Apr 20, 2011

...and another thing...

Though my resume says I like people,  I'm pretty sure I don't.

One of the jobs I interviewed for yesterday,  which I just found out I didn't get...so now I can talk about them...is a company that does wealth management for the ubber rich.  Now,  I'm pretty sure I know nothing whatsoever about being ubber rich.  It seems however, that there is such a need for this that an entire business has been set up.  In their explanation of their company they said that they have focused a lot of their attention on teaching the children of the ubber's to manage the wealth they are going to inherit.  Now,  I love my parents to bits,  but I'm confident that wealth and inheritance have never been a part of any serious conversation....but a part of many "in fairyland with unicorns land" conversations.  There was also a part of the interview were they spoke about the need for the utmost confidentiality  (which it seems I've already broken with this post,  but since they didn't choose me...nana booboo).  Their clients are the rich,  famous,  in the news,  on TV,  in the papers and all that jazz  (with the jazz hands).  Well ladee da.  But again,  I didn't get this job so I won't be advising spoiled clueless rich kids how to manage their ubberness....nor meeting hoity toities.  Oh well.

Next,  in my daily review of job postings in search of the "you complete me" position...there are a lot of weird people out there,  and even more wierdness in the posters of positions.  I scan the obvious sites...(who decided that Monster was a good name for a job site?) but I also look on the less obvious,  and free listings,  which also tends to be the shake your head and wonder what people are thinking and why they post stuff at 3 am listings.

Cases in point...

Looking for a personal assistant to help with running errands, light cleaning and shopping. Hoping to find someone who is attractive,fun, flirty and open minded enough to accompany me on short trips for shopping or just weekend get a ways.
Reply if interested

Huh? Isn't that what a girlfriend is for?  My name is not Pretty Woman.

EX-CONS needed for new TV show. If you are an ex-con man or woman and have a business idea but no money to make it happen, you may be perfect for our new TV show.  Feel free to post this ad on your Facebook page. 

You have no money,  as an Ex-Con,  but you have internet access for your FB page?

looking for females between the age of 18-24 for a short adult film. actual filming time is between 10-15minutes. makeup artist will be on set for hair and makeup.
if interested please send a photo and your expected pay.

final work will be posted on a paid membership based website 

Well then,  good to know the options are open.  Why are capital letters against your religion?
Dauck Sa Rang Inc. dba Dauck Sa Rang & Cafe in Calgary


 Hire Charlie Sheen's Intern Hopeful To Run Your Social Networking

Not a good opening line...

High end dessert wholesaler looking for a Self Employed individual experienced in the food service industry to compete in the alberta Market with a proven track record line of Desserts.
you need Freezer space and Delivery Truck. 

Mmmmm,  dessert distributor...


 First of all,  why is he yelling?  and second....do you want an Anesthesiologist that was recruited off Craigs List?!

I'm going to apply...seems as though you don't REALLY need to have any qualifications...just SAY you're an anesthesiologist.

Stay tuned.

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