Dec 31, 2008

~ Last Day ~

The last day of the 2008 year. It's flown by, and not. It's been great and not. It's been an adventure, and not.

Give me a second to excuse myself from the average blabber and get serious for one sec....just one.

This was a tough year for me spiritually. I lacked the spirit, I repelled it even. My friends watched me struggle, they supported me, then they told me that 'enough is enough'. I understand where they were coming from, and appreciate their concern. However, nothing has changed. I'm still having the same struggles and inner turmoil. So may I not set a resolution, but simply say.... 2009 will be focused more on me. I know what you're thinking, HELLO, you think everything in the world revolves around YOU. Well yes, but no. Those who really know me, who are a part of my daily life...who are my 'everyday friends' know that this banter, blabbing and general running of the mouth is me, but not. It's a part of me and the crazy girl that I am, but only a part, not entirely who I am.

So as the last hours of 2008 dwindle and I get ready to spend an evening with the greatest friends ever. The ones who have seen me struggle, who have even seen a silent tear...may I say thank you. You know who you are, you know how I love you. You know how I make a show of being strong all the time, but really I couldn't do it without you. You know that I'd drop anything to help you, and I know you'd do the same for me. K says that her friends are her family because her family doesn't live close. My family does live close, and my friends still are my family. I have friends near and friends far. They all play a vital part in my life.

To 2009 - let it be the year that we each see the value we hold.

Dec 30, 2008

~ Next Year ~

Next year we're leaving. You were all lovely, and we enjoyed the craziness of the bonding, but year we're leaving.

Next year we're sitting on a beach for Christmas, we're getting a tan, we're going where no one knows us and no one can find us.

We're not driving to the city for 45 times, we're not freezing in the wind chill (which I used to think was wind shield, those forecast guys are hard to understand sometimes) we're not layering up to keep ourselves from over-exposure (again, that brings a whole different thought to mind).

Next year.....

This year we're going away, but not to any place warm. Well, it will be moderately warm, I assume they have heat. We're taking off to West Ed for a couple days. But first I have to run the race that SIL and I thought would be a great idea. I'm not sure what planet our brains had vacationed to, cause it was not a good idea. Free jacket or no. It's still cold out there....oh, so lets go run outside for 5km. (eye roll). Anyway, we're running our race tomorrow evening. The race that I had trained for a couple months , but not in the last couple weeks. Don't even know where my runners are at the moment, never named having them touch my feet. But we'll do it. And maybe die, this might be the last time you have the ultimate privilege of reading my always witty and never inappropriate jabber. Is a silent tear rolling?

1. I was lurking on a blog that I frequently lurk, and she was talking about being married and having guy friends. I had lots of guy friends growing up, but not a lot of girlfriends. Girls were drama, I wasn't into it. Guys were way more fun. But now, when you're married how do you keep up or acquire new friendships with 'guys'. I have one main man who's been the main man since high school. He knows he's my main man, he knows my love and affection for him....he only wishes that I'd realized this in high school....whatever, a girl can only be so smart. Anyway I don't spend nearly enough time with D man....but life happens. It's something I thought was an interesting point to ponder. No opinion really.....just a hmmmmmm moment.

2. The Santa situation at our house is getting precarious. T has figured it out....S has some suspicions but is the ultimate believer on Christmas Eve. O is a dedicated, can't sleep at night, bright eyed and jumping with excitement, all on board believer. And J boy doesn't have a clue. It's a tight rope for a mother to walk.

3. Gifts are nice and appreciated, but the best thing to give me is cold hard cash. Especially when I delusionally think that we're taking many trips this year.

4. Two more days until Bath and Body Works.......two more days until Bath and Body Works.

5. We'll be swimming during this little adventure. I am not a fan of the swimming. Plus, K has informed me that I am also a bad swimmer. Swimming means being wet and cold. Neither of which I'm a fan of. Plus there is a lot of scratching. The kids cling on to you when the waves hit, when we're going into the deeper water, when they're flying off then end of the slide and you're supposed to catch them. Every situation ends with skin that is wet being scrapped by little finger and toe nails. Ouchy and ouchy. So all the children will be de-clawed before going on this trip, I don't want my skin sliced up.

6. The kids all had dentist appointments today. The big O is old enough now to have the full cleaning...not just a "Happy Visit" as they call it. Don't know why it's so happy, even if the people were smiling at you, you can't tell because of the masks. What are the masks for? Do they have bad breath? Are they secretly glaring at you due to your dirty teeth? Are they all carrying infectious diseases that they are kindly not spreading? It's a question mark for me. Anyhoo, O is in the chair having his perfect teeth cleaned, and I hear this terrible gagging/puking sound. Mommy instinct kicks in and I race in there. He's fine, just an overactive gag reflex like his sister. But he does look pretty stylin' with the sunglasses.

7. And, while were at the dentist we visited a little with M. (Yes that's right Missy, you're being mentioned on this famous blog that you are shamelessly promoting to your friends and family). It's all fine and nice until M mentions that my blog is the topic of conversation at the family Christmas. Oh, and that she's trying to get everyone she knows or is related to, to read it. Ya, no pressure to write good stuff. No pressure to come up with continual witty and entertaining banter. NO PRESSURE!!!

8. Hub takes me on the most romantic dates. Time together, in the snow and wind chill (got it right that time....not wind shield) snow shovel, heavy's just wonderful. I thank my luck stars everyday that he's mine. (gag)

9. And speaking of Dates. I finally went on my date with Mr. C. Oh the joy and rapture. However it was disappointing. 1/2 hour, all in the car and we talked about his wife the whole time. That guy needs to gain some 'dating your wife's friends etiquette'.

10. And the big race. Ya, don't think so. Really I entered the race to give me a goal for the training. And though I haven't run in the last couple weeks, the last couple months there was tonnes of running and even weight loss. So I'm skipping out on the run tonight, spending the night with the best friends ever....

Stay tuned for new weight challenges in 2009.

Dec 29, 2008

~ Christmas Fun and other Blunders ~

The big day has come and gone. So much anticipation, lead up and expense...for 27 minutes of paper tearing and mess making and four children with bright eyes.

We did it, we're done.....can't wait until next year.

Our parade of fun began with Christmas Eve at Grandma B's house. This was an event including 8 adults and 6 children. Cookies were decorated, Mexican Train was played. A fun time was had by all.

This is what Mr J did while the older kids were decorating....I'm hoping it's just being funny, but maybe he just needed a moment to himself.

Then home for the sprinkling of reindeer food on the lawn (giant mount of snow) and choosing of cookies for Santa. Then off to bed with the sugar plums dancing.
Christmas morning with the shriek and screams of (the mother) the children as they find what the jolly man has left them. There are way too many pictures of that, so you can image it.

And the main event.......let's get read to Rumble.....Hub in the kitchen, making actual food, that we'll actually eat. It happens once a year, on Christmas morning.

And I know what you're thinking. It's Christmas Morning, post gift opening....why is he showered, dressed and all bright and sparkly. Because the man has shower OCD. He doesn't participate in life without a shower first. Even on Christmas morning. He's in counselling.

Then the rest of the day was pretty much made up like this.

DS playing.....

and more DS playing.

and then the creation of their rockband....they're getting matching tattoos next week.

And then the little man, he was doing his leg lifts.

And what did I receive? Well I've had it for two week...but it was this little sumptuous lump of delight.

So forgive me if the shots are slight out of focus, or a little dark....or anything else. I'm still learning to use it.

Dec 22, 2008

~ Post Card from Grandma ~

This was a link emailed to my children from their grandmother,
she's a little nuts.
But the kids certainly enjoyed it.

Dec 19, 2008

~ Time on my Hands ~

Christmas Break and Summer are when I find that I have some extra time. I should likely be deep cleaning something with that time....whatever, I'll have Joanne come over. She gets way too excited about that stuff.

Instead I'll waste endless amounts of good time on blogging, reading blogs, lurking on blogs and eating.

3 Things I am passionate about

1. My Family

2. Travelling

3. Ruling the World

3 Words or phrases I say too often

1. Just a Second

2. Yes

3. $%^%**#$^^*(^%&*

3 things I want to do before I die

1. Travel to Italy

2. Take great Pictures

3. Learn Tact - this one is not high on the list.

3 things I have learned from my past

1. Don't give into fear

2. Family is everything!

3. It's better to just be yourself

3 places I would love to see

1. Australia

2. Egypt

3. India

3 things I currently want or need

1. Someone to clean my kitchen

2. To live next door to Terra

3. A long vacation

~ Christmas Break Begins ~

Christmas Break officially begins at our house today. The kids had their concert last night, and it went late. They entered their beds at a later hour than is customary. And one thing about my kids, they need their sleep. So I, being the model and exemplary mother that I am (gag), let them sleep in this morning and skip their last day of school. Well okay, I didn't have the energy to awaken and get them off to school. Nor the energy to fight them out of their beds on the last day when they're going to do nothing at school. So the holidays begin. I enjoy the two weeks. It's not too long, but long enough. And Christmas is a bunch of holidays all at once so it goes by fast as we celebrate Christmas then New Years.

So, the Christmas Concert last night. My children go to a school that employs a music teacher that is serious about music. This is not "stand up with your class and sing a song that only half the kids know the words to". No maam. This is a full on production that last 2 hours. Songs, acting, costume changes. It's involved....and it's long. I have children in grade 3 & 6. And in this school when you are Top Dog (Grade 6) you participate in the play. Lines and all. Now you can't actually hear these lines because their sound system seems to be sending it to the playground. But they're up there, and their lips are moving, so I assume they're saying something. My darling boy thought he wanted a speaking part. I was surprised by this revelation. This is a child that used to hide under a table when strangers spoke to him. Nevertheless, he was anxious for the 'speaking parts' list to be revealed. It was luck of the draw, they drew from a hat. They did not draw TB. So he could only be an elf, a Penguin (I don't know why there were penguins) and something to do with a green shirt. I didn't ever catch that. Oh wait, the whole thing was entitled "Christmas going Green"....or "Green Christmas".....or "This thing is so long it's making me sick to my stomach" of those anyway.

Here's a peek...excuse some slight blurriness.....was taking from far away with a long lens. I just can't hold that still.

Dec 18, 2008

~ Dear S & J ~

The doll is really LaSenza Lotion - Strawberry Scent.

Now girls. I don't think this is an issue worth arguing over. You know, the issue where Steph is a winner and Joanne is a loser. I mean, this isn't surprising. We all predicted that Joanne would be the loser. But since she is immensely hurt over the realization that her loser status is now broadcast across the nation, nay...the world....well then I must step in to save your relationship. I wouldn't want in-fighting in your small town. I don't want to find Steph's discarded body at the Packing Plant, all in the name of Lotion.

I knew that my mediation assistance would be needed when I received the frantic call last night with Joanne in tears.

"Why?!! Why have you forsaken me?:

She sobs to me.

"Why didn't you rig your contest so I would finally win something in my life. I go through my every day with tears streaming. I know I'm a loser, and I can't get past it."

I soothingly tried to explain that this contest was really about me. It was my shameless way of getting people to like me. But no, Joanne had to make it all about her and how much of a loser she is.

So fine, I will graciously step aside, let the spotlight fall on you. Pick a scent my dear cousin, I will mail it with your Nemo package. Because Andrea also knows what a loser you are and has lovingly sacrificed her winnings for you. Laid down her winner status to make your loser status less stabbing. Yes, even bowed down and kissed your supreme loser feet.

Dear Joanne, please wipe away your tears and see the sunshine in the everyday. I know the sun is reflecting off of monstrous mountains of snow, but then it is only the brighter. Blinding in fact...which only illuminates your now Glorious Loser Winner Status.

You're a Winner Joanne, and don't let anyone else tell you different.

Dec 17, 2008

~ Giveaway Winner ~

No, this is not a picture of me. See above, I am neither blond nor a size 0.

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:



You know what's funny, everyone related to, or friends with Joanne is winning. First Andrea, then Steph....seems to just tip toe right around Joanne. = ) And I know Steph put two comments, I only counted her as one entry.

Congrats Steph. Send me your address, and I'll send this luscious gift your way. Let me know which scent you want.

And for the rest, giveaway did exactly what I schemed. Gave me visitors that I don't usually have. And speaking of visitors. Who referred the most? No question and no Fab SIL Bobbi. 70 Visitors in 2 days. Thanks Babe. Once Steph chooses her scent I'll let you know which ones are remaining.

Okay, moving on to my life and the need to vent.

1. Every so often the Scary Mommy emerges. Usually under times of stress and pressure. This morning my children were the fortunate recipients of such a mother. The crazy one that is losing her mind and her control. It was so bad in fact that I had to apologize to all of my children and also take the older two Subway for lunch. Time to cut back, time to unwind, time for Christmas Holidays.

2. Discharge Lounge - what does that mean to you? One would think that is refers to the area in a hospital where one waits to be released from said institution. Or it could be another place altogether with the need for buckets and mops. Just a thought.

3. A certain friend of mine, who requests to remain anonymous....but she doesn't go on the Internet so I could say all kinds of things about her and she'd never know. Oh, except her husband reads my blog. Anyway, a certain blond friend of mine thought it would be fun to have emergency surgery. You know, for attention. Why not have laproscopic instruments inserted into places they are not meant to be, and have stuff cut out...that is likely supposed to stay in. So I visited this anonymous friend in her state of semi-lucidity yesterday. And may I say, I was quite witty and entertaining. So much so that she requested that I leave for the hilarity that I was providing. I think she forgot that I cry easily. It's what I did all the way home.

4. While visiting said blond, blue eyes...has three boys...friend. I may have been asked if I was her doctor. Why yes I am. Can she please have an overdose of the good drugs. Because she's told me how fond she is of them. And since I am the doctor, can I have some of those good drugs too. I am a pain, and they are pain killers.

5. Hub and I took on a part time job of clearing snow from Postal Boxes. This sounded like a grand plan at the time. Spend a few hours here and there shovelling. No problem, we're not afraid of hard work.

Actually this was a terrible plan and we are now suffering the consequences of our stupidity. Anyone living in the Alberta vicinity is laughing at us as we spend endless hours shovelling in the last couple weeks. I'm deciding if this job is still worth the trip we plan on taking with the cash.

6. I participated in a Carol Festival over the weekend. The Choir I was involved with was, of course, amazing. And I was told we stole the show. It's possible that the comment came from my mother who is aware of my ease to crying, but it still counts.

7. For any of you that are new to my blog. And came by simply due to the free stuff. Which was a blatant act on my part to make myself more popular. You may slowly come to the realization that sarcasm is my top quality. Next to humility and beauty.

8. Remember the 12 Days of Christmas that I swore would happen at our house. Um.....well.....starting tonight we'll be celebrating the 8 days of Christmas. Some of those ideas I had were dumb anyway, so I just eliminated them and kept the funnest (easiest) ones. Why subject my children to endless Christmas Joy. It's ridiculous.

9. I'm wrapping gifts the other night. Partly to clean out the closet that is beginning to over flow with boxes and bags...and partly to make sure I didn't go hog wild. I was right on track with everyone. Except my new niece. It seems that I've been stocking up for her. I don't think she needs that much stuff. Sorry D, I know you're lurking...but I'm taking some back.

10. Baking. I'm a baker. I enjoy baking, I enjoy eating the baking. Heck, I enjoy eating the dough for the baking. However, who is the baking really for? My family, I never let them eat it. Me, I don't need it. Why do we bake for Christmas Traditions and all. Anyone needing some great baked goods, come on over. We had some to spare.

11. Oh, the weight Challenge. It's Wednesday after all. Well, I'm still falling off my wagon. Haven't gained any weight (possibly due to the extreme manual labour of shovelling the postal boxes) but haven't lost any either. So I declare that this episode of 10 lbs in 100 Days is over. Thank you for tuning in. Congrats to all that stayed on the plan. I even heard of some that lurked the plan. Congrats to you as well. Yes there was a prize incentive at the beginning. Prizes still apply. However it will be after the New Year when they are announced as they were advertised as coming from Bath and Body Works and I'm not going there until after New Years. Tune in for a new challenge in the new year.

12. May I ask the purpose of a windshield wiper. Is it not to WIPE the Shield? I made the misinformed conclusion myself. However there is no trouble shooting manual that comes with the wiper for extreme temperatures, ice, sleet, storms and general nastiness. There is not warning label that says that you should turn on the wipers when you are unaware.....UNAWARE, that they are stuck to the Shield and is now broken because it TRIED to wipe...but was unsuccessful. Now the wiper is trying to wipe the back of the van. Not the window, the license plate. Cause you know, it's broken and going the wrong way. The Gods are against me this week.

13. That's right 13. I know I usually stop at 10....but you came here, so now you have to stay and read it all. Don't want to? Well consider this.

Dec 15, 2008

~ Merry Christmas Giveaway ~

Here it is, the creme de la creme of gifts. It's not huge, it's not even expensive....but it's something that I would enter for if I stumbled across a giveaway.

$10 gift certificate to Chapters and lotion from La Senza.

AND, you get to choose the scent you want. Because as you can see, I have a few of them. Helps to have an 'in' at LaSenza. Thanks CC. Scents are Snowplum, Appletini, Spicee Apple, Coconut Craze, Winterberry and Strawberry Fizz.

My goal for the two weeks of Christmas break is to catch up on reading. I've been so busy lately I haven't read anything. Started a couple books and been too distracted to finish them. So what's on my TBR list?

Here's a few.

Riding Lessons - Sara Gruen

The Wednesday Sisters - Meg Waite Clayton

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Gap Creek by Robert Morgan

...and finish the one I've had listed for a while... Year of the Fog - Michelle Richmond

These books have been reviewed on a couple book blogs that I follow. They said they were amazing, I'll let you know my review.

To enter the contest, leave a comment.

Oh, and I mentioned about the Blog Referal prize. If you post a link to my blog, I'll check on Wednesday and see who refered the most. You'll be entered to win a LaSenza Lotion as well.

Good luck!

Dec 13, 2008

~ Message from Santa ~

Here's a super fun link (click Santa) to create a personal message from Santa to your child.

Such a great idea, thanks Amy for the info.

Merry Christmas

Dec 11, 2008

~ Joanne's streak stays intact....~

The winner is not Joanne, but we'll say it's Joanne because Andrea, who is the real winner, said to say that is was Joanne.

The winner is....

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:



Email me your address, a Nemo Pack is on it's way to you.

So...for the rest of you non-winners. Sorry about that. Life's rough hey.

But you know what I said, these were just a warm up to the real goodies. Which I don't have yet, but I'm taking a look tomorrow for something especially tempting that you'll be overcome to comment and be entered for the prize. But not Joanne, cause she won't win anyway. an added bonus. There is going to be a referral prize. If you're signed up with Google Analytics you can log in and see where your visitors are coming from. So each of you that have my blog listed on your blog, anytime anyone clicks on me, it adds to your total of referrals. So there will also be a prize for the blog that sends the highest number of referrals. Which means you'll have to promote my blog. I know, I know....I'm shamless. But hey, free stuff.

Now, just so you know....Bobbi always has the highest number as she has a very well read blog. So you'll be hard pressed to out refer her. But put your thinking caps on, see what you can come up with.

And if you think this is a stupid game that I'm playing just to make myself more popular, you're right. But don't comment to tell me that. Cause if you're not nice, then I'll rig who wins. Just sayin' will be Joanne.

Dec 10, 2008

~ 10 lbs in 100 Days - Week 12 ~

This is the wagon.

This is me falling off of it.
Hope your weight loss week is going better than mine.
But hey, Free Nemo Pack Giveaway!!

Dec 9, 2008

~ And the Winner Is.......~

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:



That's funny, as Kendra is expecting her first baby. Which means at the moment she doesn't have any children, so is this package for Kale? = )

Congrats Kenny. Email me your address.

Okay, for everyone else. Now time for the boys. Here's the next giveaway.

Nemo Package.

Same rules as always. Leave a comment.

Now I know what you're thinking, forget the kids stuff....bring on something amazing.


Leave comments until Midnight on Thursday.

Dec 6, 2008

~ First Giveaway ~

First ever Giveaway at 4monkeymom starts today. And we begin with the kidlets. A while ago a friend and I had this fantabulous idea to start a kids travel pack business. Basically ready made travelling packs to keep kids busy while travelling or really anywhere that they needed to be well behaved. We purchased a vast array of wonderful things, got all excited and then found the same idea at Costco. That was the end of that. As a result, I have a lot of stuff.

So up first an activity pack for your little beauty. Can be given as a gift or put in her stocking.

Disney Princess Pack

Carrying case, Alphabet Book, Stickers, Crayons, Pencil Crayons, Felts, Diary, Pen, Ruler, Chapstick. Leave a comment to enter.

Dec 4, 2008

~ Out of the mouth of Babes ~

(Scene Set up - there isn't one, he came out of the Preschool door and this came out of his mouth)

O: Mom, did you know that I hook my hooks into hookers?

Mom: Um....what?!

O: My hooks, I can hook them into hookers.

No response, I have nothing to say to this. When I look at my beautiful child he has his hands up showing me his fingers. He's Spiderman you see, and his fingers are the 'hooks', and when the 'hooks'...hook onto things (presumably the hookers)...well then they are hooked.

Phew, dodged a bullet there.

Dec 3, 2008

~ Dear Lurker ~

I know I have Lurkers. That's right....I see you!

For one, look at the number of hits I have....over ten thousand. I just don't have that many friends. I mean, I know I'm a popular girl (with myself) and I know that everyone likes me (or doesn't....which ever)...but really, that's a lot.

I learned today that I have a lurker I didn't know was lurking...and he looks a lot like me. Dear Devster, you're outed.

When I post about Power Bars, and then receive an email from said brother asking how the Power Bar adventure went...outed!

So how many others are out there? I know your desire to lurk. I do it myself on quite a few blogs. I like to read, don't always need to comment.

(I realize that for many of you the earth just imploded to read that I "don't have a need to comment". This is completely contrary to everything you know about me, but it's true....really.)

What's the best way to find out how many are actually reading your blog?!


So here it is. I will be posting a give away. Soon. Not now, because I haven't decided what I will be giving away. And I haven't gotten the giveaway. I can't tell you what it is, when I don't have. But I will get it. Confused? Stay with me.

Tell one and all. You will have to comment on that post to be considered for the unknown prize. And I will use Cause it seems that is what you are supposed to do. Or so I've read.

Will the giveaway be;

. A Book

b. A Treat

c. A Gift Card

d. A Movie

e. A Child

You never know, guess you'll have to stay tuned.

~ First Sign ~

The first sign that I am having a non-stressful week, lots of blog posts.

Likely a waste of good time, but it's my time...I'll waste it as I like.

Got a call from Cornsniffer the other day. (Yes, that's an inside joke)

Corn - I saw you with that guy.

Me - What?

Corn - I know you left B and have taken up with that super stud, I saw you.

Me - Um.....

Corn - How could you, you have 4 children with B - do you really think that the super stud is worth it.

Me - Well yes.... have you seen him?!!

Oh, wait.....I may have needed to pretext this with...."I saw you with that guy....IN MY DREAM!"

You're a funny Cornsniffer.

~ 10 lbs in 100 Days - Week 11

Have you ever eaten an PowerBar? This morning is my first. I took a small break from running, about two weeks. Not my choice. Life was not allowing me to control my time, running fell by the gutter. But this week I'm back on top and hitting the km's. Have run Mon and Tues....but it was tough. Feels like I'm starting from zero again. Haven't had great sleep this week, that's the major factor. So I remembered that one of the running magazines I subscribe to sent me a free sample. I dug it out, read the is administrating power to my system, there has to be instructions. Ate my chocolate goo, it's an interesting texture, drank the suggested amount of water in the suggested amount of time. Now I'm hitting the treadmill. We'll see if I feel the Power.

Stay Tuned.

A BIG congrats to Mrs. M who has hit her 10 pound mark. Good Job, Gold Star, You're the Best! As she said, now for the next 10. For those of you that think the weight loss challenge is ending in 3 weeks....again.... Stay Tuned.

Host - 4 - yes I am still at 4, and posed to lose my own challenge.

BJ - 7

M - 10

E - 5

A - 10

CC - 6

T - 2

Power Bar Verdict Post Run - felt more energy than the couple runs. Put in 10 more minutes and burned 100 extra calories than yesterday. I'll try them again.

Dec 2, 2008

~ 12 Days of christmas - Step 1 ~

So you've all been Super Duper Mommy's and started your 25 Days of Christmas activities. Don't say you haven't, cause I read your blogs. Well, I am not a Super Duper Mommy....however you have made me feel like I should be one. So today, I took the first step in doing a 12 Days of Christmas with my kids.

I made a list.

It's a big break thru I know. First step is acceptance. I accept that I am not a Super Duper Mommy. Step 2 is Restitution. I will establish this with my kids, so that Christmas isn't over in a flash and I've been so busy with everything that it has passed me by and I didn't take the time to make is more special for my children. Step 3 is Do Something.

I made the list.

This list is 12 activities that I plan to print out on actual paper, put in real envelopes and let my children open on the designated day. Now that is the easy part. THEN, I will actually do the activity listed in the real envelope. Not put it off, not answer the phone or email, not tell my kids 'Just a Second'. I will let them open it in the morning so I have the rest of the day to get organized enough to accomplish.

I make this sound so complicated. I know. I'm a complicated kind of girl. But mostly I get caught up in this and that....and I lose track of my day.

Like yesterday. I had one single goal. Pull out the Christmas decorations and go through them. Chucking the bad stuff, keeping the good. This then turned into finding the Size 4 Boys Clothes box so that O can stop going to Preschool naked. Then going through this box and deciding that either I had bad taste when my 11 year wore these clothes, or there were bad options available. There was some terrible stuff in the box. This lead to going through four more totes and reducing what was in them. If I hate it now, I'm still going to hate it in a year or two when my two little monsters have grown into these clothes. THEN, this lead to going through a couple of my keepsake boxes to see if I could reduce them and make some more space in the storage room. There was a lot of stuff in there that I don't even remember. No use in keeping it if I don't know what it is, or where it came from. THEN, this lead to re-arranging the storage room to make room for the Beans and Wheat that I have been adding to my food storage lately, but has been sitting in buckets in the play room.

So you see, I can get carried away.

My husband also noticed this when he came home to absolute chaos. You can't de-junk without making a major mess. I made the list.

Are you interested in this list? Craving to know what my little mind of genius has come up with.


Not yet in order of opening.

Write Letter to Santa

Bake Christmas Cookies

Go and look at Christmas Lights

Family Gift exchange Names

Shop for Gift Exchange

Take Christmas Cookies to a Friend


Christmas Nativity

Call a friend and wish Merry Christmas

Hot Chocolate and a Christmas Movie

Drop a Surprise Christmas Treat

Read Christmas Story in Bible

I know, you're disappointed. You thought it would be way more involved and creative than this.

Are you in Christmas Season Denial?

Just follow my steps. You'll get over it.

Made the list - check.

Print out the list - hmmmm.....

Nov 30, 2008

~ Cash ~

We have a free month of Movie Central at the moment. Lots of PVRing of movies. Watched Mad Money last night. Cute little show about some gals that learn how to pilfer the old cash from where it is destroyed at the federal bank. As was mentioned by the characters, seems like a real waste to shred money. If they aren't in need of this money....I'm sure I could take some off their hands.

Here are a few items that they could purchase for me since 'they' don't feel that need it any longer.

And since the money is no object, cause this cash was being put in the garbage anyway, I would like these items delivered by any of my list of yummies. You choose, I'm not picky. Just one will be fine. Oh and the abs, those can't be said yummy can stay and be my personal trainer. Since money will be no object.

Nov 28, 2008

~ Too much.... ~

There are some really great ideas out there for the 12 or 25 or 500 days of christmas. I've seen on a few blogs I frequent that those crafty mom's are wrapping little gifts or envelopes for their children to open each day for a special christmas activity. One site had a little gift for each day. Dollar store type stuff, but still. Now these are wonderful ideas. Super Mommy's for sure. But I have 4 children. If we did the 12 days of Christmas with little gifts, that's 48 little gifts. Now you're thinking, does the little guy really need stuff too? Not really but are you going to be the one that deals with the tantrum when all his siblings get a little something and he gets nothing? He's caught onto this family, he knows when he should be getting something as well. Even if it's just a drink of water. He wants a part in the party. So I'll keep thinking. I like Amy's Christmas Bucket idea the best so far. One big bucket, 12 envelopes....encompasses all the children. Will think on that one a little longer. Fortunately 12 Days of Christmas doesn't start until December 13th. So I have a minute or two.

What fun things are you doing for your children this season? Can you believe it's November 28th? Crapola. Where did the year go!

1. Dropped of the two monsters at Grandma B's today and had a couple hours to myself to tackle the mega list. I believe that the entire population was at Costco. Seriously!! Good thing I was on my own and not in a real hurry. That place was a mad house. We're headed to the mega mall after Christmas, so the kids aren't getting the usual ridiculous haul that they are accustom. I've tried to keep it in check as they'll be doing some shopping. but I have tried to make their stockings a little more than Dollarama Wonderland. So really, I haven't saved any money. What ever I've saved on gifts, I've spent on stocking stuffers. The kids are old enough this year that they want CD's. One is getting a CD, the other a gift card because the CD he asked for had a provocative cover and....well, I don't think so. I've looked into the Artists and the songs and lyrics are fine...don't know what they were thinking with that picture though.

2. Does Santa bring shoes? What do you think? Mr. T wants some name brand shoes. We shopped for them before and they were nearly $100....again, I don't think so. However I was able to track down a pair at for $60. Decent deal. Plus the kid hasn't given me a single idea for Christmas other than the provocative CD. So Sant a is bringing him the pair of shoes he wants.

3. I would like to pass on an incident of Vandalism as reported on Facebook. It seems that this house was shamelessly vandalized in the late hours of November 27th. Culprits are still at large. If anyone has any info on who would do such a terrible crime, keep it to yourself. These culprits don't need to be caught, they have enough sins to repent of. Freezing to death in the dead of night while trying to hook on a sign and balloons with ill prepared materials should not be one of them. That is a lovely sign they used, such nice bold letters. Laser printed did you say? Wow. And the balloons, they didn't cheap out there either. Must have taken a lot of wind to blow all those babies up. I don't know anyone that is long winded...or anyone'S. All of N's friends are quiet and unassuming and in their bed on cold winter nights.

4. And yes, as indicated by the Vandalism...this mama's babies are home. Three weeks old and chubby little monkeys. Well little anyway, not very chubby. But great weights for a threesome. We've packed out sleeping bags and toiletries, we will now be moving our residence to this Vandalized home. We'll all be spending a great deal of time there helping out with the little munchkins. And we're all happy to do so!

5. Three words - Ice Ice Baby. It was hair cut night tonight. I cut all boys in the house, including the dad. Mr T likes to have some highlights after his cut. Sit on down, cut and color my boy. Usually no big deal. Mix it up, put it on....10 minutes. Makes the hair slightly lighter on top...nothing major. This night however, I may have gotten distracted and the timing may have been off. Let just say, my son is now a blond....all on top. Had to put more on the sides just to even it out a little so he didn't look like a skunk. Nice. Grandparents should be impressed when they come to O's choir concert tomorrow night. Heeeh heee.....oops. We will be re-naming today.... The Day my Mother forgot to Watch the Clock.

6. Had my first experience with an Amish Friendship Loaf. Received a 'start' at Stake Auxillary Training a couple weeks ago. The instructions say to leave this bag of goo on your counter and mush it from day to day. Then add more stuff, specifically milk, don't refrigerate, and let it 'grow' on your counter for 10 days. The mix edible stuff into it, make more bags to give to your friends, bake up your own loaves....and eat up. I was skeptical. How good can milk that has sat in flour and sugar on your counter for 10 days be? I'm here to tell you.....YUM!

7. Went Visiting Teaching today. Took a bag to each of the Friendship Loaf. Nothing says 'Thinking of You' like a bag of fermenting goo.

8. Costco taste table today had a lovely smelling apple cidar. Asked the nice lady how she made it. Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon. Quantities to be determined. It was Heavenly.

9. O: Mom, how do you get married? Does a boy ask a girl to dance and then you're married?

Mom: Yes O, that's how it works.

10. One more from O.

We're driving can't remember where we were driving, to the city, for some reason. Anyway, O falls asleep for about half hour. Wakes up and proudly announces.
I'm awake now mom, and ready to roll!
Okay then....thanks for that.

Nov 26, 2008

~ Twilight ~

Have you seen it?

I haven't. I don't know if I want to. I will, of course, simply out of curiosity...but really, everyone that has reviewed it has said it's terrible. Everything from bad acting to cheesy script to laughable dialogue. So of course I should spend my hard earned money on it, just because I'm curious.

I was always disappointed with the choice of actors for Edwards character. I'm sure Mr. Pattinson is very nice fellow, but he's not the guy I pictured in my head while reading the books. For me, Chad Michael Murray is closer to my vision of Edward.

That leads to a whole other list of admiration for me. I saw once on CC blog that she had a top 10 list of yummies. I also have a list. Now let me preface this list by the statement that I am very happily married to an amazing guy. However, I appreciate a good DNA combination....thus this list.

When it come to the foriegn one tops these two. The accents only help their cause.

Now for locals.... way back to 21 Jumpstreet Days.

I was never a fan of Dawson's Creek, but now that's he's in Fringe.....yummers.

And I also agree with the SMA win for Mr. Hugh.

Now though he is mega star quality now, I have loved him since Can't Buy Me Love.

And last but not least....he was put on my list while starring in The Guardian. But I like him much more in The Mentalist.

Alright....that's it. I'm sure I'll add to the list, or remember another mouth watering morsal later. But for now, that's it. But I'm pretty happy with a BB man that loves me, and my insecurities and bad habits. He vacuums, does laundry washes dishes and is amazing with our kids. He's top on my list.