Jun 5, 2011


You can tell when I get busy...the blog posts take a serious halt.

New job is working out so far.  Feels like a fit,  but I've said that before so we'll see how it progresses.

C's work it out of control busy,  we try to keep balance with out big jobs and big life.

Off Spring are doing well,  Big K got his driver's license...remember how that felt like such freedom??!

Mr T turned 14,  wow...  G man is turning 10 this week.  The rest are all doing well and progressing in life.

That's it,  life is work...kids...try and stop the rain so we can put grass in the backyard.

OHhhh wait,  some gems from this weekend with ALL the kids.

J - Talk to the booty cause the hands off duty.
O - What does my shirt say?  (Old Navy)... Oh,  it should say "Death if you touch me.
O  (after we'd been at Genesis Place for about an hour and had to leave because there was an "accident" in the pool)  "Why does this keep happening to me,  people should poop where the poop goes."

It seems the rest of them aren't funny,  cause it's always J and O quotes.  but hey,  it could be worse,  you could have a Cranker. (yes inside joke that only a few are giggling at...love to those who just giggled)

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  1. lol - oh my gosh, O makes me laugh. We miss you!