Jun 25, 2009

~ Occupational Health & Safety Part 2~

The 3 day course is complete, and it was thought provoking. For one, this particular position is open and needed at the company I am currently employed. The question is, do I want the job? It's generally a boy job. Doesn't have to be a boy job, it just usually is. That isn't a deterent for me...I'm not afraid of boys...but it does cause a bit of concern. Can a cute girl like me (people tell me I'm cute, I'm still deciding) be taken seriously in a traditionally boy job. Cause it's not just an office job, it would be "put on the steel toe boot and hard hat and check out the work site" job.

Today we learned about Hazard Assessments, Emergency Prepardness Policies, Investigating Incidents, and Record Keeping. Are you sleeping yet? It may have been slightly more interesting if I wasn't on day 3, and hadn't been driving out to Drumheller and back every morning and afternoon. So I was pretty checked out. Looking to exit the building as soon as possible.

Still pondering the career change. I'm interested, but intimidated. Will keep you posted.

In further news, I am the owner of a big SUV. I know, you're shaking your head thinking...."In today's economy?!!" It's a weekend vehicle. I needed the space for kidlets and the towing capacity. Got a decent deal, from a really nice guy who didn't try and talk over my head, or run a fast one by me just because of my gender. I was grateful for the respect I felt and how smoothly it all came together.

Other than that, life is complicated as usual...

Was it really windy today, or just me!!

Jun 23, 2009

~ Occupational Health & Safety ~

That's a lot to digest in one sentence....Occupational Health & Safety...imagine what the training course is like. The 3 day training course. I'm only one day into it...and my brain is swimming with way too much information. PLUS, I didn't know that's what this course was going to be. I was led to believe is was something different. But it's okay, I kept up, I'm a smart girl. So if your company needs a safety program created, implemented, maintain and re-enforced, I just took the first steps toward that. I'm not sure if these talents are what I needed. I wasn't seeking them out...but I could be good at it.

First of all, you have to be bossy. HELLO!!!! I'm the queen of that.

Next, you need to like details. Well....I like some details, if they pertain to me, and if they're easy to accomplish...and if they involved shopping. But okay, I can live with details.

Further more, you require computer and analytical skills. A-okay...and I can over analyze anything, anytime.

Finally, you need to be "one of the boys". Now, I'm not a boy...never have claimed to be...and if I am, then I should come out of the closet because I really like to accessorise. But I can hold my own with them, as I've found out lately....so thumbs up...can do that to.

The question remains, do I want to be a Occupational Health & Safety professional.

Jury is still out.

Jun 8, 2009

~ City Chase ~

Big race has arrived. Remember that I was talking about City Chase about 6 months ago. Remember how I was also saying what fantasic shape I was going to be in, running 10km distance and other such nonsense. Well...the race came, that's all I can claim that was accomplished.

So Devon (my brother for those of you that are not in the know) and I are a team....along with 500 other teams of two.

We, of course, are the most rockin' team. Partly for our good looks and humor, but mostly cause we're just darn excited to be there. No notice the lady behind us wearing a toque. That would be because it was stinkin' cold. Last weekend, in fact all this week....20-24 degree weather. Day of our race....high of 5 with snow, rain and hail. Lovely. Whatever, didn't dampen our spirits any. Though you can't always tell with Devon if his spirits are dampened of if he's out of control excited. He's sort of neutral all the time. Me, on the other hand.....

And forgive the quality of the pictures, they were taken with my Blackberry. Which was appropriate considering they were a major sponsor of this event.

If you aren't familiar with City Chase. It's like The Amazing Race. And if you aren't familiar with The Amazing Race....what rock have you been living under?!!?!?

The basic object of the race is to complete 10 of 30 chase points in less than 6 hours.

So we meet at Eau Claire and listen to a bunch of corporate stuff from the guy. Then he tells us there are 10 volunteers with 60 sheets each on Princess Island. Which is not that far away, however 1000 people are trying to all get to the same place. We finally get a clue sheet, and then the strategizing begins. 30 clues. Not 30 destinations...but clues you have to decipher to figure out the destination. Then you need to get an address if you don't know where it is...which can be anywhere in the city. Then you have to get there. The clincher is....you can only use city transit or your legs.

First clue leads us to Stronghold Climging Centre, which is a fair jont from Princess Island. We ran that leg. Dev climbs and I figure out a list of street names and the cities they are located.

Second clue leads to Peter's where we need to find two people to sing a song with us. These two poor fellows were accosted in the drive thru line.

You'd think this was pretty easy. But we didn't get to pick our song. As Sirius Radio is also a sponsor, we had to flip through songs until we found one that we could sing along to for one minute. And because Mitsubishi is also a sponsor, we had to sit in the car to do it. Wasn't too hard.
Third Clue led to Jim's Archery....where we rocked the bull eye and kicked it out of there in about 10 minutes.

Clue Four - Cycle Works where I drove the ATV and Dev pushed the frisbee on the ground with a broom. This picture isn't of us....but I can't drive and shoot at the same time....sheesh.

Clue Five was to Fort Calgary. Bus ride and then a solid run to get there. First task was Dev wearing a helmet with a bucket on the top. I had to throw the hackey sack. Every success meant he moved back farther. Second part was stilts. I was very graceful.....

Clue Six was a bus ride to Pearce Estate Park for Highlander obstacle course and tire lifting. 130 pound tires.....seriously.

Clue Seven was also in Peace Estate for orienteering to solve a clue. Didn't get pictures of these, can't always stop to snap a shot. It's a race after all.

Clue Eight was a bus ride back on 9Ave to the Tea Trader where we had to use their Blackberries and find clues along the street. Take a picture which was verified by their add on program.

Clue Nine - bus ride back downtown then a good walk to find Hotel Arts. Had to copy the fancy table setting....this is a bad picture...whatever. It would also seem that Devon becomes possessed by table settings....what's with the eyes??!
Then Clue Ten - climb Calgary Tower. Dev went up, I went down. You'd think down would be easier....and it is a bit...but my knees are killing. Here's the view from the top.
Then run back to Eau Claire and finish before the time limit. Which was really our only goal. Finishe before they close the course. The big wig fancy guys that win do it in 3 hours or something crazy. Dev and I took 5.75 hours. But we finished. We were team 124 out of 500. So we still kicked some hinney.
A great day. Look for City Chase in your town. It's a bit pricey...about $150 for a team. But for a good cause, and for sure a fun time.
We'll be entering next year...a couple different cities too.

Jun 4, 2009

~ Profound Apologies ~

I haven't posted, in like...a super long time. There's plenty going on...lots of people I run into that I have comments, questions or general critiquing on their outfit. General bits of information and knowledge to pass on to all of you that (don't) care. But no...I haven't blogged.

So, new job. I have a big girl job now. I've always had some sort of job...but it's always been my own company and I work when I want and make all the rules and be bossy.... that sounds vaguely familiar to other parts of my life.

Anyway, due to life changes I needed to take a real job. So I began the search.

It seems that many companies like to post fake jobs. Like they're being a trickster. Cause I have marketable skills...and experience...and I'm cute to boot. But it seems that no companies want a hard working, smart, dedicated, outgoing, friendly girl on their payroll. Cause they certainly weren't beating down my door with calls and offers. There are even jobs that I know I'd be really great at....so what that my resume doesn't exactly reflect that, I KNOW! So after a few weeks of looking while I was finishing out a contract, I heard nothing. Frustrating. So I did the unthinkable...sent an email to a contact. This is a guy I've worked with before, who's always wanted me to work for him more consistently. He runs a decent company, with actual desks and phones...that wasn't the case when I worked with him before. So I send the email, I hesitantly send the email. I knew he'd take me on, give me the salary I request....that wasn't the problem. The problem is that I also know that he's a big talker and will over estimate the amount of work available.

So here's the dilemma....feel free to provide comments and suggestions.

Do you;

1. Work a job that is fairly boring, that allows you time to blog, and web surf and txt your friends...and talk on facebook. Also allows for relative flexibility in the work day...can take off early if you need. No one is watching me punch in...in fact I'm usually in the office a good hour before anyone else starts showing up. Has the possibility of getting more exciting, and taking on more responsibility....and also pays the salary I requested. Has decent people on staff, no body to specifically blog about yet, but I'm sure that will happen.


2. Work a job you love...that's challenging and stressful and makes you put your whole self into it everyday. Doesn't pay all that well...and you definitely have to stay until the last minute everyday. Doesn't allow for any personal stuff, cause you're way to over loaded with responsibility. Has people on staff you can't stand, tonnes of office politics and a guy that doesn't shower regularly.

Okay, that may have been a little exaggerated...but you see my point.

What would you do?

Now, keep in mind that I don't have a job that I think I would love being offered. It's all hypothetical. And I am currently working the boring job...and won't quit without another secure offer...but just wondering...
But let's face it, the best part about working an office job. The wardrobe. If I have to dress up everyday, I need new clothes. I have work stuff, and it's all decent. But hey, I don't always need a good reason for new clothes....but if there actually is a reason....hello shopping.

Kids - I have some. Took the Miss and her two tag along boys to Horseshoe Canyon last week. This is a place just outside Drumheller where 'the dinosaurs used to live'. Or that's what they say. Really it's a big gully that has cool mounds of dirt in it. The idea was that we'd go down into the gully and climb around and have fun. Um.....no.

First of all, I may have underestimated how steep that climb down would be. And overestimated the capabilities of said kids. Also may have not thought thru the the footwear choices. Flip flops and crocs are not good for hiking....it would seem. AND, may have also not thought about the fact that Mr. J - who is a solid boy - wouldn't want to walk and I'd have to carry him.

So Horseshoe Canyon didn't work.

Only minutes from Drumheller where 'the dinosaurs live'. So we headed off to see the biggest dinosaur in the world. I don't have a lot of other dinosaurs to compare this bad boy to, but he's pretty big. And the J man in particular was pretty impressed with him. Like, stand in the middle of the parking lot looking way up...mesmerized by the size and not noticing the SUV inching forward and ready to honk at him....impressed.

"Big dinor mom....big"

Yep, big.

I redeemed myself with the massive dinosaur, and the ice cream cone. I'm always amazed by the sheer mess that can be cause by an ice cream cone. It's yummy...just eat it. Don't get the rim of your hat in it, or have pieces fall off onto the seat belt. How are there even pieces...it's soft serve, it all comes out in a continual stream. Lick around the bottom. This is an around the world known fact. If you're eating a soft ice cream cone, you have to 'clean it up'. Now I am slightly thankful that tag along boys don't know this trick yet, more ice cream for me. So ice cream was good for morale, bad for mess.

Finally, the sticky boy clean up. How much ice cream is really on one of those? Maybe 5-6 ounces? Then how do two 35 pound boys get covered in it. I saw them eating it, watched it go in their mouths...and yet it seemed that they had painted it on themselves.

Bath time.

I enjoy a bath. Calm, soothing...down time. All good. Bubbles are always necessary. However I have never felt the need to pile the bubbles on my head. Or make a beard out of them. This must be a boy thing. Trying to anticipate what facial hair will look like on them. Or maybe what a top hat would do for an outfit. And for sure.....FOR SURE...I don't have a need to drink the water. HELLO....what parts of you are in that water???!?!? Just sayin'