Apr 29, 2011

Jesus doesn't have Webkinz

Easter vacation is nearing an end and we have had one heck of a week.  With 6 of 7 children here...it's been crazy.  Our usual loud,  messy,  and endless meal prep...plus add in weird weather,  family extravaganza's,  birthday parties and the Easter Bunny...well, I'm ready for a nap.

Children provide the best comic relief,  and in anticipation of an Easter Week post,  I kept track of some gems.

In no particular order...

My niece,  Miss B is a delightful girl,  who comes up with some serious one liners.  She's her father child for sure.  The title of this post is one of hers.  I over heard this line from her mother,  in response to B which I didn't hear.  I can't quite imagine what the conversation would be that "Jesus doesn't have webkinz" is the answer.

More B'isms

We're driving own MacLeod trail heading to S bday event...and B see's the Wal-Mart sign. 

B "Why is is WAL,  why not WALL?  I think is should be WALL coffin MART"

Us..."Coffin?   You mean hyphen?"

B "Oh ya,  hyphen".
While having fun at the Clayground,  see SIL blog for the pics,  B's chatting as she paints.  At some point its deemed necessary for her to explain that she has a girl accent.  

Silly girl, you are so cute.

Our family,  mostly the kids and C,  like to play Charades.  I don't find this particularly fun,  mostly because I'm not a fan of going out of my way to make a fool of myself.  No extra effort is required,  I can accomplish this without any effort at all.

We have TJ staying with us in order to get quality time with S.  They don't get enough time together,  and desperately miss each other.  New for TJ is a house full of boys...we have a lot of boys in this family.  So we start our usual game of Charades.  Slips of paper are handed out,  everyone submits 3.  In a house full of boys there is a lot of  " so and so smells like...." We have our own action for "smells like".  TJ found out very quickly that this is not a serious game,  nor one that requires a lot of thought for your submission. 

Actual items requiring a charade.

Easter bunny poop
I saw a flying pig
I'm a fairy princess
K sucks at Rugby
Picachu the Pokemon

Therefore when her submission was "Immune System" she warranted some teasing from all.  She was good about it though.  Love that girl.

Mr J is always good for funny stuff.  He's 4 and began talking later than the rest.  When you have O as your older brother,  there is no real need for speaking...it's done for you.  However,  he has some great stuff to say.

From the living room on various occasions I hear.

"I don't want to fall this instant"
"Am I a foot-pecker or a bird?"  (I can't even imagine what the context of this conversation is.

CC was sitting outside reading,  trying to find some peace and quiet,  as this house has a significant noise difference when the lovelies are here.  So she's trying to escape the pandemonium and has Mr J open the screen door to have a discussion with her,  a serious one.

J - "CC,  were you kidding when you said you were going to sleep out here?|
CC - "Yes J,  I was kidding"
J - "C,  kidding is like lying"...give her a look of "so think about that" and then the two finger peace sign.  Slides the door closed and walks away.  Come back,  opens the door and give a small explanation.

J - "That means peace sucka"

The boys are colouring at the island,  and there's one felt missing.

Mom - "J,  where is the pink felt,  you had them downstairs,  did you leave one down there?"

J - "I was throwing them in the air and the lids came off and one got on me.  That how the felt got on my shirt.  They were flipping all over and behind me, and they fell and rolled and that when the leprechauns got them.  Cause leprechauns make messes and steal stuff,  really...my teacher told me"

I just wanted to know if  felt was left downstairs,  something tells me he has a guilty conscious.

O,  always a character.  He's a skinny dude, not an ounce of fat on the boy.  We often have the problem that he wants to eat right before bed.  I don't like this habit and try to encourage him to eat enough at dinner.  Granted he has a nuclear metabolism.  This was the conversation.

Mom - "O,  did you eat enough dinner so you don't tell me you're starving at bed time?  Is your tummy full"

O - thinks about that for a minutes..."there's just enough room for a cookie".

Of course there is.

Teenage boy language is different than,  you know,  real people language.  You cannot have a conversation of any kind without the following four words Incorporated.


If you combine these they have maximum impact.  Epic Fail,  Seriously Pro.  However,  you need to have them in proper use.

Epic is good...epic fail...bad.  Pro can be used on it's own...'That's pro",  which is a positive response to...I don't know what,  something.  I think it's sort of like saying something is cool.  But who knows.

Rules if you are male, and of teen age.

Never walk past the kitchen without swiping at least 3 cookies.
Graze for food constantly.
Bound down the stairs,  walking calmly is forbidden
Speak 50 decibels louder than necessary at all times.
Drink gallons of milk per day
Ride your bike thru every mud puddle possible.
Either shower incessantly,  or not enough,  there is no middle ground.
Always ball up your clothes when discarded.
If a shorter child is being annoying,  get rid of them by pushing their head,  their body will follow.
Always use a clean cup,  using the same cup twice is not allowed,  and never put it in the dishwasher.

Now don't get the idea that we don't enjoy our boys...they rock.

Hope you had a fun Easter!

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  1. okay, this post was Epic Pro. ya, I'm a grown up and don't get the slang. Immune System? Um...that's my girl? we loved the visit but wish it was longer. maybe we'll move closer so we can gave more seriously epic pro times together :)