Aug 27, 2009

~ Check In ~

Fitness check in day, a day late as usual.

This week was better. After a week of no works outs at all...I got back into it, but not all out....well, sort of all out. Did the arms and shoulder work out on P90X....freak!! Total of 93 push ups for this chick. Woosy girly push ups cause I have no upper body strength...but still.

How are you guys doing?

Work outs this week: 3
Inches lost: 0.5
Goal Inches: 3
Diet this week: pretty good
Activity Level: also...pretty darn good.
Muscles: ouch

Aug 23, 2009

~ It's a Girl ~

Never underestimate the power of pink balloons, dart guns, bad food and a good laugh. I hoped it strengthened you for another day.

Love you buddy...


Aug 20, 2009

~ Check In ~

Maybe the check in day should be Thursday....I seem to always forget on Wednesday.

So...I hope you're doing better than me. And if you worked out even once, you're better than me. What a crazy week!

I will give myself points for eating pretty well. So that's gotta count for somethin'

But zero points for anything else....cause I did nothining else.

Keep at it, stay motivated...I'll jump back on the wagon.

Aug 13, 2009

~ P90X Week 1 ~

How was your first week of work outs?

Mine started strong with three in a row...then took the plunge....better next week.

Been watching portions and what goes in my mouth, so that's good.

Work outs this week: 3
Inches lost: 0.5
Goal Inches: 3
Diet this week: pretty good

Aug 11, 2009

~ Processing ~

Have you ever had events happen in your life, so quickly, that you needed time to process. That's me the past couple days. As all know, my current job is not quite fulfilling my needs. Financially it's okay, but intellectually....well, have you noticed I blog more?

So I'm always scouring the ads for a better situation. Applying for jobs that I think are amazing and that I would rock to the curb. I've rarely heard back from any. I choose to think that it's due to the high unemployment rate, rather than to my lack of marketable skills. I'm a darn great catch, how come no one seems to realize?

Well....tables have turned boys and girls. Applied for a job on Friday, reluctantly I might add. I have all the qualifications, seemed like a fit...but this is the title. "Slave Driver Boss, Long Hours". Makes you wanna go hmmmmm. So I skipped that one, looked at others. Went back and read it again....moved on. Went back again, and thought....why not. Cause really, who's opinion is "Slave Driver Boss". Does that indicate high expectations or a tendency to require floor moping? And Long Hours....meaning a full days work rather than an early lunch and never coming back?

In thinking about employment in the last while I realized that it's been a while since I got a job on my own. Maybe way back in Mariposa days. But lately it's all been referrals or working with people I have history with.

So when I received a call in response to this ad, I was surprised. AND, when this call was a little anxious sounding and wanted to meet with me right away...also surprised.

AND keep the surprises coming. I went to the interview on the same day he called....had a good chat with the nice man...and went on my way. Really, never expecting to get it...cause let's face it...when you think you nailed it, you rarely have. This was yesterday. He said he'd let me know either way by Wednesday, because he had some other interviews booked for today. K, problem.

I get a call three hours after leaving the interview. With an offer. More money, more responibility, more vacation....definately more work.....and "How soon can you start?" Wow. A little shocked. Not sure how I feel about it. Lot's to take in.

So I slept on it. My mom told me a long time ago that the best way to handle a situation is to sleep on it. Nothing is quite as big after a good sleep. I didn't get a good sleep, as I was doing all the thinking. But she was right. Today the decision is obvious...though still a little overwhelming.

What have I decided? Stay tuned...

Aug 10, 2009

~ Pearl Jam ~

Pearl Jam....WOW!!!

I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. I've been to a couple concerts, none that I'd like to mention. Never outside, all with assigned seating.

THIS...was a whole new experience. The crowd, the bands, the whole thing. CRAZY!

I'm still recovering, my ears are still ringing.

Would I go again.....OH YA!!

Aug 7, 2009

~ Friday Fun and Pearl Jam ~

It's Friday...finally. It's been a tough week at work. Do you stay at your job because you're being paid to blog...really. Or quit because you are beyond bored out of your mind? Well, you stay, because it's a pay cheque...and use your time to look for a new job.

Does anyone want to be my job agent? Seems like all those famous people have agents that get them the perfect roles and pretty parties. How come I can't have someone that finds that perfect job, perfect salary and perfect wardrobe.....oh wait....

There are lots of jobs out there that are very interesting to me. Are companies posting jobs just for kicks....cause I haven't heard back from very many. And trust me....I'm a ideal employee. Just sayin'...if you wanted to know my personal opinion. I rock the office.

Okay, moving on.

So Pearl Jam. I am not all that familiar with them. I mean I've heard of them, obviously...I don't live in a cave. But to hear them on the radio I likely wouldn't be able to pick them out. However, after tomorrow...I should be an expert. One advantage of the boring job is that we supply fencing and porta potties (lovely) to events in the city. As a result, I beg and plead for free tickets. Bring on Virgin Fest. The radio add says 35,000 fans. That's a lot. I'm pretty sure that's close to my total fans ( less 34,999). So I'm hittin' this rockin' time tomorrow...will let you know the result. Maybe I'll be all groupie, with tattoos and piercings after. Probably not, but you never know. Be afraid.

Been here's a long awaited (cause you all hold your breath in anticipation) TOP 10.

1. If you're a part of the Facebook world, and one of my friends....then you've seen the pic of me wakeboarding. It's way more impressive in photographs than in person. In the pics it looks like I know what I'm doing. In person, it can be questionable. a result of posting those pics there were some comments made.'s the story.

When I was 12 I went to a humungo YW camp by Sylvan Lake. Like all of Alberta was there or something. It was huge. Part of it involved boating. I really don't remember the details...but I do remember that there was a boat, and rope...and I was strapped to skii's and being yanked out of the water. Now before the yanking I was floating in my trusty life jacket waiting for the fun to begin. This was the first time I remember being in a large body of water. So of course, I think Jaws is going to get me. Remember, I was 12. So I'm floating and waiting, and have the Jaw's theme song going through my head. Dum dum.....dum dum....dumdudmdudmdudmdudm.

So the skiing portion begins. I only remember one part. Tow ropes are supposed to pull a lot. A LOT! The force of the person, water, boat...and I'm sure lots of other stuff....A LOT of weight. I remember sort of getting up, then being pulled under the water. And since Jaws is going to eat me, I didn't let go. The rope broke. Remember, A LOT OF WEIGHT. I was 12. I've always been a solid size 2 here. But really, I don't need to be taken from my bed with a crane.

So thanks so much (said sarcastically) (shocking, I know) to Connie and Becky for that friendly reminder that I broke that rope. It was a memory I was trying to suppress and no longer soak my pillow with sorrow. THANKS! : )

2. Wakeboarding and Tubing last weekend was done with the CC. She was resistant, I am persistent. Ha ha. Nothing bonds cousins like a rip roaring screaming squealing ride on a tube. Love ya babe!

3. Took Miss S to get some school clothes. I had talked to her dad before hand to see what she needed. His answer....nothing, she has lots of stuff...maybe a couple pairs of jeans. Now...need and want are very different. Welcome to the world of girls. She may not NEED anything, but can't start grade 4 without some new threads. (eye roll) COME ON?!?!

So she and I hit the stores. Not crazy like, just a few things to spruce up the wardrobe and spend some girl time. I may have rubbed off on this chick. Maybe, I doubt it....but maybe. See, I'm an addict of the wardrobe. New clothes are always necessary. ALWAYS. Or at least when they're on a wicked sale and the budget permits. I smile at her as I see myself in her.

" OH, mom....look at this one. I don't have anything in this blue. And I could wear it now...and then when it gets cold I'll put a long leave Shade shirt under it"

" MOM.....I love this one. I really like polka dots...we should definitely get this one".

"No mom, I don't think I want skinny jeans. I know they're popular...but I don't like the look of them."

She's 9.

3. Have you ever had a 9...10...11 year old? Have you noticed that they start narrating their life around this age. I didn't know that I needed everything replayed to me detail by detail...right after I witnessed it happen. I remember Mr. T going through this phase, it was irritating. And now....with Miss S...also irritating. But also cute. Shows she's growing up.


Waiting for a parking spot...some guy walks behind the car that's backing out...the car slams on it's breaks...guy jumps out of the way. Seems like a normal enough event, no one harm done.

9yr old interpretation:

"Did you totally see that guy, like, almost get killed by that car. That guy should so watch where he's going. I bet he was thinking...."Like Whoa...I nearly died"... What do you think mom. Do you think he was cow?? (Am I supposed to answer, cause i wasn't actually given a chance to speak)....Cause I thought so mom.... And that car...he should watch out. Like he almost killed that guy. K, so can we go in the store now....??


Love that girl.

4. This is gonna be a long post....I'm only at 4. Well, good thing I get paid to Blog.

5. Went to visit my Grandma's grave last weekend. It's the first time I've been there since she passed away in October. Hard to see her name on the head stone. The best thing about my I felt like I was her favorite. I wasn't.....but she made me feel like I was.

Hold on.....brb.

Okay...just had to refresh my memory on who reads my blog. Looked at my permission list. Any of my cousins, or siblings...or whomever read this...yes, but whatever. So...ya I was totally my grandma's favorite. Cause Jim...well we all know he was trouble in his youth. Don't try and deny it...I saw you steal those traffic signs. Those are not for the ceiling in your room....they're for public safety. And Cathy....well you were a baby and all cute and stuff....but come on, I rocked the granddaughter role. And anyway, you lived in igloo country....she forgot about you. And siblings of mine....again....I was the na na na na.

I wasn't...but it's my blog and I can say what I want.
Marilee....Oh ya, she's totally gonna try and say that she was the most loved. You cannot play that card every game lady.

6. Are any of you new here? You know I'm always serious, speak the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me Mar Bars? Good....just checking.

7. Went to see Harry Potter with Miss S. Was it a lot more boring than the other ones? I don't really remember. But it seems the other ones were....jumpier...darker....better? That J.K. Rowling might be losing her edge....from the pools of money that she swims in.

8. Speaking of $$$....did you see that the Lotto 649 is $35 million. 35 MILLION DOLLARS!!! See, I'm not greedy. I don't even need 35 million. Just 1 or 2 would be great. But just stop for second and think about getting 35 million dollars. Oh sweet heaven and chocolate fancy.

9. Did I tell you about the wakeboarding competition I went to. I wasn't in if...but observing. Also observing the interesting mix of people that attended. So the MC is one of the competitors...that totally, like rocks the waves and surfs the ride. DUDE! I don't know what any of that means, but he sounded cool saying it.

So these guys...and girls (awesome) can jump around on the wakeboard like nothing I've ever seen. See, there is no jumping for me. Barely getting over the wake, and back...that's where I'm at. But flippidy dipping and bouncing off the water like it's This one kid...he rides a board like it's a skate board on water. Nothing keeping his feet on the board. Crazy. I'm gonna be like him when I grow up.

10. So, if I wanted to go back stage to see Pearl Jam. Though I don't know that there's a back stage, since it's an outdoor concert. What do you think I have to do? Bake? Balloon animals? Badazzle their Jeans? That's what I thought. I know that's what all the other girls do to get back stage. I'll take a picture of me don't know what the guys names are. Mr. Pearl Jam...I'm cute and should give me a free t-shirt.

Aug 6, 2009

~ P90X Blog -

It's public now....try again.

Aug 5, 2009

~ P90X ~

So what's the big deal about this program? Well, it will kill you....for one. It's a 90 day program of pure torture...made to look easy by hard body irritating people. So of course, I should do it. Cause I want a hard body...or at least a less squishy one.

When I saw TS post on Facebook that she was doing this program, I let her know that I was thinking about it to. Was not committed at all...but have the CD's. I think there should be calories burned just for owning the CD's. Anyway, she got all hog wild and started a new blog just for us. Love to have you join in, whether you're using P90X or something else.

Check in day on my blog is Wednesdays. Why? Cause you don't have to report right after the weekend. So today's the day.

Work outs this week: 1
Inches lost: 0
Goal Inches: 3
Diet this week: okay

I'm not weighing in, but going by inches. I know where I was at a while back, I'd like to get back there. It's 3 inches. Doesn't sound like a lot, but when it's your last 3's a lot...and hard to get off.

Good luck, let me know your goals.

Aug 4, 2009


Alright've asked for it...and here it is.

Fitness Challenge is up. Thanks to TS who is starting P90X...and helped me get motivated to get this butt back in the shoes.

Post what your method and goal is.

Check in's every week.

My goal - back into the jeans I was wearing a couple months ago. Can still get them on, don't breath very well.

Method - Running, P90X

~ Stop Pretending ~

Dear CC,

I know that these photos make it look like you were being subjected to torture. But I was there, were reluctantly having a grand time. Admit it!! And, I'm sorry...but no matter how tight you close your won't save your from the fun.