Sep 24, 2010


So I'm sitting at home,  on a Friday afternoon....laptop hooked up and continuing to work after a tragic mouse situation at work that sent 5 CHSOF Diva's bolting from the office.  (Canada's Sports Hall of Fame -  you know you were wondering)  We knew we had a mouse problem,  we've seen the evidence everywhere.  But when they start venturing into the light,  scaling the garbage and running over our feet when we're actually at the office...I DON'T THINK SO.  Fortunately we're all on laptops and have remote access to our server.  Unforunately that means we all head home and get back to work.  I mostly did that,  but also mostly need some down time.

New job,  love it.  I've never said that about a job.  I've worked,  whether running my own company,  or employed by another, for a long time.  Varying degrees of busy and not.  But this job,  it fits.  The people fit,  the vision fits,   the possilibities are exciting.  I'm anxious to get to work in the morning.  Oh,  I still come home and vent for an hour to my boy about this and that, and he said, she said.  But all in all,  the best career move I've ever made.

Wanna see what I'm about,  or what I'm involved with?  Head over to

Check out the team,  that's'll recognize a name there.  Well sorta,  remember my name has changed recently.

Speaking of that.  Nothing like stammering over your name all the time.  Seriously irritating.  Hello,  this is Tiffany BoRobydts....Hello,  Tiffany speaking.  It's like I'm 19 all over again and don't know.  It takes a while for a new name to roll off your tongue.  And holy red licorice it's expensive to change all your stuff.  Bank,  credit card,  vehicle registration, corporation info....passport!   Haven't got to the passport one yet,  I'm hoping to just talk my way through that one,  not that we're going anywhere for a minute or two.

Back to the job.   So it's crazy busy,  current team is 5 strong...#6 starting next week.  When you're talking a project that is kabillions of dollars...that's not enough.  So we all work,  a lot,  and we do everything, and fill in every where,  and push our boundaries as we try and keep up.  But it's great...and it makes me tired.

I have to dress up most days,  unless I have no meetings...even then it's dressed up jeans.  It's fun to dress up,  it's also expensive.  There's lots of great stuff in the stores,  and you always needs a new "staple" item.  New white shirt is currently on my list.  Have you seen the good stuff at Mexx?  Good, out of my price range,  Superstore is more my price range.   The girls I work with though,  they're all fancy pancy and brand name.  That's okay,  I've had compliments on outfits....they don't know they're Joe brand and Reitmans clearance rack.

Welcome to my new series,  the opposite of the Book of Awesome.

Don't you Hate it When is brought to me,  and the things I Hate it When.

1. Don't you Hate it when you're in Stupid Store,  have to use their bathroom, and have a panic attack for 2 seconds before you realize that they keep the extra toilet paper on the back of the toilet,  and you just didn't notice yet.  Before this revelation to yourself,  you have the moment of wondering how quickly you can shuffle to the next stall before the door opens and the nice old lady wanders in to see your Fruit of the Loom commerial.

2. Don't you Hate it When you're standing in line,  again,  at Stupid Store and there's a random basket on the ground,  with food in it.  Whatever,  it's a grocery store.  But no no,  dude walks up,  picks it up and procedes to step right in front of you,  which is now the front of the line.  Cause I was supposed to know that this basket was his place saver?!  Didn't even look at me,  just steps in front.  I'm flabergasted (that's a fun word to say....flabergasted.  But flab isn't good,  and what does gasted mean anyway?),  I even look around to see if anyone noticed what Mr. Presumptuous just did.  Note to self,  just put a basket on the ground in the Self Checkout line,  maybe walk around and randomly fill it as you come near that spot.  Evenutally when you're done,  you can just pick it up and choose our place in line....cause it's a place saver after all.

Okay,  that's it.  Can't use them all up in one shot.

Back to style...I'm liking the new sweaters this season,  not sure about belting them though.  I think there is a specific body type that can handle a belted sweater....aka the body type with no hips or butt. (Dear know it's you)  I have NEVER had a time when I looked at myself in the mirror and thought..."I should belt this sweater".  Noooo no no.  However boots over jeans,  that's good.  Even bought a pair of skinny jeans...though they are ONLY worn in the boots,  never on their own,   I'm neither 15 nor 95 pounds.  What the HECK are with the mega skinny jeans?  Those are not jeans,  they're called tights people...and I'm pretty sure that boys shouldn't wear them.  Seriously,  they even make your feet look big.  Remember when we used to fold over our jeans in JH...then roll them up?  There was always on leg that stayed all day, and the other one constantly came undone.  What we were doing folding and rolling...they were Levi's 501 for pitty sake,  there was nothing to fold and roll!! heard of it?  Came to Canada,  online TV/Movie streaming...New Releases,  uh,  if the Burbs,  90210 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is considered NEW,  dude,  I will be checking into the old folks home tomorrow.   Clearly not that new,  but good place for lots of kids stuff,  older series if you missed them previously,  classic movies...and can't beat $8/month.

Have you seen Inception?!!  Crazy....there's too much to keep track of in that show.  But good.
Eat, Pray, Love?  Also worth it,  not even too far from the book.

Currently reading the Hunger Games series.  This is supposed to be for YA?!!  It's about YA's killing each other.  Careful when you're recomminding it to your YA's...death and carnage is all I'm going to say.

Okay,  that's it.  Turning off my laptop...and going to read the second in the YA series,  cause I'm not a I can read it if I want.  Nanner nanner booboo.

Sep 16, 2010

Untag - Temporary, Blog - Forever

Karma.....that's all I have to say....