May 28, 2010

Dear Saskatchewan, you have bad roads...

Like the road people not get any money in Sask.  Makes me grumble a little less when I'm sitting in slow traffic due to construction.  At least they're fixing them.

So anyway,  look to Bobbi's blog for a re-cap of our weekend in Regina.

We had big plans of amazing photo shoots,  it rained.  That's okay.  Lots of laughs and catching up with family and friends. 

I'm sitting here trying to think of witty stuff.  I'm comin' up with nothin.  Haven't done a top 10 in a while,  but can't think of anything stupid I've seen.  Uhhh...ya,  I'm boring today.

May 27, 2010

Rome Day 2

This catch up is hurting my brain.  Rome is all mixing together.   What did we do which days....?!!?  Okay,  focus.

Day Two.  Plan today was to see the Vatican and St. Peter's Square,  which is not square at all.  We had booked tours with Angels Tours before leaving for Europe.  Recommended by my aunt and uncle.  I also recommend them,  but not Alex...more to come on that later.  You can pay before you leave home,  make sure and bring your PayPal receipt.  Also they say to look for a yellow umbrella.  This is a falsehood.  Look for a off white umbrella with angel babies on it.  Cause you know,  that's close to yellow. 

Up and out to meet at the Vatican Museum steps at 9 am.  Not long to get there,  subway is always faithful.  Get to the Vatican join the throngs of others walking in the same direction.  Get a little turned around and end up in from of St. Peter's Cathedral,  this is not the right end....head back around to the other side.  Walk past the long.....long line of people starting to wait for entry.  They are not happy to watch us walk past the line.  Too bad so sad,  we paid for a tour.

Here's what I know about the Vatican.  The Pope lives there,  it's an independent state within the city boundaries of Rome.  It has completely seperate everything,  police, government, laws,  finances.  Why?  I dunno.  It has approx 800 residents,  mostly nuns and stuff.  It's surrounded by a big wall,  which makes it very handy to know that you're still actually near the Vatican.  There is a mondo museum that holds a lot of old stuff.  With Museum entry fees alone,  Vatican City makes approx 66 million Euro per year.

There is tight security in the Museum....airport like.  Take off your bag and junk,  go through the metal detectors and all that.  Then get herded into a big area where everything seems to stop.  Tip 1 - go potty first.  The Vatican Museum is 7 miles long, and there are not washrooms along the way.  The problem with this,  one bathroom, thousands of women.  You do the calculations.  So we all took our tinkle and then got back into the herd.  They only let through a few groups at a time,  spaceing them you wait some more.

First area of visiting is a court yard area where they've set up different stations.  This is where tour guides take their peeps to talk about the Sistine Chapel.  There are detailed pics of the paintings and stuff.  You aren't supposed to talk or take pics in the Chapel,  so they do all the history stuff before hand.  Gianni is our tour guide,  he's excellent.  That's him on the left... 

Then you head in,  and spend the next three hours looking at stuff.  Interesting,  tonnes of history,  lots of broken stuff,  lots of weird stuff...

You know,  like a hallway of heads...

And the maxin some relaxin god.

Somewhere in the maze of museum you end up at the Sistine Chapel.  If you are an art history major,  I'm sure this is very exciting.  If you are not,  like me,  this is a rectangle room,  with a lot of paintings, that is jammed full of people, and is hot.  The guards spend all their time yelling and clapping for everyone to be quiet.  And "No Photo" is being yelled constantly.  Now,  it seems that "No Photo" in Italian doesn't compute, cause everyone is secretly taking photo's.  Why No Photo?  Because some Japanese company was smarty marty and put a phopyright on the paintings when they offered to clean them all for free.  Did we take pictures in the Sistine Chapel,  against copyright laws and at the demand of the Vatican?  That's for me to know and you to not....  = )  In the mean time,  you can,  again,  find anything on the internet.  This is the Sistine Chapel.

 The tables and stuff aren't in there,  it's a big empty room.  You come in through that door on the right.

This is the other end.  Not sure why there are gates,  but again we're herded through them.  Like shoulder to toe touching of the people around you.  Yuck. 

Outside again.  You can pay to take an elevator to the top of St. Peter's Cathedral,  which apparantly has an amazing view of Rome.  But the line is 2 hours long.  So you can also get a pic online...

Around the front of St. Peter's Cathedral where they show you a giant door.  It's the Holy Door and only the Pope goes through it.  OR,  it's opened every 25 years.  OR,  if the church is short on cash then they let the common folk pay a fee and they can walk through it and all their sins are forgiven.  So,  which ever is needed at the time...that's what it's used for.  This was only the opinion of our tour guide,  who is not Catholic,  and we could make the decision ourselves on how we felt about this.


So,  we're not Catholic looking for our sins to be forgiven,  though that is a nifty way to get it done quickly.  AND it's not the 25th anniversary....AND I'm not the Pope,  so we had to go through Door #2.

Uh,  see the people at the bottom,  k,  now think about the size again.

This curtained off part,  this is where they've written the names of other churches on the floor.  They've measured,  and this is how big your church is, and your church is....and neener neener,  we're the biggest in the world.

They wouldn't let me stand in the middle of the alter and put my arms over my head...
"SHE-RA Princess of Power"

It's big,  that's all you can say.  We've seen a lot of church by this time,  and this place takes the cake for size.  And then there's the side parts, and the this part and the that part.  It's just big.  There's statues everywhere and paintins,  sculptures and gold.  They say that there is a piece of the Cross of Christ there.  Though you can't see it,  and no one can see it to verify,  just take our word for it.  There's also a wax dead pope.    The story goes that they had to open his coffin after 40 years of death.  Why?  That's a very good question.  When they did, they found him perfectly they poured wax on him and displayed him in the church.  Huh?  Whatever.  Not my pic,  cause of course I can't seem to remember the flash drive from home...but ya,  that's the dude.

Outside we go.  Have you seen Angels and Demons?  We did right before we left.  It's necessary for some history on the Vatican and everything.   It make St. Peters look bigger than it is,  but it's still pretty impressive.  It was the week after Easter,  so the Pope had left his chairs out.  You can't sit on them,  there's gates everywhere.  That Pope guy is not always accomodating.  But he was in-house.  His window is the top one,  left building,  third from the right.  He waved to me.  These are our pics...

See...told ya...I was there.

May 20, 2010


Finally right?  Well the magnificent Ms. M reminded me that I still haven't posted about this magical place.  Sorry...well not really,  she reminded me while booking me in to have a cavity filled.  Not nice lady.  Fine,  I guess it's not your fault that I have a cavity.  Is it your fault I have two!?!!  (thank you parents for the DNA that provides me the the joy of having soft teeth prone to cavities : P )

Okay,  so here is where I started the story about Rome.  We arrived to crazy Termini,  met Emily,  stayed at the la la,  go back and read that part.

What day is it?  Uh,  I don't know..Wed maybe.  Anyway,  we're up and gone first thing.  I get the unique pleasure of showering in the co-ed bathroom.  Casey had already tried this adventure the night before, alone mind you,   and reported that the door didn't close or lock and the water was cold.  Great...looking forward to it.  So I head that way,  towel and shampoo in hand.  Now, the thing about co-ed hostels...they're co-ed.  So there's a dude in there,  in his underwear.  Now I'm not a shy girl,  but I haven't met this guy,  though I did sleep in the same room as him.  So I give him a minute to actually go into one of the shower stalls before I barge in.  There are three stalls.  Casey has already informed me that the end one is shower of terror.  So I try the first one.  He obviously had luck against him,  cause the door closes AND locks,  and the water is hot.  Though it tends to fluctuate constantly.  BUT it's not very big,  so clothes go over the door.   Now,  getting out of the shower is again a little dicey.  First of all,  dude sharing the facilities with me is now finished his shower and brushing teeth or whatever.  Anyway...blah blah showers....meh.

We're off.  Goal this morning is to find our bed and breakfast.  We're not too worried,  we have the address,  the map and the confirmation page from my booking.  WRONG!  We have the old address,  and incomplete map and the confirmation page that I didn't print off page two that has the detailed directions.  Seriously.  We spend about two hours,  carrying our backpacks,  trying to find this place.  We're tired after a terrible night sleep,  we're hungry and quickly loosing our patience with each other.  Finally give up and find an internet cafe.  If nothing else,  I can look up the B&B website and see if there are directions on there.  Sarah is her name,  hostess extrodinaire is her game.  I email her to say we're running late,  being completely lost in Rome.  She emails right back,  with the PDF map and directions.  We find it no problem.  Hot, sweaty,  hungry and frusterated....we find our lovely B&B.  3 blocks from the Coloseum. 

Gulliver's Lodge Rome - highly recommended.  115 Euro per night,  worth every cent.  Click on the Gallery,  the first pic of the yellow room...that's the one we stayed in.  Fabulous.

Sarah has done this for a while.  She promptly sits us down with the map of Rome and starts to lay out our routes,  short cuts,  restaurant suggestions.  She,  quite frankly,  rocks!

We're off.  Our goals today are...walk our legs off.

So,  short and's what we saw.

We wander up toward the grocery store that Sarah has told us about.  It's in the basement of a department store,  we'd never find it on our own...but it's where all the locals go.  It's called SMA.   No, that isn't short for anything....just Sma.  Across the street is this church.  Not mentioned by anyone,  as it's apparantly insignificant.  This place is huge...  We grab a truly Italian lunch.  Tomotoe,  cheese, baquette.  Sit on the steps and watch the people mill around this place.  Including a nun in crocs.  Here's the inside.

I know you've seen all these pics on FB already....patience is a virtue.

We've eaten,  which is significantly helped my irritation level,  we're no longer carrying our packs...and we're in Rome!  Time to cheer up.

We are professional walkers by this time.  We're heading toward the Bone's church.  We've been cautioned by Sarah to not call it this to the Priest,  he doesn't appreciate it. 

This is the creepiest place I've ever been.  In the basement of a church they've made decor out of the bones of 4000 monks.  You're not supposed to take pictures...uh,  you can find anything on the internet.  And I have a what point did someone day..."Hey,  I have a good idea".

I know right?  I can't make this stuff up!

So that was gross,  and weird and distrubing...and cool.

Next we're on our way to a corner of the city that has a church (shocking) that contains one of the first Michelangelo sculptures.  On our way,  we fall up this...

This,  my lovelies,  is Trevi Fountain.  And as all points of interest and history in Rome,  it is in the middle of a residential area.  Turn a corner, it is!  We weren't even looking for this yet.

Anyway,  Trevi Fountain is fed by Aquaducts...Roman made irrigation systems.  It's on the end of a building,  nothing important around,  it's just there.  It's pretty loud,  the water and all...and very crowded.  I have a video,  not with me of course...that would be too conventient.  All of the sculpture dudes are buff and glorious.  We resort to the wonderful land of Youtube.

This one is almost exactly what my video looks like.....this one shows the surrounding area and churches,  and crowds...with a Blair Witch sorta quality.  Gravol is suggested.

Next....the Spanish steps.  History,  there was Spanish people,  there was fighting,  after the fighting,  they built steps.  Rome History 101

We're working our way toward the south? (I don't remember) end of Rome.  We have a plan for the basic sights we want to see.

This part was a main enterance for the rural settlers when they came to Rome for taxes and smushing.  So the ruler at the time wanted it spruced up.  "Look how powerful and wonderful we are"...and all that.  It has three church in the one square,  which is acutally a circle.  Fountains at each end, and in the middle.  Two of the churchs are matchy matchy...and called the twin churches.  Bad Michael Jackson impersonator,  with very limited variety,  blasts from the one end.  Flower selling leeches at the other,  birds pooping everywhere,  ahhh Rome.  These aren't our pics,  forgive the quality.

I sat on the steps of the fountain the middle for a while,  Casey took a thousand pictures of European women (there seems to be a consistent pattern of behavior here).  Then he came to sit and people watch with me.  There's an American brother and sisters...late teens early 20's in front of us.  Dude totally gets pigeon pooped.  So funny.  Right in his hair.  He goes to wash off his hair in the fountain,  with a sister that is not helpful cause she's laughing her face off.  Totally gross,  even grosser cause that's the same fountain people are filling up their water bottles in.  Ewwww.

Day is nearly done and we're sorta heading home,  sorta looking for the street that Sarah said the good restaurants are on.  Everyone is out walking,  streets are packed,  it's amazing.  Rome is loud, and fast.  While trying to find the restaurant....we,  again,  fall upon this... (it's not that we're bad with's just that you think Rome is going to be bigger,  and that the big famous places will be in more prominent areas)

This isn't our pic,  there was scaffolding all over the one side when we were there,  seems the old stuff keeps falling apart.  It was also evening,  and not as warm as this shows.   Always the case with pics of Rome,  if you think it's're right.  And then look at the people and make the comparison again.  That's big!  We had to wait to go in, they were having a service.  The Pantheon is just another church in Rome.  It's tall, but not huge on the inside, we've seen bigger.  What is impressive about it,  I'm told, is the structure.  I was told a lot about this,  I was travelling with a Structural Engineer.  This building is mind blowing,  I guess.  The construction,  plans,  ideas and follow thru are way beyond their time and it's quite simply amazing that they were able to build this.  Or so I'm told....looked like a circle church to me.

See how the sides are thinker at the start of the dome, and thinner at the top.  That's impressive...uh huh.  And the eye at the top,  it's open so the rain comes right in,  and the floor is sloped so the rain runs to the sides to drain out...also impressive (whatever).  Wouldn't it have been easier and cleaner to just cover the hole in the top,  save on a lot of cleaning and getting rained on during church.  Anyhow...the Pantheon...voila.

Imagine,  if you will,  what you consider a slick Italian man to look like?  Tall, lean,  striking....well dressed,  dark,  chain and chest hair....hey hey....we saw him.  Sorry it's a bit blurry,  we were trying not to make it completely obvious that we were taking their picture in hopes of mocking them later.  They come sauntering into the Pantheon,  obviously not tourists,  completely scope out the joint...head back out,  scope again.  Me thinks that women were on their minds.  So funny.

Day One Rome - finito.

May 13, 2010

You're Welcome

I enjoy listening to music when I study or work.  However,  it cannot have words.  Then I listen to the words, and don't concentrate on what I'm doing.  I know,  you thought I was a professional multi-tasker...I am,  unless there are words,  it would seem.

My favorite music to listen to is Yiruma.  I first heard about him from Amy W,  glad I followed up on her recommendation of awesomeness.

Here's some of his stuff,  and just for you,  a one day deal......a download of the sheet music as well.  Music downloads to the right...

I know,  you're welcome!

Kiss the Rain - Sheet Music

River flows in You - Sheet Music

May 11, 2010

You can't drain the ocean

"I love the visualization of standing at the seashore looking out at the vast ocean and knowing that this ocean is the abundance that is available to me. Look down at your hands and see what sort of container you are holding. Is it a teaspoon, a thimble with a hole in it, a paper cup, a glass, a tumbler, a pitcher, a bucket, a wash tub, or perhaps you have a pipeline connected to this ocean of abundance? Look around you and notice that no matter how many people there are and no matter what kind of container they have, there is plenty for everyone. You cannot rob another, and they cannot rob you. And in no way can you drain the ocean dry. Your container is your consciousness, and it can always be exchanged for a larger container."

'You Can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay

May 10, 2010

Try to fit that in....

Goal for the day: fit this in to a conversation.

(Let me know how you were able to fit that into your day)
(...and not just saying it...yelling like duder did,  with the arms over your head and everything)

One day at a time...

Thanks Karen for the reminder that life is just one day at a time...

Last week was a little crumby...verging on pretty crumby...and ending with definately crumby. 

Why?  Many reasons,  many situations and ending with stuff that I can't control.

Anyway, new week,  though it looks to play out the same as last.

This is the book I'm currently reading.  Why?  Well I have some stuff rumbling around the noggin and this is teaching a mind set that will foster those to be come reality.  Basically is states that if you think it,  it will happen.  Now,  we've heard this before.  The Secret says to just think positively and throw it out to the universe and the universe will return it back to you.  Who is 'the Universe' anyway?  I get the concept.    Mr. Napoleon throws in a slightly different perspective that I appreciated more fully.  If you want something bad enough,  if you think about it all the time and put all your energy and resources into making it will.  This is because you have made your thought process center on what you want,  therefore your actions follow through,  therefore the people you associate are ones that can further your goal...and so on and so on and so on... (what was that commerical that was the and so on and so on?)  I agree with this.  If you set your mind,  energy,  actions,  associations and goals toward something,  you are destine to accomplish it,  even if only to a small point.  The same is true if this was a negative goal. 

Napoleon (dynamite) points out that criminals do not become criminals right away.  How do they accomplish their goal...if this is even a conscious goal?  They associate with a certain type of people,  in certain types of situation, and put for their thoughts and actions in a certain way....and voila,  jail time.  They seem to be the epidomy of his research.  Why then can't this happen for success?  Why can't I have a goal in mind,  make it a part of my daily, fact constant thought process.  Put time and energy and work into the details of that goal.  Associate with people that can help that goal...make every part of me centered toward accomplishment?  Well,  I can...and will.
I'm still reading Mr. Dynamites book.  Not sure how far into it I am cause it's on my blackberry...1/4 through maybe.  Plus homework,  and the pile of research books that are aimed at accomplishing what I want.  Reading my eye balls right out.  All good stuff though.

Step 1 - Desire.
You gotta want it.  I got this one down flat.

Step 2 - Faith
Mr. Dynamite (okay,  that's not his name at all,  whatever) is a believing man.  Beliefs are funny things,  and different with every person.  For me and my life at the moment,  my faith will centre on the belief that I know I can do this.

So what is it?  The burning question?  That's for me to know,  and you not too.  : )   Not yet anyway....there are a bunch of beans...and I'm not quite ready to spill them.

May 9, 2010

Not today...

Today I struggle.  Decisions,  actions and relationships have been made and affected.  Would I change that? Not sure.  I am closer now,  than ever before,  to the person I feel that I really am.  I feel like I'm finally figuring out me.  In that process I have hurt,  I have hurt others,  and I have gained relationships that I will always be grateful for.

Friends have returned,  though they were never lost.  It's been funny to me that high school friends are the ones that have been brought into my life.  Michelle,  Tara,  Judith, have made a difference in my life.  I look forward to those relationships continuing.

New friends, guys rock.

Friends from a different life,  I miss you....thanks for the memories. 

Friends that never left,  just needed a minute...thank you for seeing me.

To the mom's in my life.

My own mother,  I love you...we'll figure it out.

To the mother that has stepped in when I needed her,  you'll never know what you mean to me.

To the other mothers....Marilee,  I miss you.

And to all the mom's that I watch and admire and wish I could have pulled it together enough to emulate,  keep it up,  don't give up,  it's tough...but it can be done.

Mother's Day for me is not celebrated today,  it's not my day.....soon though.

To the rest of you,  I'm thinking of you today.

May 6, 2010

I been a learnin...

14 years.  That's how long it's been since I was in school.  That's crazy.  First of all, that I can even post a number like that...and second...cause it's just crazy. 

Work has asked/required that I take some courses.  Funny enough,  I've taken these before...the first time I was in college.   It seems the concepts didn't stick.  So I'm taking two courses by correspondance through SAIT.  I chose correspondance because I didn't want to be sitting in night classes during the summer,  and because work is in the slow season so I have time while in the office. 

These are not exciting classes however...accounting and computers.  And the computer one is a required course for the certificate and is going to be a good GPA booster for me.  Seriously,  the first line said...push the button to turn on the monitor.  Okay then....

Have you ever felt that your current job was not allowing you to be what you are capable of.  That's me,  in a serious way.  Big plans in the works,  stay tuned!

What the HECK is up with the weather?!!!  It's getting past irritating.  Last year we were on the boat for May long weekend.  It was chilly,  yes...but still...warm enough to be out.  Mother Nature better get her act together.

Saw Furry Vengeance last weekend with the kids....don't waste your money.  Really,  the kids even thought it was bad.  Little man and his side kick were losing interest and starting to fool around 3/4 thru. 

Well,  that's my boring update.  Sorry dude.

I do have another big announcement,  but need pics for that...and they're at home.

Have a great day.....smoochy smoochy.