last week, and had inteneded to add my ever popular list of 10 points to ponder. However I didn't get it done. So here's the post, sans 10 points.)

One week down in 2009, only 51 more to go. It's been a crazy week. My resolve to give more time to me has failed, again. My time has been spent taking down Christmas, which still is not completely done, getting the kids back onto their schedules, running (that's a point for me), working and playing with my new gadgets.

Okay, I guess playing with new gadgets can count as 'me time'.

My cell plan is renewing March, but in a play to keep my business my provider sent me a letter offering me a 'golden opportunity' to get a free phone. This is ideal timing as it seems I have lost my other phone. I thought it was buried in the depths of my family assault vehicle, but I've looked and can't find it. And it's dead, so I can't call it either. Luckily I have a work cell that people have been using, but I don't like that phone. So.....got a new phone. And it's fancy, and I don't really know how to use it....


I know what you're thinking, if you already have way too many people calling, texting and emailing you...why would you get the mother of all mobile communication tools? Well that's a simple answer, I'm a techno geek. I love electronics. Also on my list of new gadgets is this....a B-Day gift from hub.Again, I know what you're thinking...."Wow, that guy goes all out!!.....???"

It's what I wanted though. This little babey allows me to lay in my bed at night and surf, blog and email to my hearts content. I have an old laptop, but it's still chugging so this is the kind of wireless connection I need. So between the laptop and Blackberry, basically my family will never see me again.

In fact, I'm such a bad mother than after reading a story to Mr O last night...I'm laying in the dark waiting for him to fall asleep....while playing on my Blackberry.

O: "Mom I can't sleep with that light shining on me"

Me: "Close your eyes and you won't see it."

I know, mother of the year award.

Jan 15, 2009

~ Hello??!! ~

Anybody home?!

I'm alive, will catch up soon with tonnes of lovely morsels for your reading delight.

Jan 6, 2009

~ Family of Four - Plus a Few More ~

Something I've been working on ....it's not finished, and will continually change. But it's up and running...take a look.

~ Beach Babe Bootcamp ~

Time for a new Challenge. I don't know about all of you, but the exercise routine, regime and effort went seriously down the pooper over the holidays. So I start again, again. Have run two days this week. Today is the six month mark until the City Chase. I want to be running 10km by then. It's a long road to that. So as I train, you all should join along. Oh, and today is my brother's birthday as well (Halla Dev)

First of all, the finale of 10lbs in 100 Days. As promised a copy of The Last Concubine by Lesley Downer is up for grabs. Leave a comment if you were able to lose all 10lbs. I was not. I only lost 7. So I lose. But fortunately I've already read this book.

And for those of you that participated in the challenge but weren't able to take off the full 10lbs, leave a comment and you'll be entered to win a Bath & Body Works Body Cream. I happened to be at said lovely place this past weekend, and I stocked up.

So new challenge. Pick your punishment of choice. Mine will be running. Each week increase your intensity, even if only be a few minutes, a little more weight, a little more speed...whatever. I have goals of 10km race, looking fabio on the beach this summer, and being asked to host Alberta's Next Top Model. Or maybe just run the 10km endurance.

Each week check in with your successes, failures and general sweatiness.

Before you start make sure to record your measurements. This time around it won't be about the pounds lost. Cause let's face it, some are able to lose faster than others. This time it will be based on percentage of weight lost. I'll give youa formula soon to calculate that. But not tonight, my brain is not working that effectively. You'll still need to weigh every week. Record on a little chart. Mine measures waist, hips, legs, arms and total weight.

Good Luck & Get Moving!

Jan 4, 2009

~ Lurking Unleashed ~

I lurk a lot. I read your blogs, enjoy them...but don't give you the credit of my laughter. My 'favorite blogs' list is lacking. So may I present, the list of blogs I read regularly. My lurking is unveiled.

Blog Pouwer - my Sister

Fabulous Me - cousin

Art @ Heart- cousin

A Day in the Life of the Halls - my BFF who needs to set a resolution to blog more!!

Book Addiction - favorite book review site

The Prepchuks - A's Sister

Caballero - J's Sister

Clever Girl goes Blog - a site I followed from CC. Fun!

The Triplets are Here - my friend N

What is all Looks like - a guy I don't know who takes amazing pictures.

One Tree - Brown Eyed Girl cousin

The Nelson Family - friend and hubs cousin

Once Upon a Wissler - Fabulous Me friend - Private Blog

So there you go. These are my regulars. Hope you find a new great blog to follow and enjoy. If you have a blog, send me the link. I'm always looking to add to my list of daily enjoyment.